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I have finished my Slashy Valentine story! Hurrahs! It is done and posted! Woot. I am so happy. Yays! I will post the link to the archive when the reveal happens on Valentine's Day.

I don't think I am going to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow. I am not really into it. My parents are pulling for the Patriots but then again Atlanta has never won before so it would be great to see them win it. I don't really care who wins. I do like the ads but I can catch those online anytime.

I am heading into a really busy time at work and have to get it in gear. I will and it will be fun. I like being busy at work - the alternative is really boring so this is way better. We are going to have some changes so that will be good too. We need them.

Anyhoo. Just a quick post for the week. Hope all is well with you there.


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Morning post over morning coffee here. I have my cup here. I realized I had not posted in a while. I sit here each morning before work and drink coffee and watch the morning news. Such is my routine. That is after I groggily wandered to the shower. Teddy the wonder cat knows enough to stay out of my way until I have had a good amount of the java.

So the Bay Area has been taken over by the effen Super Bowl. Everything is geared towards that. They have this Super Bowl City in San Francisco and all these events. I am not even going over there. It has not really impacted my life at all but I am a little tired of hearing about it. I do hope that local businesses are making tons of money from all of this - that would be a good thing - that it would boost the local economy here. So if having the game here does that - I am all for it. I do plan on watching the game and having some good snacks etc. I am rooting for the Panthers. I think Cam Newton is gorgeous and I hope that he does well in the game. :P He also won the Heisman Trophy when he was in college so he definitely has the skills.

Work is going well - I am kind of having fun with it. I do have to work on Saturday and manage a training on campus so there is that but that is not too bad and it is only a few hours. I have a few events coming up and they are off to rocky starts but I think I will be able to pull them out. We are also getting our head shots done with a professional photographer so I am having my make up done by my neighbor who does it professionally. Hopefully I will get some good shots out of this deal. I never take good pictures so will see how it goes.

I am really looking forward to reading the Slashy Valentine stories when they come out mid-month. As always I am nervous that my story is not what my recipient wants so I hope that my person likes it. *bites nails* I always worry about that so don't mind me. I am just glad that I got my story done. It was a very interesting prompt and out of my comfort zone. Kind of a stretch.

I am saddened by two recent celebrity deaths - Alan Rickman and David Bowie. I enjoyed their work through their careers - I saw Bowie twice and he was phenomenal. And I have seen many Rickman films - my favorite being - Truly Madly Deeply. I will miss both of them and their talent that they shared with us.

So that is all I have. I hope all is well with you in your part of the world. Comments are great and I will reply back as soon as I can. :)

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So it is championship Sunday here in the USA. We already know that the Seattle Seahawks got into the Superbowl and now I am watching the Patriots game against the Colts to see who wins that one. I am going for the Pats as I am from New England and that is my home town team. Go Pats! They are up 14-7 right now but things can change. Don't mind me - I really don't know anything about football. I am not really a football fan at all - you might call me an anti-fan given that I don't like the head injuries that happen in the game and the way the NFL has handled that - see the Frontline piece on concussions in football and long term brain injuries.

Anyhoo. I think the game of football needs to radically change.

But Go PATS!

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Here I am. It is Super Bowl Sunday and I have a bucket of chicken wings that I got at Whole Foods. Hawaiian style. I am going to watch the game. I want Seattle to win since I am a West Coast loyalist. Yep. Go Seahawks!

My Slashy Valentine story is done and posted. It is a very AU story with a modern bent to it. This is a very different thing for me and not my usual style. I went through moments of fear, loathing and disgust with this one but am out the other side and I kind of like it. I want to thank [personal profile] keiliss for the outstanding beta work on this one. She is fabulous.

February is going to be a really busy month for me workwise. Augh. I have a major event, a web cast and a smaller dinner all around the same time. Good things come in three's, right?

Anyhoo. How goes it with you all? I hope you are doing well. Comments welcome. photo bbgs-rpp-lhg-trixieswing-phyncke_zps5a46146a.gif
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This ad is very powerful, simple and moving. I love this one. Skip the other ad at the beginning. I loved this and think it is beautifully made.

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Here, ladies and any gents on my list - is the Calvin Klein eye candy Super Bowl commercial. Oh yeah. Usually I find the ad spots to male oriented but this one - this is one for us!

Nice! NICE! Enjoy!

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What is happening to my Forty Niners? Did they even show up to this game? They are making a pathetic showing and now the power is out at the stadium there. I am underwhelmed by this year's SuperBowl. Where are the Niners? I don't think they will pull this one out unless something very dramaticus happens for them - unbelievable. There is still time but they really have to make it happen and NOW. I do have to say, the Ravens are playing really well and bringing the mojo. The way it stands now - the Ravens deserve to win this. Not to be disloyal but that is how it is.

Come on Niners, let's do something!

Cry Baby


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A half time show worth watching. Madonna oh yeah. Her show actually works for the stadium and TV at the same time. She really is worth watching. Music, costumes, choreagraphy and technology combine to make this excellent. I am not all that into her music but I am really enjoying this! She also looks amazing. I love the ending message on her presentation - World Peace. Go Madonna!**

Another commentary on the music - the national music at the beginning - I really loved Kelly Clarkson and the duet people that sang. I thought the tone was respectful and the music on our national songs was just lovely.

**I saw on the news today that one of the dancers flipped off the camera. Too bad but I missed that so it did not effect my viewing of the show.

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Well from the French Rugby Team anyhoo. Here are some retreads of the Dieux du Stade previously posted on Bunday. I thought these would be appropriate on Super Sunday! I never get tired of looking at these. Hummena.

*Not safe for work!*

Two for one special! )

So I am watching the game today. It airs at 3:30 pm PST. I have to go with my hometown team - well hometown from where I grew up in New England so GO PATS! I hope they take it. Honestly, I know nothing about football but really enjoy the Super Bowl adverts. Some really good spots there.

Hope you enjoy the game or whatever you are doing this Sunday! Cheers to you!

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While I found the Doritoes ads amusing. I thought the best ad was the Budweiser ad with the colt and the little cow through the fence. Then they grow up and the horse is on the team of horses and the little cow is now a big bull with horns. He sees his friend and then breaks through the fence to run alongside him. I just love that one!

What was your favorite ad during the Super Bowl? Post here or post on your own journal.

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So here we are watching the game...or rather I am. Alone, by myself. Opening bit. Well Carrie Underwood is an uninspired choice for the National Anthem. Queen Latifa, yeah, she is better. Why not have her do that? Carrie tends to over-sing and I am not a fan of country. The white suit was interesting and all that. The shoes were, well high and white. I am not a fan of the white outfit to be honest. As far as American Idol people go, I prefer Kelly Clarkson, myself. She is way better. Opinions on anything I post here are welcome. This is an open blog.

More later. :P You heard it here first...or maybe not. I have not checked the flist. Time for a snack. It is the American way.

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In honor of the Super Bowl today, I am posting one of the French football players from Dieux du Stade 2010 (Gods of the Stadium). I have these as file photos and just think it is fitting somehow. I would love to have some nekkid American football players. Heh. Somehow I don't think they are as uninhibited as their French counterparts on the rugby team over there. No sirree. These boys are so great. And they have a HUGE gay culture following. They are all over the gay blogs.

Anyhoo. Here is today's selection. Mr March. So beautiful. The buns are slightly obscured but we can fill in that blank. I just loved this pic.

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In other news...
Plans have officially been cancelled for my Super Bowl thing today. I was going to go to friends house to watch and enjoy the advertising bonanza today and I will just have to watch here and rest some more. I woke up sicker today. This just has to run its course. A cold, is a cold, is a cold. I got provisions, more echinacea tea and ibu and food to last me for a few days. Laundry will wait and I am skipping the farmer's market. I have enough produce to last me until the Berkeley Market on Tuesday. My bases are covered.

Thanks to my flist for all the great get well comments on my last post. I really appreciate all the love! You guys rock. *hugs all around*

My cat is happy that I am here. I think she likes it when I stay put.

Information for those not wanting to watch football today. Animal Planet is airing the Puppy Bowl. I think that is cute games with puppies or some such. So check that out if the big game is not your thing. :P I may have to click on that for a little cute nog action.

I am hoping I can go to work tomorrow. I think I will have to MAKE myself go. I have too much going on there to miss. Coverage is thin and my projects won't wait. Maybe a short day.

Cheers to all and happy Sunday!

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