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It gets old - we are on our 4th night of protests here. I am sympathetic - I really am (and I think we need some reforms on Police procedures) but living right in the middle of the protest zone is getting old. Helicopters over head, roaming bands of anarchists, looters and pillagers. It is very chaotic and very stressful. It is at the point where the average person does not want to be on the street after dark because of their personal safety. We keep getting alerts at the Uni about what is going on and early release time so that we can get home safely before the protests start in the evening.

Last night they blocked the 80 freeway - a major artery through here - they stopped an Amtrak train and they closed the Berkeley BART station down. I guess that would mean they are being effective since they are getting national coverage. But living here - well it gets old. It is weird seeing your town covered on the news all the time - in real time - live and up close.

I think with a major storm coming in tomorrow night - that will shut it down. Protesting is a fair weather activity.

Anyways - that is all I have - got some Christmas shopping done - all online - woot. And I have sussed out some gifts to buy from some local shops - so I am in good shape here with my holiday cheer.

Tomorrow is my holiday party at work and then I am going to see Yo Yo Ma at the local theatre - he is giving a talk on art and culture. Should be interesting. I have been into this speaker series the the Uni lately - broadening my mind.

Anyhoo. That's it for me. Hope all is well with you!

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Here and there - hither and yon. Doing this and that. Little of this and that. Uhh.

I had all my work projects finish up in October and so work is easier now. I have all fun stuff to do now - like our holiday party and other easy things. I am keeping my eye out on the job market and edited my resume this week. Things are shifting at work in terms of the leadership so I have to be ready to move if I need to. Best to have it all prepped. I would like to stay at the Uni but I might branch out to other organizations.

Getting ready for the holidays - gobble day and Hanukkah and Christmas. I am staying here on the West Coast. I have visitors coming here so that will be fun - [profile] khylea is coming and we will be going to see The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies in December and hang out here at Christmas so good times, good times.

Anyhoo. That is it. I should make some graphics but am not motivated to.

I have been reading but not commenting all that much. I do try and read everything though.

Cheers to you!

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And I have in installed my winter layout on both journals - LJ and DW. You can see them both on there. The DW has this cool feature where I can have a transparent background and it looks like the entry is clear. Very cool. I am loving that. This is a layout I have previously used and I am using the same layout on both journals. Just easier that way.

I also decorated my Christmas tree today and here it is:

I got some new blingy stars today which will be my new ornaments for this year. I have whole boxes of things I am not using and yet I buy new ornaments. No logic in that but that is how it goes. I was not in the spirit for the holidays but now that I have the tree done, I kind of am. The power was out this morning so I had a moment to decorate.

Went out for brunch today and now I am just hanging out. I meant to nap but forgot to.

So that is it for me. Oh - I saw Red Dawn last night and it did not suck as much as I thought it would. I really enjoyed it and the eye candy factor made it totally worth it. Anyways - that is it for me.

Cheers to you and hope you had a good weekend.
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Well I am sick. Sore throat, achey yech. I was hoping it would miraculously go away by today and I have been sick since Friday night, Saturday morning but no dice. I stayed home today. I don't believe in infecting co-workers and really hate when people come in when sick. I am handling essentials here and resting. I don't feel well and why spread my germs all over there? All the flu posters say stay home when you are sick.

I slept some and watched the special features on my Casino Royale dvd. I am loving Daniel Craig as James Bond. We caught up on Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale this weekend and just loved them. I heart me Daniel Craig as 007. I know people disagree but for me, he is my favorite Bond so far. I grew up with Roger Moore and Sean Connery, I know, I know but I like this interpretation. Everyone has an opinion on that, legitimately but I like this one.

My friend is still here and is leaving tomorrow. We have had a fun time chilling and relaxing this week. She took off and went on a tour of Alcatraz today and is doing some things in SF. Sight seeing. Always good to do here. I am planning to go visit here in Vegas in January or February. Tres excited about that! Woot.

So hope all is well with you there and that you had a fun Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. I should put up my tree but don't feel well enough to wrestle it out of the closet. I will get to that this week.

Anyhoo. Post holiday post on in. Cheers to you all!

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ToonHertz Tag for xppx

I was offline yesterday so a day late!
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The holiday of Cinco De Mayo, The 5th Of May, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. It is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla, with some limited recognition in other parts of Mexico, and especially in U.S. cities with a significant Mexican population. It is not, as many people think, Mexico's Independence Day, which is actually September 16.

Interesting factoid there. :P I love looking things up.

I have tomorrow off. I so happy.

by hisescape
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So, dear readers, I have a confession to make. Tonight as I came home, tired, not feeling well and not in the mood to clean up the menorah to do the Hanukkah thing, I considered posting last year's picture and just "passing that off" as this year's final night. I confess this but I assure you that all of this year's piccies have been authentically done this year and I have stayed true to the real-time "Hanukkah experience 2009". While it would have been easier, it would not have been right, and I wound up really enjoying the final candles tonight and so I share my last picture with you tonight. Always honest and these pics have all been taken this year. Thanks for looking this year and I hope you have enjoyed it with me.

8 crazy lights on the 8th crazy night... )

I was always confused about the many ways to spell Hanukkah. I have seen it spelled as follows:


It is a phonetic spelling of the hebrew. Here is an image with the hebrew word in it. You read the word from right to left (the opposite to how you read english):

Happy weekend all and thank you for sharing this holiday with me.

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Home stretch of Hanukkah 2009. This is night seven and tonight's menorah photo. I am not feeling well so not much of a post tonight. Just the piccie. Be well all. Last night of Hanukkah is tomorrow night.

by hoarilysatan
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It is at this point in the Hanukkah week that the menorah is covered with wax and you have to dig the previous night's candles out of the holders. This is where it gets tough, dear readers. You have to work for it now. :P

The Hanukkah saga continues. Da da da! *cue ominous music and yes I had wine with lunch!*

Tonight's candles...or both sides now... )

Other news...

Today one of our Dean's took the staff to Chez Panisse, the quintissential California cuisine restaurant in North Berkeley. This was started and is still run by Alice Waters, famous for her cooking in season and with very fresh ingredients. My mom is really into her cook book and bio right now and I tell you, the flavors and food were incredible there. Pumpkin soup, goat cheese with the fresh greens on the salad, bittersweet chocolate ice cream for dessert. Just subtle, exquisite flavors. I really enjoyed it.

Tonight we have a holiday get together at the house and will go there in a little while. I got cream puffs to share with my neighbors. Should be fun. I cannot remember if we are doing a gift exchange so I am bringing one just in case.

Thank you to [ profile] fablest for the lovely card. Yours is on the way and to [ profile] aglarien1 for the wonderful gift. I am gobsmacked and will really enjoy that. *huggles*

Enough of a ramble for Toosday. Night all.

by izabeth
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Here with a late post tonight. I was at the movies, more on that another time. Here is the menorah picture for tonight.

Three candles lit from right to left... )

No cultural or other factual things tonight as I am very tired but thank you for looking (if you do).

Good night all!

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I am here again with my Hanukkah Celebration. I like to educate a bit and here is an excerpt from Wikipedia, the source of all on the internet.

About Hanukkah:

From the Hebrew word for "dedication" or "consecration", Hanukkah marks the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration by the forces of the King of Syria Antiochus IV Epiphanes and commemorates the "miracle of the container of oil". According to the Talmud, at the re-dedication following the victory of the Maccabees over the Seleucid Empire, there was only enough consecrated olive oil to fuel the eternal flame in the Temple for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days, which was the length of time it took to press, prepare and consecrate fresh olive oil.

And that is why it is celebrated for eight days...the oil lasted for eight days. Etc.

The larger article is here on wiki:
More info than you ever wanted about it.

Tonight, one lights two candles, with the shamash (worker) candle (total of three candles on the menorah). See below for my picture. Behind the cut to save your friends page.

Hanukkah menorah part deux... )

I said the blessing. There are many blessings but I just do the short version and say the one blessing over the candles. Happy Hanukkah all.

In other poured down rain here most of the day and I got some holiday things done. I mailed a package to my sister in law in LA and wrote out my final set of holiday cards. I will mail those on Monday.

I took myself out for french onion soup and a nice salad at the Drunken Boat Cafe up the street. Just a nice lunch and enjoyed my new FX Digital Art magazine in front of their Crimmas tree. It was a gorgeous tree there full of lovely ornaments that I can tell had been carefully collected over the years. Very nice.

Later on I had a great nap here at the apartment. Boy, did I need that. Tomorrow I am going to see Blind Side with a work chum and we are going out for dinner. Awesome.

Thank you to: jaiden_s, elflover59, and red_lasbelin for the lovely holiday cards sent my way. They are displayed here and adding cheer to my world. Beautiful cards chosen by you all and lovely messages.

I hope you all are enjoying the season and having a safe and happy weekend.

by wildrosedragon at potof_gold
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Those of you who have been with me a while know that I celebrate Hanukkah up close and personal on my journal. It reminds me of times growing up and I do enjoy this ritual. I try to post nightly during the Festival of Lights, over the eight nights and share what I am doing. I am not devoutly Jewish but creatively so. I also celebrate Christmas and decorate for that. I am an adult and can do what I want. I have my own beliefs and hold to those, such as they are.

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and I was supposed to light the candles at sundown but I was out at the mall. Oh wells. I lit them when I got home and took pictures of them for the blog-o-sphere. Over the next eight nights, I will post a bit about this holiday and its meaning and personal stuff etc.

Tonight, just the menorah which symbolizes the ceremonial lamps that are in the temples or synogogues. More on this later. Each night you light a candle for a night of the holiday, adding one to the menorah while there is also a "worker candle" (shamash) used to light the symbolic candle. The worker candle is the center candle on the menorah...lit first, it is used to light the candles from left to right. Tonight, I lit two candles...the shamash and then the far right candle representing the first night of this holiday.

Sooo...I took pictures. Three this time so you could see the progression. Most nights I will just post the one of the fully lit menorah.

Menorah lighting step by step... )

You light the menorah while singing the blessing over the Hanukkah candles:

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us by His commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of Hanukkah.

Sfaradi/Modern Israeli:
Barukh Atta Adonay Eloheynu Melekh Ha-olam Asher Kiddeshanu Be-mitsvotav Ve-tsivanu Lehadlik Ner Shel khanuka

You leave the candles until they burn out naturally. I am watching mine go down now. It is best not to leave them untended...more on that another night.

Cheers to all and happy weekend, happy Hanukkah.

by hoarilysatan
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So today we had our annual holiday party at work. It is one of my events and it went really well. All smooth and from my perspective as a party/event planner my criteria were met for a successful event. The food was served hot and I heard the ecstatic, gleeful reactions of the guests as they sampled...WIN. They liked it. No complaints about that. The service was stellar. No lag from one side of the room to the other and that means there was adequate staffing for the event. People did not have to wait while they watched other people eating...this is one of my pet peeves about food service at events (small or large)-feed everyone at the same time and move that along. The room looked beautiful and while I did have to make small adjustments to the program, that worked and flowed well and the staff still got out at 2:30pm. One of my goals was to ensure that they got home early, a real treat for the division.

We did staff service awards and I was shocked when they announced that I got ANOTHER one this time around. This time for my work on web development and as project coordinator and the concept person for the S*** Web Site. I was gobsmacked. It is really nice to get recognition. Lots of people got awards and the party was nice for that. We also did a staff talent show and then rounded up the program with an undergraduate acapella group that rocked the house. They made use of the stage that is shown below. The staff loves them and it is just a great way to end the party. So win all around and now I am home drinking a cup of coffee and I am soooo tired.

I have pics to share. I got some of the room before the party (not the whole thing) so you can see how it looked before they all got there. No photos of the people as it is not my place to blog pics of the people I work with...this venue is a beautiful older hotel near campus.

The quiet before... )

What is not pictured here is the living room, bar area as people entered with another fireplace. That was the meet, greet and mingle area where people hung out before seating for lunch. Very nice and comfy cozy. This place is big but does not feel big and has an intimacy that is very nice. Homey.

Thanks for reading and it is fun to share a bit of what I do at my job. Cheers!

by moobabe986
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I am here at the Uni and it is a bit slow here so I sign on and post. Yayus.

I have discovered the joys of Pandora. Have you all figured this one out yet? It is all about music.

You set up a free account there and you can program in "stations" which are really musical preferences. It will then select music that is similiar to what you like and play it for you. It remembers your stations so you can go back to them later. It is advertising based so occasionally it plays a short thing there but by in large, you get a lot of music played for a little bit of ads. I have programmed in some of my favorite bands, Christmas instrumental, Christmas swing and a few others. The Enya station is outstanding as their are some great companion artists in that. This also works with my iphone and there is a free app for it for those of you who have those. I think there are apps for a few other devices. You can also use Pandora on its own, on your computer and just have some really nice background music. It is web based so a good internet connection is important, I think. So let me know if you sign on to that. I am loving this and it is expanding my music by a ton and I don't have to buy anything. Edit: The free account limits you to 40 hours a month of listening. You can pay 99cents to get unlimited listening that month. That is one caveat on the service so I have to see how it goes. I do like it and don't know if I will exceed the 40 hours.

Other news and newsworthy things...

I am almost done with my Crimmas, holiday mailing of packages. I have one more thing to mail back east, my niece's present. I have to get more cards as I am out and have yet to get to family and friends from my address book. So I will do that. I love the Hannukah stamps this year from the post office. Really cool.

Tomorrow, I have my 10 year service award luncheon from the Uni in the large ballroom. A bunch of us from the Division are going to that and will sit together and raise a ruckus. :P Free lunch is key and I think the Cal Band plays. Woot.

Thursday, I have the staff holiday party which is the event that I plan each year for the Division. It seems to going smoothly right now. People keep signing up, but that is all good. The thing to decide is what to wear. The right amount of elegance and comfort. Yeppers.

That is about it and a pretty good ramble. :) Thanks for reading.

V-gift thank you's to:
esteliel, chaotic_binky, whitestar_alpha, weepingnaiad, and pierrelle
Very fun!

by izabeth
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I received some holiday gifts and things while I was away on the East Coast and I have been remiss about acknowledging them here on my journal. Many thanks to my friends who sent the lovelies listed below. I was greeted with packages and cards upon my return and it made it such a nice homecoming and just seemed to lengthen my holiday cheer.

Thanks to:

keiliss: for the cheery package of items from Africa, cat paper and cat affirmations that are making little Boo feel very special indeed.

chaotic binky: for the funny cat book from amazon. you so silly!

aglarien1: for the wonderful box of exotic coffees. I am sipping a cup now. So lovely.

melethen: for the lovely and thoughtful card with warm wishes. Thank you!

Jaiden_s and Larian: for the LJ v-gifts. Thanks gals!

I have to admit that I still have my Christmas tree up here. It is a fake tree and I want to enjoy it a while more. I will slowly start to take the ornaments off I think and put my holiday decorations away.

Happy weekend all. I cannot find the haiku book so will be back with that next week. O.o

by nienna_weeper
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A quick post from the East Coast tonight. I head back tomorrow. It seems that my week here went by quickly and I fly back to Calif tomorrow. Good times had with my family. My niece has been hanging here for a few days and we get along really well. We spent some time singing along to Mamma Mia last night and today and then went to see Madagascar 2. I really like silly movies.

I have totally enjoyed spending time with my family. I am gearing up for the tearful good bye. My mom always cries when I leave. I admit I do too, when the plane takes off.

I still have time off when I get back there and will be able to rest some more. I will enjoy that too. My cat sitter has been sending me daily updates on the Boo cat so I know she has been well tended. So glad I got a professional to mind her. Really happy with that.

New Year's coming up. I think we are just cooking a nice meal and staying in for that. No need to drive around and be dangerous. I like it quiet now that I am older.

Hope all is well with everyone on the friendslist. Remember, kindness given is good karma.


by nienna_weeper

Note: Bunday will return next week.
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So here we go.

Menorah day two...middle candle plus two... )

So what Hanukkah would be complete without a fight amongst the family? Jews are a contentious lot. In my family, I am the only one who is actually observant of any of the holidays. So I bring up on the phone with my brother that I think that my niece should know about her Jewish heritage. They are raising her Christian without any mention of the fact that she is of Jewish descent. I find this of concern. Her last name is *insert very Jewish sounding name here* and as such she is easily identifiable as Jewish and I it is also culturally important to pass on the knowledge. I don't want to tell them what religion to practice...I just want them to tell her that she is Jewish and what that means. I got the noddy answer and yada but I could tell...this was not going anywhere fast. So I guess this was not a fight really...but a discussion. Let's just say, the topic is OPEN.

I won't send a Hanukkah card this year. She is seven and too young to get it. I will hold that until she is older. I also imagine that this would cause a ripple with my sister in law who REACTS to things. So, backed off for now to bring this up later. No harm, no foul. Advice from the friends list is welcome.

In other news...The Uni chugs along

Work is bizzy izzy. I am putting together the division holiday party for next week and we are hitting defcon one. I sent out about 10 emails getting approval for last minute purchases. My boss is like, so nice. She approved everything. She also laughed at me. He he he. We get to go shopping tomorrow. Wrap raffle gifts on Friday. I am BIZZY. And people think they can give me work to do! What is WITH that?!

I am ready to start my holiday cards. Woo. So get ready!

I am tired so tonight is low key. I made this little menorah blink but I have a better one planned. Woo. Night all!

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I will be celebrating Hanukkah again this year and dragging you along with me. I light the candles each night and post a picture of my menorah for you all to see. It makes me feel good to do it. Google is a funny thing and a search on Hannukah today brought up this funny article.

He he he.

And here is the background on the dreidel thing according to Wiki:

So keep an eye on the journal here for Hannukah factoids and suchly. I will post some little things for you.

by [ profile] hoarilysatan on [ profile] faded_graphics


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