Dec. 29th, 2016

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A friend just texted me and I just saw this tweet -

LJ's servers have been moved to Russia which leads me to have lots of security concerns about this platform. I am wondering if any of you feel the same way or have any ideas about what to do about this. I cross post most of my entries to LJ anyway but I still have to log in here to read the flist. I am worried about the security of this platform and LJ seems like a relic. My friend who is more up on these things - urged me to abandon the site because it is a security concern and there is a risk in using the site.

So I wonder if there is another site for fandom things or if people are interested in migrating to dreamwidth which is a similar platform. I already have an account over there.

Anyway. I wanted to see what the feeling is and if you even knew about this. Thoughts, feelings and concerns? I think this is a real issue and may effect my ongoing presence here.

I welcome comments on this topic and really want to know what you think.

Edit -
Here are some additional references and posts to read -


Dec. 29th, 2016 08:56 pm
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I lit the menorah twice tonight - once with my neighbor and once at home. So double whammy. Happy Hanukkah all. It is night 6 here. Two more to go!

 photo hanukkah 2016 night 6_zpsmmr6b0xd.jpg

nienna_weeper gift photo Jane-Menorah_nienna_weeper_zpsnozyv9lg.gif
by nienna_weeper on livejournal


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