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Here I am. I have worked myself into exhaustion and sickness. I am resting this weekend to try and get ready for next week which is going to be a bear of a week with trainings and events prep. It is craziness. That is what they pay me for. We are getting a 3 percent raise - oh boy - this month and it is retro to July so that is a little something. I don't think that even covers the cost of living.

Next month I am going to Seattle to visit [profile] khylea. We will do fun activities like go to a hockey game - go to the beach and use the group ons that we have purchased at bargain prices. I am really looking forward to it and will need the time off.

Thanksgiving is coming right around the whatever there too. I will be here in town and celebrating with friends here. My friend R*** is coming in from Vegas and then J*** will be here. We will watch movies and have a good time. The kid will be home from UCSC. So that will be all fun.

I am just posting in to say hello to everyone and let you know I have been reading along in the blog-o-sphere. Hope everyone is well there in your part of the world.

Cheers to you.

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Jun. 22nd, 2014 08:22 am
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It is the weekend and I am having a relaxing time of it. My plans last night cancelled and so I did not go to the movies last night. I was supposed to go see Malificent. Oh well. I will see that soon. I hope to go before it is out of the theatre. I will likely get to that this week.

I have spent the last two weeks binge watching Orange is the New Black. Really good show. It is about a middle-upper class woman who spends 15 months in a minimum security prison. Loosely based on her memoir of the same name, the show is a compelling portrayal of prison life. Piper Kerman - who wrote the book - made the point that the United States has the largest prison population in the world so inmates are a significant percentage of our population. The Netflix series is much more dramatic than the book and there are major differences between the book and the series but both are very good. I am now reading the memoir and find it also very interesting.

I was somewhat bereft when I finished Orange is the New Black - that kind of sad feeling you get when you finish a really good book. But now I am on to watching House of Cards - also on Netflix. Who knew Netflix did such good programming? Impressive.

So on to reality - work is a little boring right now which is ok with me. It is summer at the Uni and it is quiet. We have a new Assistant Dean starting in August so that will be an adjustment. I am going to take a vacation sometime so have to work on that. But I am doing background and catch up work. I have to have a review this summer and think that my current supervisor does not know anything about what I do. So how well can that go. Not great. I will stay positive. I think the best thing to do is for me to write my review and let him have input. That will work.

I am going to start exercising. Walking is what I want to do. The weather is so nice and I have a good walk route that I can do. I will listen to audible books while I go walking. So that is what I will do. I need to get going on it. Time is wasting.

I am going to LA for July 4 and will see [personal profile] aglarien. Very excited about that. Woot.

That is about all I have here. Hope all is well with you and that you are having a good summer (or winter depending on where you are).


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I am here. I got totally absorbed in Game of Thrones and watched three seasons of it over the last few weeks. Totally addictive television. I am thinking about reading the books. Has anyone read those on my flist? Not sure about committing to those. I put the first one on my kindle to see how that goes. Seems like a pretty big commitment and I have limited time to read so there is that.

Work is there and happening. I had a great event last week - awards ceremony. It was rewarding and well attended. All went well. I have a NY event that I am remote planning. Less than thrilling. I just want to get the name tags done and be finished with it. That is about how it goes for that.

Things I should do -
-start exercising
-do a little yoga each day

Just putting those on here so I will remember to do some wellness stuff.

I thought I would post in with an entry and have a ramble. I am debating doing the Ardor in August - vascillating and wavering. Teetering on the brink of signing up. Considering. Pain and suffering?


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I had a really discouraging day. Not fun in the work thing. I got flamed by a donor (rich rich person with strong sense of entitlement) at the end and this after a long week of struggling with a new email system and sending quotas and tech support nightmares. I have about hit my limit. If I did not have to go in tomorrow, I would not. I would totally take tomorrow off but I have projects to supervise. Honestly - this person's reaction was disproportionate to the mistake I made. I ran it by a friend of mine and he let me know that it was. It does not feel better though. I am really hard on myself. Anyhoo. That is where I am at. Feeling shitty about this.

My job applications have gone no where. I think I need to revamp my cover letter and resume to make them more jazzy. I will work on that tomorrow and pep up my application packet. I think my recent apps are a zilch there.

Anyhoo. Down but not out. I think I am going to have a conversation with my supervisor and go from there. Clear the air.

Ugh. UGH! I feel better having written this all out.

BTW - I am still very tired but in general feeling better. I think I need a good long rest this weekend and I have a spa day planned at the salon. I am getting my hair colored and nails done. Woot. A little self care will do wonders.

Hope all is well with you and thanks for reading my little post. Ended up longer than planned.

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Well here I am. I am trying to post more consistently or every few days. I felt a sense of accomplishment yesterday because I was able to work a full day. I exhausted myself but I worked the whole day. I am still dealing with being sick.

I am contemplating getting a second cat here to keep Sir Theodore company. That is a maybe but I wonder if he is bored on his own and if he would like a friend. I don't know on that and it does double all my expenses. I have to think on it. I used to always have cats in pairs and think it is nice for them to have each other. So there is that. But it is more work etc so there is that. I guess if I see a gato that might make a good companion for Mr. Ted - I could think on that.

So tonight I am going to see The Great Gatsby. I have concerns about the music in the film being rap music - seems to be a disconnect on that. But I will go with an open mind.

I want to get my nails done but don't feel like going to a salon. I just want them to look nice but don't want to go through all that. I guess I really don't feel well if I don't want a mani-pedi. Gasp.

Anyhoo. This is me. Hope you all are having a good weekend and all that.

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I just got checked out by the doctor. I don't have strep, I don't have bronchitis. I just have a virus. My doctor says a good virus can last 7-10 days and be quite something. I just have to rest and drink fluids. Since it is not bacterial - no antibiotics. So that is it. Just a little virus.

Still glued to the news on this Cleveland thing. Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus and Michelle Knight. More unbelievable. The news does report a whole lot of nothing about it but it still makes for fascinating news. I cannot stop watching CNN. Unreal. Two of the girls are in reasonable health - one of the girls, Michelle Knight is not doing so well and is still in the hospital.

Hope you all are having a good week. I am kind of meh here. I am mostly tired and tired of being sick. I will go back to work tomorrow as the doc assures me I am no longer contagious.

Cheers to you and hope you are well.

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I am sick here in Berkeley, CA. I have a sore throat, aches and fever. Feeling poorly. I am home from work for the second day. Hard to say if I am contagious but am pretty symptomatic and very tired. I don't feel well. Meh. I have the time accrued so will use it. I hate when people go in sick so don't do that myself.

I am glued to CNN right now and this story in Cleveland Ohio about the three girls who were found, having been held captive for 10 years in this guy's house. Unbelievable. This seems like an episode of Criminal Minds to me, on that level of horrible. Here is a link if you are not familiar.

Amanda Berry broke out of the house with the help of a neighbor, Charles Ramsey and then police freed the other two girls - Michelle and Gina who were also held for more than 10 years. This is the stuff of nightmares. Three brothers have been arrested in this crime with charges pending.


Bless them. So glad they got out of there alive.

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by yueshi at The Happy Factory
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So today - yes, this is a rant. A coworker walks into my work space to tell me something and then says they have a really sore throat and don't feel well. They better go home etc. Honestly, stay away from me with your illness and disease. Why do people come into the office when they are sick? Unless she got that sore throat at work, she had no business even coming in to contaminate all of us with her germs. She was not looking good the day before so I think she knew but hard to say.

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Every flu poster I have seen says "Stay home when you are sick" clearly. You don't need to be a hero, we don't want your disease here. Stay away. She could have informed everyone she was sick with an email from home (as she has done in the past).

Don't worry, I was nice to her - gave her one of my Ricola cough drops (I am addicted to those) and sent her on her way (quickly).

I have managed to be reasonably healthy - without a flu shot this year by washing my hands, getting lots of sleep and staying away from sick people. I had one little bug but nothing major.

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So I am at the laundrymat and I feel FINE. No indicator of anything happening and I lean over to put my wet clothes in the big dryers and I feel that sharp lower back pain. That oh no my back went out feeling. Right in the middle of doing laundry. Oh holy toledo does that suck. So I suck it up and finish my laundry and then I have to go food shopping as I literally have no food in the house. Walking is good for back pain so that is something. I carefully carry stuff and manager to get all my produce at the farmer's market and a manageable amount of food from Lucky's. I got home and lay on the ice pad and I am on the ibuprophen plan.

I don't need this right now. Noes.


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I just saw this on the news. Aspirin has more benefits and can prevent cancer when taken in a daily dose. I thought I would post this to the flist. Aspirin also has other benefits too but here is the link to the story. There are three studies being released today on this and it is worth noting:

Here is an older article on aspirin therapy which points at the benefit for heart/stroke:

Interesting. Low dose aspirin they say.

I am just sharing information and not endorsing this. Always consult with your physician before taking any over the counter medications with any frequency or trying any therapeutic remedies. Do your own independent research. I assume no liability for this information.
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Here is an interesting article on over the counter pain meds. Best to be aware of the risks involved in taking these. This comes from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. I thought it was very good. I pop ibu too much and will think again. These things strain the liver and increase the incidence of heart attack. Have a look.

I was really stunned to see the long term and even short term effects of high dosages of some of these over the counter medications.

Posting this for your health awareness.

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So I had the day off (and have Monday off too for a mini-vacay) and I went to the PT place to pick up my orthotics today. Hence the title of my post - nothing will make you feel older than being faced with the limitations of your body full in the face. Feeling older. I went and did some shopping for sensible shoes that work with my orthotics. Those wide shoes that are good for your feet and walking. Not nice shoes that make your pedicured toes look nice -- sensible shoes! Gah. I got a set of keen's that had a slight hipster look to them but returned them later as they slipped off my feet and they were not right. I did go to the athletic shoe place and got fitted for a good pair of walking shoes and those actually will work.

Old, I am old. (moany, groan, creaky, whine)

I did have a nice lunch with my work pal S*** who called and did my food shopping.

I have a bit of career news too...I did not get that job I interviewed for but in letting me know that, they let me know that they had another position that they would like me to apply for and that they would contact me with the job number. I thought that unlikely but said well, thems the breaks. Well, they did contact me with the job number and the position is a HIGHER LEVEL one than the other one. Seems they think I am more qualified than I thought. It pays more moolah and is a way better job. Things are looking up. I doubt that my current department will be able to meet or counter this offer though I will give them the chance to.

Neat, really neat. Super excited. Happy weekend to all and heading out to see the movie Horrible Bosses tonight. I need to laugh.

Comment with your latest. I promise to reply to comments tomorrow.


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A health and nutrition community for those who are trying to lose a little weight and do it healthfully. [ profile] darklingfae and I just took over moderation of this comm and are trying to make it more active as a spot for health and nutrition. We are trying to get it going with health tips, activities and ideas for personal lifestyle management. So please join us there.

[ profile] wtloss4life
[ profile] wtloss4life
[ profile] wtloss4life
[ profile] wtloss4life
[ profile] wtloss4life
[ profile] wtloss4life

There is a member posting thing on the profile for your first intro post to the comm and then you get started. I have an activity post up on the comm. So join us and have some fun while you get healthy!


by izzydollie
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I try to eat breakfast each day and it is an energy boost. Here is some info from the Active for Life people about it...

Breakfast is for Champions!

When I was a kid, my ultimate goal in life was to make it on the cover of a Wheaties box. So, following their marketing mantra - Wheaties... the Breakfast of Champions - I ate it every morning, believing that if I did, I'd be ready when the "people who make people famous" would come knocking on my door.

"Hey, are you the girl who eats Wheaties for breakfast??" "Why YES... yes, I am." "GREAT! We need you for the next batch of Wheaties boxes! Can you come with us now?" "Why YES... yes, I can."

Little did I know then that breakfast really IS for champions! Or, at least for people who want to feel like champions throughout the day. You may have heard or read somewhere that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that is no myth. It's absolutely true... and here's why:

Breakfast is for champions! )

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I try to eat breakfast each day and it is an energy boost. Here is some info from the Active for Life people about it...

Breakfast is for Champions!

When I was a kid, my ultimate goal in life was to make it on the cover of a Wheaties box. So, following their marketing mantra - Wheaties... the Breakfast of Champions - I ate it every morning, believing that if I did, I'd be ready when the "people who make people famous" would come knocking on my door.

"Hey, are you the girl who eats Wheaties for breakfast??" "Why YES... yes, I am." "GREAT! We need you for the next batch of Wheaties boxes! Can you come with us now?" "Why YES... yes, I can."

Little did I know then that breakfast really IS for champions! Or, at least for people who want to feel like champions throughout the day. You may have heard or read somewhere that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that is no myth. It's absolutely true... and here's why:

Breakfast is for champions! )

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Here is the latest newsletter from this fitness challenge we are doing at work. I am finding these really useful and helpful. This one is about sitting and the sedentary lifestyle. Personally, one way I hit on this one is I have a stretch break program installed on my computer and I do stretches every 45 mins at my desk and get up and walk around at that time. It is important to move a bit during the day. I also have my workout schedule and one goal of mine is to get back into yoga, which has slipped lately.

So this is just for those who are interested. Cheers to all!

Move More, Live Better!

If there was ever a reason to get up and walk, here it is: Sitting Will Kill You.

And if you're thinking, "Isn't that a bit dramatic?", consider this - sitting for long periods of time contributes to living an overall sedentary lifestyle, whether your're sitting at work or during your daily commute or at home while relaxing and watching TV. Even for those of you who are able to achieve the 60 to 90 minutes of exercise most days of the week, spending long stretches of time sitting is still harmful. (continued behind the cut)

More information this way... )

by wildrosedragon at faded_graphics
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I am doing this Active for Life thing at work where we log our activity minutes and keep track of things for a few weeks. They just sent this interesting info on drinking water so I thought I would share this with the flist. I never drink enough water each day but am going to try...on a personal note, when I stopped drinking Pepsi, I lost 20 pounds - no joke!

Begin paste info....

Awareness of what and how much you eat is important when managing your weight. However, when it comes to drinks and fluids, many people don't realize the number of calories they're drinking. If you're one of those people who drink their calories in the form of smoothies, juices, sodas (diet or not), coffee, tea, and their blended variations , you might want to re-think your drink and consider how liquid calories affect you.

More information this way...cut for cell phone users. )

by hisescape
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So I had myself convinced I was having a heart attack. I was having persistent chest pain on the left side with some radiating arm pain. So I think to myself..."that is where my heart is...I am middle aged..." Panic sets in. I do some internet researching which seems to confirm this self-diagnosis. All the sites, including Web MD, say go to the doctor and get checked out. So I do so yesterday.

Well, I am not having a heart attack, it turns out my killer tote bag done me in and I had bruising of the soft tissue on my chest bone from carrying too heavy a bag over my shoulder when I went to Seattle. I also strained my arm a bit from carrying the gihugic bag.

No heart attack but I am in a lot of pain. Prescribed ibuprophen, ice and variable heat.


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So I had the call and most of it was spent with filling the guy (Mark) in on what I was doing and how I had lost all the weight (60 plus pounds) and what I had done over the last five years to be healthier. It really was a sort of summary of my whole wellness plan that I have put in place already and I got some confirmation that yes, I am doing this right. I summarized as follows:

I gradually did the following over the last 5 years:
-cut sugar intake (specifically Pepsi) and other sugar things.
-adjusted cheese intake so that it is only an accent food. No longer a meal
-increased veggie intake
-less carbs (much less on the pasta, bread)
-more whole foods, whole grains

Stuff like that. So it was really about what I was already doing. Two things we isolated that I could work on were:

-cutting out the diet coke
-increasing my water consumption

I am to cut my soda intake to half of what I am drinking and increase the water. He said that people should drink in (oz) half of their body weight per day. That sounds wrong to me so here is what the Mayo Clinic says on water:

Anyways. That is what happened. It seems worthwhile to me so I will keep doing this. I get 12-15 of these sessions so let's see how many I do.


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Yes, yes we do and that is the name of my new site that I have found--WE LOVE GUYS. I just love this site. A score EVERY TIME. Today's bunday is from there and hoo de doo. He is HOT. Wet and hot all at the same time, if that is possible. You decide. I leave that up to the studio audience. He is our Valentine. He he he.

Matt Schirmeier... )


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