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Hey all - a Happy 4th of July to you here in the US. I have ambivalent feelings about what is going on right now here in this country but am enjoying the holiday here. We are in a bleak time right now with this horrible President who is taking us back to the dark ages. But I am glad to be an American and thankful to live in the United States. I am hoping that we make it through this period in our history in tact. I am not totally sure we will but I am hoping that we do.

Anyways. Bombs bursting in air and all that. Have a good safe holiday and cheers to everyone.

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So had a nice holiday weekend. I had to work on Friday so I had the 4th of July off and then went into the office for a very quiet, easy day of work. It really was not so bad. I got my email totally under control and it was a good day to work. I did not want to use my vacation time for that day off so I worked and had a very nice time. Very few people there and got to do my own thing. I really had a great time. And on to movie reviews.

White House Down - Channing Tatum goodness yeah. I really love him. This was an action packed movie that was about 15 minutes too long. It really could have used some editing and needed to be tighter. I liked it but think that Olympus Has Fallen beat this movie to the punch on the White House invasion scenario plotted movies. Good film to watch at home. Jamie Fox as the President was an inspired choice and he rocked it. See it just for that.

The Lone Ranger - I made the mistake of looking at Rotten Tomatoes before seeing this and was not expecting much as it got critically panned. Well, total surprise of a movie for me. This was a really riveting film, fascinating performance by Johnny Depp and the action was well paced. The movie had a more real portrayal of Native Americans than old Lone Ranger stuff did and that makes for quite a bit of sadness as you view the film. Be prepared for that. This Lone Ranger comes into his heroism and I really enjoyed Armie Hammer in this role - he develops and grows. I disagree with the critics on this one and really enjoyed this film.

Anyways - back to work tomorrow. Next week is Pacific Rim. Very excited about that - a movie about giant robots and alien monsters. Cannot wait for that.

Hope your weekend was good - Happy 4th to US folks - and I am still researching my Sultry work here. Cheers!

by lanbelle
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Right out of the oven. I kid you not. I bought the pie right out of the oven. It smelled and looked so good. A mini pie and I am thinking I can mash it up and eat it that way. But pie is soft so I should be able to eat it in reasonable bites. I am sure going to enjoy that. I got quiche for dinner too. I am living.

The pain is a bit diminished today. Still there but handled easily by the ibu and half a vicodin and sometimes just the ibu. But I woke up feeling that it was less today so that is good. I had a low key day today, napped and watched Criminal Minds on the TV. All repeats but I love that show. My brother called from the East Coast and we are playing telephone tag but I hope to have a chat with him tonight.

All is well and I am thinking I might need tomorrow off. I am just too much of a wimp to work in pain tomorrow. I am not going to do that. So will see how I do. Anyhoo.

Happy 4th of July to all and cheers to all there.

by lanbelle
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Have a safe and happy holiday...

by laurahonest
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Have a safe and happy holiday...

by laurahonest
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Kicking it back here in Berkeley, CA USA. We have been having hot weather so I have been laying low and relaxing. I caught a matinee today of the latest Transformers movie and enjoyed it. Definitely a solid installment in that series. I find them entertaining and my guy Shia sure can scream. He has some good vocal opps in this film and let's it rip.

It has been quiet in my neighborhood for the holiday weekend and the city kind of empties out for three day weekends. Lots of parking spots, easier to get around, less people in the stores. Yahoo.

Tomorrow, I will spend the day at my friends' swim club and then we are taking a harbor cruise for the night. A five course meal with drinks and a really good vantage point for all the fire works on the Bay. We usually get 3 sets - SF, Oakland and Berkeley so I hope that we get to see them all. So I am looking forward to that. Nothing to clean up or prep for. I am looking forward to being waited on and kicking back.

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend (if it is a holiday where you are) and if it is not, just a good weekend. It is all good.

by r_sambora_luvr
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It was a really nice day. We took our little group to my friend J's work colleague's house in El Sobrante, CA. I wore my America T-shirt with stars. Really nice BBQ and just very nice hosts. They would not let us get anything for ourselves and really just nice. Snicky snacks to start, working into ribs, corn, salad and spaghetti (home-made and yummety sauce). Dessert was a chocolate pie and cheese cake. The food was so good and a nice group of people. Our teenager sulked the whole time and true surly teen fashion.

We sought our own vantage point for fireworks and went to the Berkeley Hills and the swim club that we always go to. Cold and fog made it a short viewing of those. Typical Bay Area summer night...really cold, very foggy and we were freezing. So home I am to...

Duh duh duh...a drunken message from my ex-boyfriend.

-married ex boyfriend who now has kid with wife

That one.

He was clever this time and hid his phone number on the caller ID. So glad I was not home and tempted to pick up that call. I have NO idea what he wants. I am not having it. His problems, are not my problems and I don't need that.

Anyways. I have tomorrow off. Yays! So much to do for my trip. O.o

by willowings at xpixie_palacex
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Here is a bit of a treat here for your holiday weekend and for those elsewhere and not celebrating the 4th, the usual Bunday pictorial. Never a problem posting up a man. :)

This is Joseph Sayers and more of this Rufskin photoshoot.

*Sort of ok for work but I still wouldn't*

He is this way... )

It has been a quiet weekend so far with some fun. I went to see the new Twilight movie yesterday and while many of you might not like this series, I really enjoyed the movie. No review of it here just to say that it was good. I did not agree on the ending point of the film, which was different than the book and represents a total shift for that. Huge departure there. Not sure what they are doing with that.

Today we are going to a BBQ and a bunch of people I don't know. My friend J arranged this. Keeping an open mind and all that and it is always nice to hang out with people. They said we don't have to bring stuff but I never feel right about that so I am picking up some things to walk in with. I really never feel right about not bringing something to someone's home. So I am getting a few things to carry in. Just seems right to do.

I am very excited about my vacation next week. I am heading home to New Hampshire and a family vacay. I will see my parents, my brother and his wife, my niece and my oldest friend in the whole world, Moey. Very happy. Yays! I told them my only requirement was that I have an order of fried clams and a lobster...not together, of course...but that is all I need really. :P Fried clams on the West Coast are just not the same (they serve the necks and not the belly...I never understood that). very excited!

So hope you all are having a great holiday weekend and elsewhere just a great weekend. Cheers!

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It is interesting to reflect on holidays like this as they are such a part of the American landscape..fireworks displays, barbecues and the like. Family times and times with friends long past.

The most vibrant memories I have of this holiday is from when I was young growing up, must have been around six to eight years old. My grandfather was alive back then and he had this great summer place at Cobot's Pond, New Hampshire. We would all pile into my parent's Vista Cruiser, wood paneled station wagon. You know the kind, with the seat that faced backwards in the way back and head up route 93 due North to my grandpa's place. The road would go by, then the turn off past the farms then the final turn off to the barely paved road down to the dirt packed road to his place. I did not know it then but he had what was coveted as a corner, lake front lot there. He was on a peninsula jutting out into the lake and had a fantastic view. All I really knew is that it was amazingly fun there. I could go swimming, water ski and watch the fireworks late at night as they were set off in the middle of the lake, from a barge by the pyrotechnic guy. My dad always explained the pyrotechnic thing to me, even before I was old enough to understand it.

My grandfather was an interesting man. He had a long career on the Boston and Maine Railroad. He was a conductor on the route that took him all the way up to Maine and back again. I remember he always had to get up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am to make his shift there and that amazed me. He ate saltine crackers soaked in milk for breakfast. I think that sufficed as "his version" of breakfast cereal. Later on in life, when I was old enough to understand, we figured out that he had a mistress and had been cheating on my grandmother for most of his career with the railroad. She was a nurse with the railroad and the real love of my grandfather's life. He waited until my grandmother died to marry this woman and became estranged from his first family, adopting her family as his own. This was when I was well into my college years and could grasp such strangeness. It was all very surreal to me. Now it has all faded into muted events that I now recall distantly and with some objectivity.

All of that aside, I have some very fond memories of the 4th of July. Times on the water, times in New Hampshire and times with my grandfather who I know genuinely loved me and may he rest in peace wherever he is now. He died years ago of age and complications due to emphyxema and a long smoking habit and love of Pall Mall cigarettes...

Yes, these are the wanderings of my mind on this 4th of July. The ambivalence of memories and the associations the mind may make. The people we love do things we don't expect but that does not mean we love them any less.

Thank you for reading my little ramble. May you create fond memories of your own.

by unique_thesame from an image by iddy pixels
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For those in the USA. I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

by autumn_mist


Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:09 pm
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I had a long update planned for tonight with all sorts of news but I am dog tired and turning in early. I am really glad for the long weekend though my plans are up in the air now. I will be hanging with friends and trying to catch some local fireworks.

In case I don't post tomorrow:


Even with all the mistakes our country has made, there is a lot to be said for the USA. I think our strength is in our people. I have not always been a fan of our government. *cough*

Have a great day tomorrow everyone. To those from other countries, peace.


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