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Birthdate:Oct 8
Location:United States of America
phyncke’s journal ~
Thank you for visiting my little slice of the internet!

I live in Berkeley, CA and love this part of the country. We have the perfect weather as it never gets really cold here. The coastline is beautiful and my favorite birds live by the sea...the pelicans. I work as an event planner at the local university but that does not define me. I love music and literature. I also enjoy movies, the great outdoors and the local cafe scene. I love going on hikes and looking at nature.

If I could I would be an elf....I am fascinated by all things Tolkien and adore the Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings and the companion works. I play in a few RPG's and have a lot of fun doing that in my spare time. I am fascinated by the first age elves in particular. I write fan fiction for my own amusement and creative outlet.

I also respect your right to disagree with the opinions posted on my journal and you will find that I do enjoy "spirited" debate. If that bothers you, I am sorry but that is how I am. The best ideas can be expressed through a process of open debate and disagreement so that is how I run this journal. I was brought up that way. I also think it is very boring if everyone pats each other on the back and agrees all the time. So, if you don't agree with me, feel free to comment in. I will comment back, you can be sure of that. I will also, always consider what you have said. I know that everyone does not run their journals this way.

Well enough about me. Enjoy my journal. I will try to keep it up faithfully. Please comment freely, I love to hear from people. I have an open friending policy though I do like to know when I have been added. Drop me a line.

Thanks for reading.

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