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Hey hey - I am here. I have finished my events for the year and am getting ready for a much needed vacation! I am going to New Hampshire for early June and will spend time with my family old and new. The cool thing about this vacation is that I will meet my long lost half sister who I have not met before and that is making me nervous as well as excited. We have been talking on social media and on the phone so I think it will go well. She seems very nice and like a cool person. So this will be interesting to say the least. I am hoping that my Dad will go along for the meet up and that he will finally meet the daughter he has never met before. So that would be cool. I spent most of my life thinking I did not have a sister so this is very fun. I have a sister! An older sister! Wowie!

Work went very well this Spring. I planned two national conferences and they were really good. I got great feedback on my event planning skills and everyone was pleased with how it went. It was stressful while it was going on but now that it is done - I feel really good about all of it. Feather in the cap so to speak. Now I can work on summer projects and documenting everything. So that is all good.

My other vacation this summer will be my annual trip to Vegas with the girls. Looking forward to that.

So that is all I have - just work and vacation and oh! I have lost 61 pounds on Weight Watchers! I am totally rocking that. I feel great and I really love the program - it totally works for me. It gives me a method to the weight loss madness. I have 23 pounds left to go so I am going to do this. I am totally jazzed about it. Here is a pic of what I look like now.

 photo IMG_1027_zps2ewtpmbc.jpg

Hope all is well with you there and you are ready for summer! I totally am! :)

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So hey!

Sep. 18th, 2015 10:55 pm
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Tonight is Friday and I went out for dinner tonight with my friend J***, the kid who is not really a kid anymore, and his girlfriend. I think I will start calling the kid by his name - N***. For those of you new to the scene or if you have forgotten - I helped raise N*** from when he was a little baby and now he is starting his third year of college at UC Santa Cruz. I cannot believe how the time has gone. Ho-MG. I used to change his little diapers and now he is all big and making his own decisions. It is so cool. J**** likes to say I helped raise N**** and he gets advice from me on a lot of stuff. I guess the closest thing to that is being an Aunt to him but at times I did a lot of parental things too. It takes a village to raise the child. This is the closest I have come to raising a child really so ...It is all pretty cool. We are all like family.

So the idea of tonight's dinner was to celebrate N*** and girlfriend's success this summer at getting jobs, staying gainfully employed and earning enough money to cover their incidental expenses for the year and her rental costs. He worked two jobs and saved and saved and saved. Did not miss one shift at work and worked in education as well as retail. Both of them achieved their goals and did what they set out to do. Right on.

In other news - I started to move into my private office at work. I have a week to move into my interior office (no windows) but it has walls and doors and I will no longer be in a cubicle. I can shut the doors for privacy and to get work done. Halleluja. Today I moved all of my files over. I will move the rest next week and then work in there once my phone is cut over. I have pictures to hang and plants to carry over there and things to arrange. I want it all to look together. So have to get that going. Woot. This is very good news.

This weekend I have a few plans - I am going to a chocolate making class tomorrow out in Concord. My friend, J*** and I will be doing that together. It runs from 2-4pm tomorrow. Hopefully it is in an air conditioned facility as it is supposed to be hot tomorrow.

Other than that - my weekend plans are open - I need to do laundry and clean up around the house.

Hope all is well with you in your part of the world! Comment in and tell me what you are up to!

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Another Sunday. I love Sundays. I slept nice and late today so that was good.

I saw the latest Mission Impossible movie this week and thought it delivered on the promise of action and stunts. I don't think these are as deep as the James Bond movies with the new guy but I really enjoyed the movie. Although there was one part with some laughable dialogue by Alec Baldwin's character - L-O-L kind of over the top dialogue. Anyways. Good movie and fun to watch. Won't have a lasting impact.

I did just finish a book that I will love forever - All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It follows various characters through their experiences in World War II and beyond. What I love about this book is that it shows characters on both sides of the war (French resistance and German) and you really feel like you are living with these people. The description and language of the book is so very beautiful too. Really gorgeous. This book won the Pulitzer Prize and deservedly so. Highly recommend this.

So work is heating up and I have a really busy week this week - three things going on. I won't bore you with the details. Just a lot to get done. It will all get done.

I am still working on my AiA fic but it is slow going right now. I have to get cranking on that and will move it along. It is just going to have to get done. Yeppers.

Hope all is well with you and yours there. Happy weekend to you and all that there! photo k4u-lhg-b89-kariannflowerbasket-phyncke_zps5zalgrlh.gif
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I started writing today. Snuck in a little bit at work - bad me. I wrote about half a page of total crap. Anyhoo. And so it begins.

I have been meaning to write an update post for a while but my life is so boring. What is going on with me. I am listening to this incredible Audible book entitled The Martian by Andy Weir about an astronaut stranded on Mars. It is really interesting how this book got published - he posted it - kind of like we do - chapter by chapter on his website - his fanbase commented and essentially beta read the fic for him. People asked him to turn the finished story into an e-book and then the technically challenged folks asked him to put the book on amazon as a kindle book - which he nicely did and it just sort of took off from there. So it started off as a self published work. It then got very popular on amazon as a 99 cent download and he got a publishing offer and then a movie offer.

It is a really interesting very techno-geek kind of thing but I am loving the audible. I am really looking forward to the movie with Matt Damon playing the astronaut Mark Watley. So that is what is absorbing my time right now when I should be writing. *head desk*

I have not even loaded my fireworks icons as I am not really feeling the 4th of July thing. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know. I can use my USA icon.

I am dealing with my elderly parents - remote control on them as I have weekly conversations with my mom that are very repetitive. My brother deals with them locally as he lives in NH but I get a lot of info because I check in with my parents every other day by phone - for example - my mom took a fall and had not told my brother etc. and she was pretty badly bruised up and needed medical attention. Anyhoo. Challenges on that score.

Work is well work and kind of boring right now. I am not sure I should stay where I am at or move along to something more interesting. I think I should look at the job listings and see what is going on elsewhere. Casually. Best to see what is what.

I am having dental surgery next week - I had it all worked up in my mind that it is major when it is no big deal. Well the big deal is that it is expensive. But hey - it is only money. But the surgery itself is no biggie.

I am going to Vegas this month - with J*** and then meeting R*** who lives there. Girls week and fun in the heat. We will just relax by the pool and sip frozen drinks. Woot.

So that is all I have. At least I started my story, Right?

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Here I am. It is the long weekend and I am relaxing watching my Sunday night programs - Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful. Interesting TV to be sure. I got my hair done today - just color and tomorrow I will be going down to Santa Cruz for the day. That will be fun. So that is about all I have going on this weekend. Not too much really.

I saw a good movie on Friday - Pitch Perfect 2 - nice and light hearted - well staged musical numbers and funny - laughed a lot throughout the film. Just what I needed after a busy week.

My raise came through - well the retro pay so that is cool.

That is all I have. Hope all is going well for you there in your part of the world.

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by nienna_weeper at gothiic_charm
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Hey hey hey - I have not posted in a while but i have super exciting news from the world of work - yesterday my boss called me into his office and I thought - oops - I had done something wrong. But no- he gave me the news that I was getting a 10 percent equity raise ! Yippee! The new dean had announced at our last staff meeting that certain eligible people would be getting raises to get them to equity but I was not certain I would qualify for that but I guess I do! I am so excited. And it is retroactive for 5 months! Double yay! Nice little bonus there.

So that was a great bit of news.

I have a lot going on at work right now but it is all going well. I have a party happening today and will be glad when that is over.

I saw Avengers Age of Ultron and liked it a lot. I do think I liked the first one better though I am still undecided about that. I will need to mull it over. I curse Joss Whedon and his unnecessary character deaths. I won't say anymore on that score. This weekend I am going to see Mad Max - Fury Road. I have never seen any of the older Mad Max films so this will all be new to me. It is getting great reviews so I am excited about it.

That is all I have right now. Hope all is well with you and yours there. Happy weekend to you!

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I am pretty good. Work is is going. I am going to Santa Cruz tomorrow etc. I don't know what to post about but it has been a while since I have posted so I thought I should write a post. I am boring.

I am reading a few things - well listening to books on audible - I just finished the All Soul's Trilogy by Deborah Harkness - brilliant stuff - about witchcraft and vampires and just really well written. Very detailed with historical information as Harkness is a university professor (USC). It is lovely as an audible and the narrator is amazing - really realizes all the characters. So I finished that and am now reading Iced by Karen Marie Moning - continuing in the Fever series. I really love this series - it supposes that there was a wall between the human realm and the fae realm and that suddenly that wall came crashing down - and there is a sort of war between the fae and humans - very good stuff - this is all really a continuation of her Highlander series. I am a big big fan of Karen Marie Moning. Her men are MEN and her heroines are smart and snarky. She also writes with a lot of humor.

So also am reading a book on my kindle at the same time - I have started in on Game of Thrones. I watch the TV show so essentially I know what has happened in this first book but I wanted to see what the book is like. I have to say - it is a really well written and wonderful book. It is full of characters - as I had heard but I guess seeing the show gives me an advantage on following it all. His writing is not overdone at all - it is lean and well described. I totally love his writing style. I also really like the length of the chapters - just the right length and each chapter is a main character POV. Just totally well done. I am not sure I will read all the books - I am just dipping my toe into the water so to speak. I have so many books I want to read but I did want to get a sense of GRRM's writing.

So what else is happening - my dad was the victim of a computer scam - he got a pop up on his computer that was masking as a trojan virus - it had a phone number on it - which he called - and the people on the other end talked him into letting them remote access his computer to "clean it" and he paid 400.00 for this service. Obviously this pop up virus was a scam by this company and they scare vulnerable people into paying them for this. I talked to him on the day it happened and got him to call his bank and get the charges reversed. Luckily they would because it was a fraudulent company - I had looked them up on the internet and they were on the fraud list. Then my dad did a system restore to a point before this all happened to get their remote access file off of his computer. My brother went over to their house (they live in NH) and checked everything out so things are fine now. My dad is very embarrassed that this happened but none the worse for it. So no mention of this on FB please.

Anyhoo. That's all I have. Road trip tomorrow. Sleep tonight. Anyone watching Orphan Black? I am loving that show. Totally addicted.

See you soon!

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Here I am - posting in with some stuff - well not much to say tonight just that I am here and chugging along. I have been really busy with work events and well, work. So getting that done. I had a big event last week and have one more smaller event coming up in early April. Then I can breathe some.

I have been seeing some cultural events - I went to see the Joffrey Ballet - which blew me away - so amazing - and then I went to see this thing called Playback Theater - on the topic of Immigrant Stories. The idea of this theater is that they take stories from the audience and act them out and "play them back" - this was really cool and very powerful. It was a neat kind of participatory thing. We had to share with the people next to us and then people shared with the group and then the improv group shared these stories. You left with a really good feeling. I would like to see more of that actually.

I saw Cinderella today - the Kenneth Branagh film - and found it to be a very rich retelling of the Disney original animated film. Beautiful costumes and scenery and just a gorgeous production. I loved everything about it. Cate Blanchette was especially evil and wicked as the step monster and so very good in this. She was fabulous.

Not for Facebook - I am looking around at jobs on campus and applying for things that I see. Seems to be a good idea. Things are weird at work with my boss. She is not doing well with her boss and it is a total drag. Anyways. More about that later. I am trying not to think about work at this very moment. I will think about that tomorrow. At work.

Hope all is well with you at your end! Cheers to you!

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I am around. Working hard. This month is a crazy busy month with work. I have all sorts of thing going on at work - foundation visits, donor events, faculty receptions. Stuff. It will all get done, I am sure. I look forward to November and nothing happening that month. Well I have things to do in November but not like this month.

I saw a movie last weekend - Dracula Untold - with Luke Evans. It was not the best vampire movie but he sure is dreamy. I really love him as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit and he made a passable Dracula. He definitely has screen presence. The backstory on Dracula in this is that Vlad becomes a vampire in order to save his family and people from this Turkish Sultan. Anyhoo.

I had a great birthday and I want to thank everyone on my flist for the birthday cheer. You all made my birthday fantastic. I feel the love! :)

I hope all is well with you there and I am reading LJ faithfully.

Cheers to you.

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Here I am - sick on a Friday. I have got a small cold here and I stayed home to get better. I am watching episodes of Chopped on the TV, talking to my mom and sniffling. This week I had a Board Meeting at work that went well and now I am done on events for a while. I have some fun events to plan for the summer for staff but that will be easy.

Tonight I am having a friend over and we are watching Frozen. I have not seen that yet. Excited about that!

Anyhoo. Hope all is well with you.

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by yueshi on
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I am here. I got totally absorbed in Game of Thrones and watched three seasons of it over the last few weeks. Totally addictive television. I am thinking about reading the books. Has anyone read those on my flist? Not sure about committing to those. I put the first one on my kindle to see how that goes. Seems like a pretty big commitment and I have limited time to read so there is that.

Work is there and happening. I had a great event last week - awards ceremony. It was rewarding and well attended. All went well. I have a NY event that I am remote planning. Less than thrilling. I just want to get the name tags done and be finished with it. That is about how it goes for that.

Things I should do -
-start exercising
-do a little yoga each day

Just putting those on here so I will remember to do some wellness stuff.

I thought I would post in with an entry and have a ramble. I am debating doing the Ardor in August - vascillating and wavering. Teetering on the brink of signing up. Considering. Pain and suffering?


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Here I am posting in. I am just about completely well now though I had a bout of a a stomach thing this morning that seemed to come out of nowhere. Here and gone now. Not sure what that was. Jeez.

I saw Captain America - The Winter Soldier last night. What a great movie that was. Action packed and Cap is totally my favorite Avenger. Though I do admit, I like them all. This was a solid installation in the Captain America franchise and I have seen people online saying it was better than the first CA movie. I would not go that far as I loved the first film an its production values. I will say it was just as good as the first one. Anyways. If you are into Marvel films - definitely see this one. It rocks pretty hard and has some good twists in it.

Other than that, I have been boring. Trying to recuperate and get lots of sleep. My cough is just about gone and my energy level is recharging. I have work deadlines and events coming up so that is happening. Trucking along.

That is all. Over and out.

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I am alive - just not posting much right now. I am adjusting to daylights savings and feel like that hit me like a mack truck. I am staying up later and sleep is off. But I really like more light during the day and don't mind darker mornings. It is all good that way.

Work is going well - my big event went great last month. I had a smaller event in early March. My supervisor is leaving so there is that adjustment to make. She got a position in another department. She has clearly not been on the ball because she did not inform me about key changes for one of my programs. It is too long to tell here but it was a big mistake on her part and meant we committed too much money etc. Anyways - I have got to let it go because she is leaving and it is not good to grind an axe in this case. Letting it go and will correct things moving forward. Her mistake, not mine. Still, I am accountable for it. Burns me.

Anyhoo. That is about all for now. Work and work.

Hope all is well with you there. Cheers!

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Dec. 9th, 2013 08:19 pm
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I am around and reading LJ. Slammed at work and heading into the holidays. Family time. Woo. I leave for the East Coast ON Christmas and hope it will be a quiet travel day. I have lots going on at work. Conference this week - holiday party next week. Finishing up year end projects. Just slammed. I was not going to send holiday cards but then I found these really lovely ones so that put me in the mood to spread some holiday cheer. So I am thinking of sending them if I have enough stamps around. I think I actually do.

Anyways. That is all I have. Merry merry. Fa la la.

BTW. Hanukkah felt too early this year. So I did not have it together. I almost cheated and posted last year's menorah pics but no - only authentically new menorah pics. I will get it together next year.

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Jun. 10th, 2013 11:39 am
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I thought I would post. I am recovering from a bout of food poisoning that I got at a Mexican restaurant yesterday. Middle of the night - sprint to the bathroom kind of thing. Augh. I love divey restaurants but this was a little too divey. Horrible. I wrote a scathing yelp review to make myself feel better. What do you do? Do you call them to tell them that you got sick or notify someone about it? I clearly got sick from the food at this specific restaurant.

I saw the movie After Earth and found it much better than its horrible reviews would have led me to believe. I liked it and bought the sci fi premise. I accepted it and found myself interested through the whole movie. Not a great movie but not as bad as the reviews said it was. I give it a pass. I like Will and Jaden Smith and enjoyed them acting together. So there. It did get panned in the LA Times and on Rotten Tomatoes so be aware of that. I am glad I saw it anyway.

I went to see Star Trek - Into Darkness again and wowie - it is almost better on the second viewing. Love this movie. I got more emotional in parts and found myself all teary at certain moments. I am really a fan of this franchise more so than other Star Trek series. I like the production value of these movies and they pack a punch on the action. If you have not seen this one, go see it. Love this. I am more into Benedict Cumberdudes performance in this though he still is not very Khan-esque.

In other news - I have no other news. I went to the pool on Saturday and we froze. It was cold.

That is it. Hope all is well with you on your end. Cheers.

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It is a laundry day here. I am going to do laundry at the laundrymat. Thrilling. I like doing it there because I can get it done faster than with a single washer at home. I pack my stuff and it takes only an hour for three loads at once. Done. I don't mind it really and the ladies at the laundry are sweethearts. Really nice and they make change. It is all good.

I am starting to get a level of detachment at work. Example - we had an event this weekend and I really did not care how it went. I think this is good. I think it is a sign that I need to move along but I am kind of glad that it does not matter to me that much. I still do a good job but a more detached feeling is good. I will keep job hunting. I do need to beef up my cover letter. I think I missed out on some interviews because my cover letter was weak.

Yesterday, I went to the club with my friends. We hung out in the shade and dunked in the pool. Very relaxing. It was a nice summery thing to do and really fun. We got the frozen coffee drinks from the cafe. Really living.

I am watching Fashion Police on the DVR. I really love Joan Rivers. She is so hilarious with her comments on this show. Caustic fun here.

That is all I have. Hope you are well and having a great weekend. Cheers to you!

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I am really enjoying this loonng weekend. A combination of getting things done around the house (chores), hanging out, shopping for deals with friends and getting some much needed rest. I cannot believe but I still have the remnants of that virus I had (congestion, sneezing etc). That really threw me for a loop there.

So I saw the new Star Trek movie last night. Oh yeah. It was good. I will try not to spoil it here. I know there are some Cumberbatch fans here but he did not really fit his role. He was good but all the roles in these Star Trek films are reminiscent of earlier performances in the original series or earlier iterations of the characters and his performance was a big non-sequiter on that. It did not fit very well - his accent was all wrong. Anyone who has watched Star Trek since the 60's will know what I am talking about there. I still really enjoyed the film but just wanted to state that. Please don't flame me for that. I get how great an actor he is but he really did not fit in with the character he played. Both of us viewing the film together agreed on that. That character did not have a British accent nor look like him. The rest of the movie rocked it and was action packed in a nonstop way. It was also really fun to see the part of the film that I had seen filming in Los Angeles when I was down there. I had an "aha" moment.

Anyways. That is my opinion of the film. If you like Star Trek - go see it. This is a very good movie. Thrilling.

I have some projects to do today. I am listening to the audible World War Z and really enjoying that - zombies. It is an award winning audible which includes Alan Alda and other A-list actors reading. Very good.

Hope you have a good weekend and thinking on Memorial Day and remembering those who died in service to our country. Bless them.

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I just got checked out by the doctor. I don't have strep, I don't have bronchitis. I just have a virus. My doctor says a good virus can last 7-10 days and be quite something. I just have to rest and drink fluids. Since it is not bacterial - no antibiotics. So that is it. Just a little virus.

Still glued to the news on this Cleveland thing. Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus and Michelle Knight. More unbelievable. The news does report a whole lot of nothing about it but it still makes for fascinating news. I cannot stop watching CNN. Unreal. Two of the girls are in reasonable health - one of the girls, Michelle Knight is not doing so well and is still in the hospital.

Hope you all are having a good week. I am kind of meh here. I am mostly tired and tired of being sick. I will go back to work tomorrow as the doc assures me I am no longer contagious.

Cheers to you and hope you are well.

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I am sick here in Berkeley, CA. I have a sore throat, aches and fever. Feeling poorly. I am home from work for the second day. Hard to say if I am contagious but am pretty symptomatic and very tired. I don't feel well. Meh. I have the time accrued so will use it. I hate when people go in sick so don't do that myself.

I am glued to CNN right now and this story in Cleveland Ohio about the three girls who were found, having been held captive for 10 years in this guy's house. Unbelievable. This seems like an episode of Criminal Minds to me, on that level of horrible. Here is a link if you are not familiar.

Amanda Berry broke out of the house with the help of a neighbor, Charles Ramsey and then police freed the other two girls - Michelle and Gina who were also held for more than 10 years. This is the stuff of nightmares. Three brothers have been arrested in this crime with charges pending.


Bless them. So glad they got out of there alive.

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I am sick here in Berkeley, CA. I have a sore throat, aches and fever. Feeling poorly. I am home from work for the second day. Hard to say if I am contagious but am pretty symptomatic and very tired. I don't feel well. Meh. I have the time accrued so will use it. I hate when people go in sick so don't do that myself.

I am glued to CNN right now and this story in Cleveland Ohio about the three girls who were found, having been held captive for 10 years in this guy's house. Unbelievable. This seems like an episode of Criminal Minds to me, on that level of horrible. Here is a link if you are not familiar.

Amanda Berry broke out of the house with the help of a neighbor, Charles Ramsey and then police freed the other two girls - Michelle and Gina who were also held for more than 10 years. This is the stuff of nightmares. Three brothers have been arrested in this crime with charges pending.


Bless them. So glad they got out of there alive.

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