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Sep. 5th, 2015 08:31 am
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I am enjoying some free time this weekend. I took Friday off and extended my three day weekend to a four day weekend. Glee. Yesterday, I had to take my car into the shop to get the bumper fixed and that will cost some money but it was totally my faulty - I hit a pole in the parking garage. Oh well.

I am really enjoying reading the Ardor in August stories and there are some great ones in this bunch. If you have not checked out the archive for 2015 you should here -

Just look through those and have some fun. I am working my way through them.

It is going to be hot this weekend so I am going to try and beat the heat. Today I am going to get my car and do some sale shopping and go to the bookstore and maybe go to a movie.

So that is the plan. Hope you all have a great weekend and happy Labor Day to those in the US.

About to change my layout to fall one in a few moments. Getting with the program. :P


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That I feel compelled to watch a TV show but here I am tuning in to watch Once Upon a Time to see the very dramatic epi tonight. I really like this show. At first, I was not into this season and really preferred the first season but this one is growing on me. It has elements of the first season and is deepening the family relationships that they have. I am definitely following this one. I love the characters and how they weave the backstories into each episode. It is very good story telling.

Last night I saw Oz, the Great and Powerful and here is my comment on it from FB:

Saw Oz, Great and etc tonight. Aside from one questionable costume decision, I really enjoyed the movie and found it a gorgeous production. It was fun to play with the possibilities for the pre-Dorothy time there and fill in the blanks. One plausible Oz.

Anyways. That is all I have. Quiet weekend. Did some reading and lounged. Had some Mexican food last night. Hope you all had a really great weekend.


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Who knew bowling was where it is at. I tell you really. We went to the Albany Bowl with our Group On coupons. I was mainly going to hang out with my friends. My back is good and I did not want to wrench it again - so I did no bowl. But we had the two for one thing going on and had prepaid so it all felt free. Really good.

Well the place was jumping, all the lanes booked and there was a wait. They have arcade games there so there are things for kids to do - there is a bar there so I guess adults have something to do.

And yes, bowling is fun - if you rock it and are good, if you suck and are bad, bowling is fun. Even if you are just hanging out. I saw a bunch of people just hanging there and not bowling. The place was fun. I am kind of glad about it - bowling is a totally American kind of game that reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to have bowling birthday parties when I was young. We bowled candlepin - those are the little balls they have on the East Coast,not the big ten pin stuff. Candle pin is much harder than bowling big balls too.

Anyways, that is how I spent my Friday night. Bowling. Rock on.

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I am spending Sunday in my jammies, thinking about making heggs and toast - catching old movies on the DISH and getting creative in a graphical sense. Fun. I need some time to unwind and not have a schedule so this is what I choose to do. Yays! Free day. I love free time.

I did not order my pizza on Friday so I might do that tonight though I do have a frozen one in the fridge I can cook. Pizza is in my future in some manner. I am thinking.

Hope you are having a good Sunday and enjoying yourself. Cheers. :)

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Hey all ... here is a Sunday quick update. I watched the men's tennis match this morning and found it really heartwarming to see Murray take the gold. He played his guts out against Federer and the crowd was really with him. In general I am not really a fan of professional athletes in Olympic competition. I don't like the men's basketball and the tennis so much. I really think that amateur's should be competing in the Olympics. But this was a good moment. Really nice. I do feel that professional athletes have enough glory in general and I would rather give others a chance to compete for these medals.

In other news...
I am getting my hair done today and going to the salon. I am also going to get my nails done. Woot. Full on beauty treatment. I also bought a new handbag. I found a really nice one and am kind of tired of carrying a back back around. This one looks more professional. It was a little spendy but it is a really good handbag. It has a shoulder strap and all that. I like it a lot.

Work front - I have a program event this week, planning a staff morale party in September and just lots going on. Sending invites for a donor party in September. Things happening.

Cheers to you and hope you are having a good weekend.

by laurahonest
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I have transitioned to my Autumn layout which uses the art of Alexandre Dawe both for the banner header and the default icon. I reuse this layout every year because I really like it. Click in to my journal to see it.

Weekend plans will include some retail therapy and some down time. Glad that it is Friday and I am off for the weekend.

Hope you are well! Any plans for the weekend?

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I have transitioned to my Autumn layout which uses the art of Alexandre Dawe both for the banner header and the default icon. I reuse this layout every year because I really like it. Click in to my journal to see it.

Weekend plans will include some retail therapy and some down time. Glad that it is Friday and I am off for the weekend.

Hope you are well! Any plans for the weekend?

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A really interesting pose. I like this photo and I hope you will too.

*Not safe for work!*

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In other news...
This is the weekend we help my friend's teenager develop a sense of style. He wants to get some clothes and change his look. This is truly exhausting. We tried Macy's last night and today he wants to check a few stores (Kohl's and the army navy store). Augh. I have decided to be supportive of his choices and leave it at that. Yayus.

Yesterday I did some errands and today is laundry day. Yesterday we went out for happy hour appetizers at the Stanford in Walnut Creek. Food was good and dessert was so so.

I am boring, I know.

by cherany
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Here we are on Sunday, of the long day weekend. Here is a treat for the eyes, no doubt, pulled from my standby site, We Love Guys.

*Not safe for work*

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In other news...
I am having a good productive weekend thus far and got a lot done yesterday. I had a new DVR installed by the cable company so I will not longer be a slave of the Dish schedule here and I can record the daily showing of What Not to Wear. I miss that every day and want to record that. My net increase in cost is 3.00 so not so bad for the new thing.

I spent some time cleaning out my large size clothes to go to consignment. I have lost 6-8 sizes in my clothes so some of my skirts and jeans are way too big. I took them to two consignment stores which take plus size clothing and will see how I do with selling them there. I had a credit at one store and got some smaller size things. I am still a plus but a much smaller plus. Yays! I can fit into the XL size at most stores. So yays!

I also did some laundry (large load of sheets and towels) and went to visit a yoga studio down the street. I wanted to see how it was. My idea is to find a place I can walk to from my house and go once a week to a yoga class. I will see how that goes. :)

I am going to a movie with friends today - Step Up 3D (ya) with the gals from work.

Hope all is well with you and you are having a good weekend.

Cheers. --Me

by sardonyx_78
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For this picture again. It has a sensibility to it that I really like. I found I was uploading it again and thought, why not, I will repost it again. It is an amazing picture. This is from Dieux du Stade 2008 and just wow. I love this one. Anyhoo. Repete s'il vous plait. :P Some things bare repeating. This guy's name is Mirco.

Here he is...oh la... )

In other news...
I have had a busy weekend. On Friday night I went out to Cafe Poblana with an old friend who has looked me up. It was terrific and we talked and talked. Good times. Very good times. Then last night I went out to this new restaurant in Berkeley that I have been dying to go to: Revival. Really good place and the food was marketed as farm to table. We had a really good experience there. Then we went to Freight and Salvage (a Berkeley institution for the folk-country set) and saw a really good blue grass band called 49 Special. They really kicked it. I do love good blue grass music and had so much fun watching them play. The fiddler (Alisa Rose) was fantastic and their vocal harmonies were sweet and soulful.

Here is a video:

Very fun. Today is movie day and I am going to see SALT with friends from work. All in all a busy weekend which is unusual. All my graphics are delayed but that happens. Cheers to all and have a great Sunday!

by laurahonest
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I am so glad the weekend is here, even though I had a really great week at work. A terrific event which I think elevated the level of my career somewhat. My name was mentioned in the Chancellor's circle...just a great thing all around. The best thing about it was that the event I was planning and executing was a student centered event and I could tell that it worked from that standpoint. This was most important to me. They felt taken care of, had a good time and really enjoyed themselves. And THAT is what it was all about. I forgot to take pictures but I think someone got a few of the location before it was filled with students. We had an unprecendented turnout (about 120 more than we expected) but that was handled well by our caterer and location manager. Just great.

I also got approved to go to Los Angeles for our next alumni event and this will be the first time I will travel for work at the Uni. This also steps up my game. I think I am due my reclass now. Yays.

I found myself really exhausted after all this and am still a bit tired. But not too tired to go see Alice in Wonderland today. I got advance tickets on the web for me and my friend R*** and we are making a day of it at the B*** Street Mall in ****ville. Yays. I am all over it. I am really looking forward to this and this is my one entertainment thing this month so I really hope it lives up to the pre-release hype. I have my popcorn and snacks and am ready to go!

I have to learn not to watch Animal Planet. I lost it watching the Animal Cops thing and this story about this neglected horsy. It always turns out ok but it was just so sad. I tell you, sobbing here. Horses are such beautiful animals. Meep. I just don't get people abusing animals. I never will.

I hope you all are well and having a good weekend. Cheers!

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Of what is unfolding in Hawaii right now. My thoughts are for those in Chile and that devastation. It seems that the planet is trying to let us know something with all these disasters or I don't know. I was in the bank this morning and had one of those strange conversations with the teller. We noted that there have been so many natural disasters is almost biblical. Feels like portents of something. I don't know.

I find CNN annoying but this seems to be the only way to get the current news. They say the wave could range from 2-8 feet. They have moved people to high ground there so one can hope. They have had tsunami's in Hawaii before and I think they are well able to handle this kind of thing. They know the drill. High ground...I think when they come without warning, that is where the devastation comes in.

We have tsunami warnings up and down the Pacific Coast and people are warned to stay away from the coastal areas. Makes sense. Will see what happens with that. I am on the coast but not on the water. No evacuations here...last time we had a warning the waves had dissipated by the time they got here.

Other news...
So...did some Saturday things. Shopping, errands, pet store. Got my St. Patrick's Day cards. My pay check hit early and that was very nice. I saved about 45.00 by shopping sale items at the store. Score! That was great. Great deals on coffee this week. Yahoo. I bought scallops and will try my hand at cooking those. The seafood dude had some good tips on how to cook them up so I will try that. I love me some scallops. I also got salmon. Trying to vary my diet.

Cheers and happy weekend to all of you. This was an update, imagine that. :)

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So Happy Valentine's Day to all you people out there. This is a treat for us single girls (and anyone really, married folks can look too!). I thought I would post a few of my favorites from old posts. I have a huge file accumulated of some great pictures so these are worth a repost. I am posting three pictures previously posted for your enjoyment on this holiday. Cheers to you and I will return next week with a new one.

*Not safe for work! So don't click in if you are on company time*

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In other news...

I am on my second month of Shabbos observance and it has settled into a weekly routine. I can see how it gets to be a way to organize yourself. You get all your stuff done by Friday so that you have free, unencumbered time from Friday night to Sat. I have been lighting the candles and saying the prayers that I know. Really enjoy it and it is supposed to be a reflective time so that is cool.

Today I went to a birthday brunch at a colleagues house from work. KK and I are becoming good friends and she is also my yoga instructor on Wednesdays. There were a nice group of yogi types and a variety of backgrounds there. Really cool people. There was one guy there who was so stunningly gorgeous that I swear...he looked just like I imagine an elf would look --- long flowing dark hair and luminously beautiful blue grey eyes...pretty much a Noldorin type. Really beautiful. He was Israeli and very intense. Wootles. I have a mild crush on him of course. Heh. I hear tell he is single but will see what to do about that. We had a really nice long chat. That was fun. Nice to know I am not dead. :P

I did no laundry and no marketing this weekend. Hit the major sales at Macy's and Nordstrom and got a gorgeous set of sheets for 20.00 (full price on those was 100.00). Very good deals on other things too. I have gotten to the point where I don't even look at things if they are not on sale. I am just not going to buy anything I cannot get a deal on. Call me cheap or whatever. I won't waste money like that.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday today. Couples doing fun things and singles enjoying the singleton status. We rock!

Tonight's Olympics are the ice skating short program and the men's skiing freestyle (more moguls). Yayus.

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Women's Freestyle!
Go, girls go!

I grew up on the slopes of New Hampshire. These gals make it look so easy but man, those moguls are tough. They are awesome just awesome. I love the winter olympics.

Really sad about the bob sled accident that happened and that fatality. That is just terrible. I think they have reconfigured the courses.

Happy weekend and just had a great meal at Chevy's. Can you tell I had a margarita? :P

Update: The US skiers (women's freestyle) took the gold and bronze. Over all the US team has 4 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze).

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We love nudes, yes we do and I got my latest pic from a blog called "We Love Nudes". So appropriately named. I think this guy is a body builder and I love the pose and expression here. He is trying to look really mean. He he he. He so gorgeous though. He really is. Woo. Sizzle.

Alejandro de la Guerdia... )

All the news...
Low key weekend and I have a furlough day on Monday which I love and next week is Veteran's Day. I am all over that. So essentially I have a three day work week. I have Monday off and Wednesday off. Hoo dee doo da. I like working less. Just love it. Less is best. I always have plenty of things to do here. Yes indeed. I have a story I want to write and things to do.

Yesterday, I took my friend's kiddo to an Army Navy surplus store so he could get himself a camouflage jacket. What is it about boys and army gear? He thinks it is cool so that is what counts, I guess. Who am I to question cool. I draw the line at the machetes. :P *kidding* No, he did not get one of those. It was ironic that the army-navy store was run and owned by a Muslim-Arabic family. That was totally ironic to me. Not making any judgement on that, just stating what the case was there. It is a very popular establishment in A*** and no one cares who owns it really as they have the best gear in town. Just an interesting factoid about it.

So today, I do my foraging for food for the week. Farmer's market and other grocers. I did really well last week at not buying lunch or dinner out. I brought lunch each day and cooked in. I chock that up to adequate preparation and proper shopping. So I will attempt that again this week. I did not over spend either. So yays!

Hope everyone is well. I got a really cute Christmas ornament that looked JUST like my cat. It is her total image, a white cat. I just love it. It was expensive but I had to have it. It is gorgeous of those delicate ones. I really hope I don't break it or she does not break it. O.o I don't know about you, but I am totally ready to decorate for Crimmas. I want to put my tree up NOW! *stomp*

Anyhoo. Have a great day and beeee good.

by izabeth at absentines
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I am here with a Bunday Update for you here. It is my birthday week so I took extra care in finding this week's piccie. This one is from Dylan Rosser's Male stock and has a watermark on it but that cannot be helped. He is lovely. Enjoy!

Alex this way... )

Work update:
I had a donor event this week for my S*** Awards Program and it went swimmingly. It was a small intimate dinner at the B*** Hotel and as the planner, I did not attend but I did put together every little detail. The Dean who attended and other people said it went terrific though the donor is "strange". I think that rich people who are philanthropic have that tendency. So no surprise there.

Other things there--I had been covering for a co-worker who was on vacation. She is back so work is much more reasonable now. Busy but not that level of stress that I had. I feel like I can get things done. I am starting to work on our LA event for Spring and I have my monthly luncheon series to get off the ground. Things are moving.

Birthday update:
I had lunch with the gang at work at the Faculty Club which was really nice. We all headed over there and met up with two more people on the way and it was a very jolly time. Really nice. I had the scallops and pasta and no dessert as I was going out to dinner that night. Later that night, J*** and I went out to Black A*** for filet mignon with the works (salad, potato and mud pie for dessert). The kiddo came with us and it was a really fun time. I think on the birthday, the diet must go out the window. :P

Weekend update:
I got some cleaning done yesterday and figured I would do laundry Monday or Tuesday. I just was not up for that. On Sunday we are going to see an acrobatic juggler in Walnut Creek. My friend M has seen this before and says it is amazing. I will let you all know.

All in all a great week! Wootles.

by bubbly
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I got this photo from the Gods of the Stadium set for 2009. This will be my last one before vacation so I thought I should make it a good one. Enjoy!

*Not safe for work!*

Dieux du stade... )

Yesterday was fun as I found some things on sale that I needed. I got some sandals on sale and they were less than half price. A nice pair of Merrill's that were marked down from 89.00 to 29.00 and they are really great. They are to replace a pair of Birkenstocks that I have that are totally worn out. I also found some great deals on shorts at Kohl's. I got two pairs for 7.00 each. Both marked down from 40.00. Yay. I don't know about you but I cannot afford to pay full price for anything these days so I was so happy to get these things. I needed the shorts for my vacation so woopety.

We are heading into a heat wave and it is going to be very hot here in the Bay Area. IN the immediate vicinity it will be in the 80's but in the greater Bay Area they expect it to hit the 90-100's. I am so glad I live here were we get the bay effect and the cooling effect of the water. It does keep the tempature down. Thank goodness.

Cheers to all! And hope you are enjoying the weekend.
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I have been out running errands and am here for a few moments. I thought I would do a short update here on the blog. I am doing preparations for my vacation next week. [ profile] khylea is coming here next Friday and we have a California vacation planned. I have also decided to use that as a break from computer activities. I will be offline from Sept 25th - Oct 4th. Breaks are good and I really need it. I will post a banner on here alluding to that etc and I think even Bunday will be canceled for that time.

I ran some errands today and I am picking up provisions on sale today at the store. We have two road trips planned, one to Mendocino and one down to Pescadero to Pigeon Point Light House. Then we are here doing museums, the King Tut exhibit and having foodie adventures in the Bay Area. One thing the Bay Area has is food. I am looking forward to time off and fun things to do. Yay.

So I am off to run more errands.

As for work, it is confirmed, the strike is Thursday so that will go through. I notified my supervisor about my plan for that and we made a work contingency plan for coverage on that day. So that is all set.

Cheers and hope you all are having a great weekend.

by bubbly
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So, in a strange turn of events, I decide to do a Saturday post. Buns will be posted tomorrow but I am in the mood for a little update.

Yesterday, at work, we had our Summer Pool Party and BBQ at *** Canyon and Rec Center, a Uni facility. It was all sorts of awesome. It was part potluck and part subsidized by our department. Our biz ofc person made the very helpful suggestion of having the food delivered by Safeway and that was a total bonus. The delivery truck brought it right up to the site and we did not have to schlepp the food all over town and worry about refrigerators and what not. It was GREAT. I was jumping for joy when the truck got there and the delivery dude thought I was a bit goofy. I was very happy. :P The party was very good. We borrowed this ginormous grill from the RSF and a few tables and that was all she wrote. Everything was set up and the staff arrived. I had some dicey moments when I thought the burgers were going to run out but it turned out I had 2 extra packages of those (8 extras) and the hot dogs all got eaten. I had extra veggie burgers too. It all worked out and I managed to give away all the extras and send the desserts and chips back to the staff who had to work. Yays!

We have big news brewing on the home front here. It looks like our landlord is selling our house. My neighbor B*** and I are trying to rally the other tenants and see if we can put together a tenants in common purchase of the property. If we all work this out together it is a very affordable way for us to get a prime piece of Berkeley real estate. I contacted the landlord and he is amenable. Just have to see if the others who live here would go for it. Then all the complications of making that deal begin. I am tired of all the insecurities of new landlords and the threat of losing my housing sooo...will see if this works. My piece of the pie is very affordable and my mortgage payments would be less than my current rent. bonus.

So that is all I have. I am off on Monday..START day and thinking of going into North Beach, SF. Tonight we might go see the Adam Sandler flick Funny People.

I am good and just thinking about all the possibilities of condo ownership. Would be great!

Cheers all and have a great weekend.

by izabeth
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Here is our Monday post for all to see. This pic is provided by [ profile] khylea from a recent swimming incident with the US Swim team. I think his bathing suit was a little tight. Woo.

Riiiiip... )

In other news...
I had a really great time with my family in Los Angeles. I arrived early Saturday morning and we did a hang out day that day. Sitting around, chit chatting, lounging and all that. My brother and his wife have a totally renovated house in the Westchester part of Los Angeles and it is very nice. Pretty mod and happening. We cooked a great shrimp dinner and played Mah Jong (Mom loves that).

Sunday we went out to Junior's, a really authentic Jewish deli and then went tramping around Venice Beach, CA. I got some things there--an Obama t-shirt, a mexican skull box and some things for my niece etc. We had a great time. Then I had to run off to the airport to head back.

It was a quick trip but I was glad to spend time with my family and see them. Quick but no less meaningful.

My shoulder is doing a little better. I think time off the computer is good. I picked up Twilight at the airport and I am totally into this! Scary. I am reading that and the last Harry Potter too.

by darklingfae


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