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So you will notice that my journal is riddle with signs that say "this image is down". Fuck photobucket and their site maintenance. I have a few accounts and the one that a lot of my graphics feed from is down. I am annoyed, irritated and put out. This is a rantish post and I am irked, aggravated and mad. Just expressing myself. What is especially tiresome is that my journal header feeds from that PB and it looks shitty.

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So, I usually love my manicurist but today she totally wrecked the zen of my appointment. She used MY time to try and sell me on this web based vertical marketing scheme. This pyramid thing that she has gotten into. I am sorry, that is totally inappropriate. I am paying her to do my nails, not to sell me sh*t. This will get me to stop going there. It really well. I had a great hair appointment and then this crap. I have another nail salon I can go to where they don't even talk to you and that sounds way better. They play soothing music and just let you be. Honestly, I don't need this. I am paying her!

I told my friend J*** what happened and she was like, no, not appropriate. Comments and feedback welcome. I am so mad about this. I have enough stress as it is. I don't need someone in my face, selling me on crazy web sites and pyramid schemes.

So mad about it. My nails look great but I was so tense when I left there, it almost does not matter.

I get my hair done there but can just make my hair thing and skip nails. I am getting a headache again just doing this post. So not relaxing. Augh!

Has this ever happened to any of you?

by yueshi
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After the last stunt I pulled on the flist, I thought it appropriate that I truly vent my spleen here in truly ranty pants fashion. This thought occurred to me as I left the store, having bought those nice crunchy cheese puffs that I could not eat. Why did I buy those? Was I going to try and eat those? Was it wishful thinking that I would be better tomorrow when I know I won't be?

Even my friends have deserted me because I am too irritable. The pain is wearing and tiring, the soft food and the lack of protein. I am moody, mcmoody and tired of this wisdom tooth stuff. I want to crunch and bite my food - I want a burger and chips or something good! I want I want I want - I am Henderson the Rain King - points if you get the reference!

That repost thing did not help either. I want everyone to know that I tried to delete that post but can't, ok? It will be on our flists forever unless LJ will do something. I have submitted a ticket to them and will see where it goes but am aggravated that the "delete repost" thing is a LIE. No funciona! Typical LJ b*llsh*t. They cannot even get that right. Anyways. It will be there forever and we just have to live with it. Sorry! LJ answered my ticket and after some maneuvering I was able to delete the repost from the flist. Some people could see that it was a repost from me, clearly on there in the repost but I deleted the post and will post the link on my journal or another one by her. Anyhoo. That is done!

So the oral surgeon said 4-7 days and I do believe she meant it. I wake up in serious pain every day. I really thought I would bounce back by now and be enjoying some time off by now but no. This is serious business this wisdom tooth thing. UGH.

It looks like I will spend the 4th of July doing nothing because I will not subject my friends to me in this state. They deserve a good time and that means spending time without me. I am dead serious about that. I do not want to be the one dragging everyone down. So I will sit here and sulk!


Anyhoo. It was the cheese puffs that done me in. Why did I buy them? Oh Why?

end rant and you can move along. I hope you got a kick out of this. I do feel a little bit better. :)

So Sad
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This is what I am gleaning from tonight's news cast. Budget cuts will cause us to lose -

-state parks
-scientific research on outer space (SETI)
-welfare benefits (mention made of misuse of ATM debit card program)
-travel perks for state employees (essential travel allowed only)

Not all of this is bad but much of the news was about budget cut backs. I am truly alarmed about the loss of state parks here in California and there was some talk of privatizing those or having them come under city or county jurisdiction. We have beautiful state parks in California that are a resource for the whole country, it would be a shame to lose those.

Depressing news and sobering. How much will we lose before people decide to suck it up and raise taxes to protect our society? It seems we are willing to sacrifice the public education system and infrastructure and not levy taxes to preserve these things. Boggles the mind.

Pardon the mild rant as I am a public employee and this all makes little sense.

by izzydollie
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*this is not very entertaining so move along if you don't want to read it* :P

Today, I put my request in for this contact list with our institutional research person for the third time. I clearly showed the email trail, that this was my third request and I noted each previous email and when I had sent it, copying the appropriate people as well as my supervisor, who specifically told me that I should let her know when I was having "issues" with someone. Now I need this list for my program so that I can invite students to meet with the Dean. I am running out of people to invite and I first requested this list on October 30th, verbally speaking with the analyst one week prior. I am keeping notes on this as I knew this would happen. I knew it.

I think this is more than a mild pet peeve. I am mightily annoyed. I will verbally draw their attention to my email on Monday and then bump it up a notch then.

Argh. This happened last year with this same request. There is no reason why I should not be able to request this. No reason at all.


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I sent an angry email at work and as a rule I refrain from this as I think it is a bad thing to get into but I was pretty peeved. Let me set the stage.

In my review, over the last two years, I have repeatedly set as a goal to take project management training. Along with that event planning training but now, since I took the second one, I am hot on the trail of project management training. In my last review my boss and I sort of came up with the idea that it would be a good idea to bring the training to our division and provide it to our employees as a group. But I was the one who was yammering about this for about two years. I tell you this to set the stage.

So now it has come to pass that the training will be in Jan for the division. This has not been announced yet, but my old boss told me this today (she is now my old boss as I have a new supervisor) and the course will be a seminar on Jan 7th. Excitement and it will be for 20-25 people, first come first serve and so forth. She tells me we need to set up to run this and I say sign me up, I am interested in it and I can also help with the event planning for it.

Later that day, I email my current supervisor and request permission to take the seminar which has not been announced yet but will be on such and such a date and it meets with my professional goals and so forth. She sends me and email back that I tee off on. It just pushes my buttons to the point where I have to say "Hey wait a minute..."

In her email she does not give me permission to take the seminar as she might want to take it HERSELF and spews some line about resources and so forth. I write her back and tell her I am going to write frankly and give her more back story about how it came to be that we would be offering the seminar. That it was essentially MY idea that had come up in MY review over the past few years. I told her that I project manage every day in my position and I felt that the training was essential to my work at ____ Division.

She mailed back that we would see and she had not known the history of what was going on. Anyways. I will be mighty peeved if I don't get that training as it was my idea and I am going to be MORE than pissed if they turn it into a manager's only training. I think regular staff can use this more than managers as we actually DO the work. Timelines, to do lists...etc.

If this does not go down well, I will begin looking. Even in this economy, I will. But first, I will get signed up for this training as a two day seminar and get my department to pay for it. You can bet on that.

Mighty PEEVED. Argh. Fuckers.

Last event of the year is tomorrow. Small luncheon.

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So if you are a skinny or petite person or both. You can either move right along or read and feel lucky. This is a rant...A RANT. I know no other way to term that. I am irate and I let a salesperson have it today, though it was in no way her fault. I just complained and bitched at her because I was frustrated at the state of retail and their insensitivity to the needs of how shall I put it...BIG WOMEN.

I will give you the background. I have an event today and I am dressed up nicely. Black dress, shooz, the whole nine yards and I had one pair of pathetic hosery left at home and by the time I got to work they started to shred. They are a cheap pair and I knew that they were not going to cut it. Had I been thinking I would have gone out last night to purchase a few pairs of black tights for today. But I was tired and figured I had a few pairs there. Well no. One pathetic mockery of a pair of hosery.

I work at the Uni which is surrounded by stores, clothing stores, Walgreen's and the like. I assumed that I could go out and buy a pair of hose that would work for today. I run out this morning. Well I could not find plus size hose anywhere within a walk of campus. The Walgreen's here had knee highs and the "one size fits all" thing going on. Anyone who is a big girl knows that "one size" is not equal and that one size fits all thing is totally not true. All means your average person and if you are not average size---forget it. Plus size women NEED NOT APPLY.

So then I go to B**** Clothing. They have a HUGE selection of clothing. But the biggest hose they have will fit a very wide midget...(no offense to petite or short people anywhere). The size chart says E-F will fit someone 4'11 and 210 pounds. Now I am 5'9 and not telling you my weight. But those are not going to work. This brand of hose comes in plus sizes...but they do not carry them.

I am irate and upset. I buy the biggest ones they have and let fly at the sales person. I am about ready to send a mailing to all retailers like everywhere on behalf of big girls everywhere.

Why is our money not good enough?
Why should I have to buy things online only?
When are you going to look around and see that women are PLUS sized and stock accordingly?

I am FUCKING mad. I work at the Uni but I see plenty of plus sized students walking around here. What the hell do they do?

Thank you for reading. The phones are open.

*cross posted to sknny bitches*
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Where are the skimpy volleyball outfits for the men on the men's volleyball? I mean cha! The women wear next to nothing. Tighty spandex sports bras and what not and the men are wearing baggy clothing there. I want skin, I want speedos. I want equal treatment here. This is totally sexist.

Yes, I am a perv but I want to see something there.

So we get it with the swimming but I think there should be parity in the sports.

Just saying.

Are you sick of me yet. I thought so. I will continue my pithy commentary.
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As I watch a bit of the basketball here on the Olympics, I sit here and think. When did it become about the win or the fame factor over the spirit of amateur competition? The US team is slaughtering the Chinese team and you know...that ain't right here.

We have sent a team of professional athletes over there and essentially rigged the basketball competition. Everyone knows who is going to win that gold medal. It is just a joke to play it out. Just hand it to the US team and cover something else already.

I just recall when I was a kid...the Olympics being more about amateur athletes competing than this BS of professionals going over there and showing their stuff. Don't these guys have enough of the fame game. Why not put up a team of the best collegiate athletes from the US? They would be pretty good. And it would be more sportsmanlike and I bet they would still win the competition but the games would not be like this one...a 30-40 point spread.

This really pisses me off. I hate the whole pro-athlete thing coming in there anyway. The same with the tennis players. Get the amateurs in there. People who have not gone pro or really...don't have that sport in the games. If you cannot find amateurs...then don't have it.

The Olympics was always about non-professionals competing. People who were not payed as competitors.

I know people will disagree and you are welcome to voice your opinion. But really...this is just to me, well wrong.

Game result: 101-70 GAH. USA wins...surprise there!

by [ profile] defiant_angel
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To *blank* graphics community on LJ. Boy am I mad.

To the mod... )

*I was first told this*It gets better. Come to find out. I was banned or possibly banned because I condone blinkie box stealing. Like never? What is that about?! I supposedly said that there is nothing wrong with stealing someone else's blinkie boxes. Ya right.

Then I was told something else altogether that is no longer even relevant and I think was pretty much dealt with at the time. So old news.

by [ profile] laurahonest the perfect blinkie for this post!

Work shit

Jan. 10th, 2008 04:46 pm
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So what do you do when you have a key piece of information and someone is about to make a phone call without it? Wait until they make the phone call and then let them be an idiot?

Got bitched at for providing important information. And was a good piece of information that the person had not thought of. I could tell they figured out that it was important too. No apology.

So now I have put in for my personal day the Friday before MLK weekend. I feel so much better.
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*It was so hard to get up this morning. I snoozed 3 times!
*It took me forever to feel coherent.
*Weekends are not long enough.

Good things:
*I found a coffee coupon for a discounted latte in my office while cleaning.
*All my co-workers are out at a training so I am not being bothered.
*I have lunch planz.
*My new earrings look smashing.
*I am getting Wednesday off.

So far the good out weighs the bad but that does not mean it is not still Moanday.

Lay it on me. Our operators are standing by.
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*wake up at the un-godly hour of 5:00 am
*takes me a long time to get conscious
*so not used to the work day thing as I have been out for a week
*work is boring

Good things
*back feels ok
*co-workers all happy to see me
*boss flexible about all the appointments I have this week.
*chiro today--woot

That is about it. I keep meaning to do a post on HAIRSPRAY. I will get to that sometime. It was an incredibly good movie. Excellent music and with a few good messages in there. So well worth seeing.

The phone lines are open and our operators are standing by...
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I had to wake up at 5:00am
My back hurts.
I want the day off.

Here is this meme things.

Playful Hottie Yearningly Needing Carnal Kisses and Embraces

Get Your Sexy Name


Jul. 2nd, 2007 12:23 pm
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Oh the pain. A poem for you today...*clears throat*

I woke up in my bed so weary...
The alarm it sounded oh so bleary...
Drank some coffee oh so cheery.
As I trudged on my way to the Uni-door.

The list of MOANDAY complaints so far
-I had to get up at 5:00 am
-Someone at work is going to create work for me and has to stick her big nose in something that is none of her bizziness.
-I spilled sauce on my shirt. I like this shirt.

That is about it so far. Not too bad.

Send in your complaints, your inconveniences...your whatever. I am listening.

*group huggle*
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I started my new schedule and getting up for a 7:00 am is much earlier than for an 8:00 am start time. I went back to sleep and was late today but the beauty of it all is that no one was there to know it. Woot. I think I am going to like this new schedule a lot. I will try to be on time though, as ethics demand.

I bought myself a large latte today at Peet's to make up for the horror's of my wake up debacle.

So here I am. n

Lay it on me people's. We have all day to moan here.
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*bad hair day...really bad.
*I almost ran out of coffee.
*People keep sluffing their work off on me.
*My cream curdled in my coffee this morning.
*I need to get my story to beta by Wed! *ak*
*The cafe messed up my ensalada. Wrong braid and wrong dressing. (see below)

Good things:
*my story is going well! *grin*
*I am up to doing all my work.
*I potted some new plants to bring to work.
*I am generally in a good mood.
*Salad was pretty good in spite of above.

The psychiatrist is now in and we are accepting calls here. Let her rip.

Edited at 3:23 pm
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Nothing...going on.

Just this. The telecomm company cut the phone line to our panic alarm here at the office thereby causing an annoying alarm to sound through our whole office. Annoying repetitive beeps...over and over. I finally figured out who was in charge of the device and could get them to handle it.

But cha.

What's minor annoyances have gotten you today?

Share with us all here...

Kind of like group therapy.

Cept on livejournal and you are typing. O.o
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And a little bit of that...


*student missing...we may have to send in the SWAT team.
*I have been derailed by things POPPING up all day in my worklife.
*which has made it a VERY unsettling day
*I did not sleep enough last night.
*I am tired as all get out.

Good things:
*We keep cracking ourselves up here at the office.
*I love the people I work with.
*The day is almost over.

The operators are standing by...let us know what is on your mind.
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Not much to complain about today. All that went wrong so far was that I spilled coffee on my blouse as I arrived at the office. I got the stain out with cold water though so that was good. *nod*

I am listening, however. It is MOAN-day after all.


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