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So hey gang! It turns out there is a work around for this PB issue - <lj user=unreal> has designed two plug ins to get around the graphics problem. 

This one is for chrome users -

This one is for Mozilla users -

So that is cool. Hopefully this will work for you. Huzzah! 
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Have you heard about the change over at photobucket? They have changed their TOS so that 3rd party hosting is no longer included with lower tier plans. They only include it with their most expensive plan that costs $399.00 per year. They did this with no warning. I learned about this when checking the flist here and am just gobsmacked by it. It defies logic. I have 4 PB accounts that I am paying for and am planning on closing all of them. They are totally going to lose my money - all of it. I wrote them a nasty gram about this and explained that too.

My images are still in tact on here but I am sure that they will not be for long. I am in the process of figuring out what to do and where to host my images but I have a doll sharing community and graphics that I used on my journal. I am not going to go back and restore all those images. Just not going to do it.

I am really frustrated by this. I think what I am going to do is handle my layouts and just go from there and go no frills. I have most of the images that I use on my old PC now. I don't think I am going to reload all this stuff into a new service. So maybe it is time to let all this stuff go.

So Photobucket - you suck! You really do!
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*cross post from various places*

I want to post this to encourage any and all makers (or users of photobucket) to open support tickets (repeatedly and often) to try and get them to work on the GIF shrinking issue on their site. I think we should definitely make some noise with them, identify ourselves as livejournal users, graphics makers and graphics enthusiasts and get them to fix this problem. It was not a problem on the old site and it should not be now. I, for one, am a paying customer with three accounts and I cannot do my graphics work now. I am tired of it. I think we should bombard them with tickets. If you agree, start opening support tickets at:

I am really really tired of this and think it is time to do something. PB totally sucks but I think it is time to apply the pressure. Let's do this. Are you with me? You don't have to write much. Just send quick emails into them and do it often. They will send you a form letter back and then you reply to that and say it did not resolve the issue - you want them to fix the problem. I have been complaining for a while now. I think we should do this! Feel free to copy and paste this to anywhere appropriate and let people know!

Let's do it! Let's do a protest directly to them!
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So I got an answer from photobucket on my question about the uploader on their site. I thought I would post the response for those of you who use the site. This is good news for me because I prefer to upload to PB and not download software to my computer.

Here is what Rosa says from PB:

We aren't removing the upload tools from the web, you will still be able to upload from the site. The Desktop Uploader is just a replacement for the FTP uploader that is being deprecated.

So that is good news. I am still not trying their new site until I have to but I feel a little better about things there. Just passing that along. I am encouraged.


by yue_akuma at pjano_loved
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In a message riddled with typos - Photo - sucks it!

They say this:

Photobucket Desktop is Replacing the FTP Uploader

Now that you can automatically upload wiht Photobucket Desktop, we will not be supporting FTP uploads on the new site.

You know what? I don't want a desktop application for Photobucket. I want to upload from the web. I would like this to be an option. They really do totally suck. I sent them a flamey message telling them this too. Nice and to the point. I had even filled out their survey telling them what I wanted and none of this was on it.

Total suckage. I am thinking of scaling back to all free accounts because this is ridiculous.
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So you will notice that my journal is riddle with signs that say "this image is down". Fuck photobucket and their site maintenance. I have a few accounts and the one that a lot of my graphics feed from is down. I am annoyed, irritated and put out. This is a rantish post and I am irked, aggravated and mad. Just expressing myself. What is especially tiresome is that my journal header feeds from that PB and it looks shitty.

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I contacted photobucket tonight because of the way they have subscriptions to other people's albums structured on there. I have a few public albums on there and the content is public because I share it in livejournal communities and with friends. I do not think that someone should be able to watch every upload I make onto my albums. Here is what I wrote.

Sent through the "contact us" thing on PB:
I would like to let you know that I think that people should have to ask permission to follow a PB album and I should be able to DENY that on here. Someone is now following me with an empty PB album and that is for the sole purpose of stealing my content. I am formally complaining about this and I would like to be able to get them to stop watching my PB. This is like stalking here. I really think there should be a system of permissions for this and I should be able to deny someone the ability to watch my PB.

I allow my friends to subscribe to my PB but this empty album is creeping me out. Why do you allow this? I know people can search albums at any time but I don't want to see this person on my album.

I think you need to address this and I want to get this person off of my space here. I have a few PBs with attractive content that people like to search but I don't think just anyone should be able to jump on and watch me load things. And that is what it amounts to here. A real invasion of my activities. They can see EVERYTHING I load on here.

So you tell me what I can do to get rid of them.

The PB user I am talking about is: XXXXX and they have NOTHING on their account that I can see.

I am formally complaining about the way you have this structured. I want to be able to ALLOW people to subscribe not just anyone to be able to do this.

If you feel this way, you should send in a user complaint to PB.

Edit: It turns out that you can BLOCK people from subscribing to your album. This will also stop them from commenting on your stuff. I have made use of this feature. It was not intuitive or obvious how to do it. I had a lot of people on my account subscribed and have gotten rid of the ones I don't know. If you were unsubbed, email me, as I did not recognize your PB name.

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This is why I cannot get the copy function to work on PB. I recently upgraded my Flash Player and now---well here is what I got from the PB support people. They are working on a fix but for now. It no workie.

----begin email reply

We are sorry that you are currently experiencing issues with the one-click
copy feature provided with your Photobucket account. The recent Version 10
release of the Adobe Flash Player introduced changes in that program to
prevent problems with potentially dangerous content being added to your
clipboard. Those changes interacted with the one-click copy feature provided
by Photobucket.

The Photobucket one-click copy functionality is not currently available from
computers and browsers that are using Adobe Flash Version 10. When you click
on a code, the code will be selected and high-lighted. You must use your
computer’s copy functionality to place the code into your clipboard.

---the rest was an explanation of how to copy and paste the link and then they suggested using Internet Explorer, which I HATE with a passion.

So if you have been having trouble with PB, that is why. PB sucks but hopefully they will fix it soon.

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So recently I got TOSd with Photobucket. My Valentine's shot was a violation of their terms of service. Everytime they do that, I send in a complaint to them. I don't think they should get away with that and I think it is important to make them see that they are wrong in their definitions of what is obscene. They are also applying a double female shots seem to go unnoticed in this regard...

I place my submitted complaint behind the cut for those who want to read it.

Photobucket, you suck... )
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Man. I am just livid. All my fun shots of the mens got tagged on photobucket. For crying out loud, I have a private account! I am going to switch to File Lodge and see what happens. I will use photobucket for some things but this is ridiculous. I am just...ENRAGED. What is wrong with the male body?

*kicks the trash can*

Does anyone have a file hosting site that does not do this?

EDIT: I sent in an irate comment to the *bleeps* at photobucket. Let's see if they respond. It is not like the shots I had up were porn. They were tasteful and elegant. *bleeping bleeps*

***Dudesday coming up when I am over this.***


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