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I have been meaning to do a post about last weekend's trip to Los Angeles. I went from last Friday to Sunday to visit my brother and his wife and I got to see [profile] aglarien1! It was a total blast and whirwind theatre happening. I saw lots of shows there. Lots - like 4 shows in 24 hours. That is an all time record for me. We had a great time and I feel all cultured up. It was great.

I got in on Friday night and my SIL and I went right from the airport to In and Out Burgers - kind of a family tradition. We like the burgers there and we got milkshakes too. Delish. We just hung out that night and watched some TV about tiny houses. That was pretty cool.

Saturday - my SIL and I went out and got manicures and pedicures after having a nice brunch at Pann's in LA. It was nice and relaxing and I pretty much took a nap in the pedicure chair. Total fun. I got a French gel manicure and got purple on my toes. Then we met up with my brother and the theatre extravaganza began.

We saw the following shows - at the Fringe - in this order.

The Toxic Avenger Musical
Uterine Affairs or Inconceivable Conception
Amy Snowden - Casting Confessions from La to LA

all were humorous and really good. It was a very good line up. In between the first and second one we had a break and went to a really good mexican restaurant. We got done at about 12:30 am and then went right to bed. All those shows are a little exhausting.

I saw [profile] aglarien1 for breakfast on Sunday and we went to our favorite place, Dinah's, in Los Angeles. They serve a great breakfast and we had a great time talking and laughing and eating really good food. It was great to see her and the time flew by too fast, of course.

Then we had our last show which was the opera. It was a multi-media thing called The News - JacobTV. They had a large screen with snippets of media and news reports playing interspersed with operatic commentary. It was really cool and really interesting. Kind of a commentary on the media and how ridiculous it all is. That was at the Long Beach Opera.

So that was my whirlwind cultural weekend. Really good time! Tada! photo k4u-fcp-bbgs-rpp-lhg-dandeliongirl-phyncke_zpsfzvaphty.gif
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Summer is here - we have made it past Memorial Day and it is on. I guess I have not updated since then so here is what I did for that weekend. We (J*** and I) - went down to Santa Cruz for that weekend, well the Sunday and Monday part of it and hung around. It was totally crowded as that is a big weekend for a beach town and there was traffic everywhere. We stayed at one of the hotels just off the beach and hung out with N*** and D***. Had good food and enjoyed the ambiance of the vacation town. It took a while to get everywhere but that was not too bad.

Work is coming along. My projects are coming together so that is good. I am getting everything scheduled with some vendors and so that works out. People were unresponsive for a while but now I have heard from everyone and able to put together the timeline. All good.

I have some trips coming up this summer - so that is exciting - I am doing the following -

June - Los Angeles - To visit my brother and his wife
July - Las Vegas - vacation with the girls
August - Manchester, NH - family visit and visit with childhood friend

So that will be eventful. Other things I want to do - I would like to start a regular exercise program and control my sugar intake a little better. I have a bit of a habit. So I would like to get better on those two things. Small changes would be good.

I went to the produce mart today and they had Rainier cherries. I was so excited about that - those are my favorite. Good price too. I carefully chose the ones I wanted. :P Got some asparagus and tomorrow I will have a nice dinner - got a good steak at the butcher .

I want to go through my clothes today and weed out some things to put on consignment. I have lots of things I don't wear. So that will be good. I went to the consignment store yesterday and they said they could use some plus sized things so I thought my clothes would work there.

So this is a bit of a ramble. That is about all I have. I will sign off for now. Hope all is well with you in your part of the world.


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Hello. Very busy time in the work life lately. Lots of things happening there - events and projects culminating to a mid-April crescendo. I just want to make it through til then. Then I will be able to breathe. I can do it. I think I can. I think I can. It will all work out. I have an event next week and the week after. I will have projects to do but those seem manageable.

Anyway - I am going to Santa Cruz tomorrow for a day trip. Leaving early in the morning to catch brunch at this place Zachary's. Yum-delicious. My favorite thing is the sour dough pancakes. Oh la la. So good. Then we will go to the beach and look at the water and hang out.

I am deep into this series of books by Heather Graham on audible - this paranormal mystery series - Krewe of Hunters - all the FBI agents can sense ghosts - kind of cool. There are many of these books in the series so it is very fun working through them. I love audibles too - especially when there is a good narrator who does character voices. Very fun.

I have been learning new recipes and cooking soups lately. That is the latest thing I have added to my repertoire. The first soup I tried was chicken noodle soup and that worked well - and then [profile] aglarien1 gave me her super recipe for a cabbage beef soup that is super delicious too. I really like having servings of soup in the freezer and fridge. It is a nice ready made meal and home made soup tastes way better than canned. I want to try and make meatball soup and soup with sausage and pasta. So that will be fun. Lots of soups to try. And here soup is good year round as we have cold nights all year. So boom!

So there - that is an update of sorts. Hope all is well with you in your part of the world. Take care of you and be well!

PS - I saw a really good movie last night - Eye in the Sky about decision making and drone warfare in the fight against terrorists. It was very tense and interesting and relevant to today's political, military situation. Really good movie. Highly recommend. Good performances all around and it was Alan Rickman's last film. Helen Mirren was riveting.

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Here I am. I have worked myself into exhaustion and sickness. I am resting this weekend to try and get ready for next week which is going to be a bear of a week with trainings and events prep. It is craziness. That is what they pay me for. We are getting a 3 percent raise - oh boy - this month and it is retro to July so that is a little something. I don't think that even covers the cost of living.

Next month I am going to Seattle to visit [profile] khylea. We will do fun activities like go to a hockey game - go to the beach and use the group ons that we have purchased at bargain prices. I am really looking forward to it and will need the time off.

Thanksgiving is coming right around the whatever there too. I will be here in town and celebrating with friends here. My friend R*** is coming in from Vegas and then J*** will be here. We will watch movies and have a good time. The kid will be home from UCSC. So that will be all fun.

I am just posting in to say hello to everyone and let you know I have been reading along in the blog-o-sphere. Hope everyone is well there in your part of the world.

Cheers to you.

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So I went to Los Angeles for last weekend - it was a two-fer. My brother had gotten a teaching award at UCLA and I wanted to go to the awards ceremony - and we got to celebrate my birthday. So that is the two for one special - actually three in one as my parents came in and I got to visit with them too. We did lots of fun things and had a grand time. Here is the run down -

-awards ceremony at UCLA Chancellor's House - Friday
-mani-pedi's for the three girls - Saturday
-dinner at The Strand House, Manhattan Beach - Saturday
-visit the science museum, Imax of Hubble Telescope and visit the space shuttle Endeavor - Sunday
-concert by Bruce Brubaker, pianist at the LA County Museum - playing Phillip Glass selections - Sunday

It also was important to touch base with my parents. My mom is 77 and my dad is 84. They are getting up there and doing well but seems like age is settling in. My dad went to see a great audiologist in LA and got new hearing aids. This is a huge thing as his old hearing aids were not working very well at all and were pretty run down. I notice my mom is stumbling around a lot and she wears these platform shoes 2-3 inches there. I have to figure out how to tell her and get her to wear flats. She is really unsteady on her feet and she took a fall in her house earlier in the year. I am worried about her falling again. So what do I do? I am trying to figure out how to broach the subject and handle this without hurting her feelings. If anyone has any ideas - feel free to comment.

Anyhoo. This is the stuff I am dealing with. Work is very very busy. I don't hardly get to breathe when I am there. Just too busy and getting busier.

So that is all I have. Thanks to everyone who left me birthday messages. It was amazing! *hugs to all* photo vp-lhg-foxyfall-phyncke_zpshticjnxe.gif
by laurahonest

Hope all is well with you and yours there.
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Oy vey. I am turning 50 this week and I don't feel old but forces conspire to make me feel old. The AARP is sending me membership letters and such. I am feeling great but if I keep getting these mailings - I will be old before my time. It is ridiculous. Offers for term life insurance and other ridiculousness. How do I get off these mailing lists?!

I am doing well. I am going to Los Angeles this week to see my family. My parents will be in town and I will get my annual visit with them done so that I don't have to travel during the holidays and my brother has won and award at UCLA so we are celebrating that. Along with my 50th birthday. Wootles. It is such a milestone. I am doing fine with it really. Half a century. Wowie Maui.

Happy birthday to me!

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I am on vacation! Woot! I finished up work yesterday and I am off to Las Vegas today - flight leaves at noon! So exciting. Heading to the heat to stay at a glam hotel and kick it by the pool. Very exciting. I am going with my friend J*** and to see my friend R***. Yays!

I have made some headway with my AiA story. Here is the meter.

2828 / 5000 words. 57% done!

I have no idea how long the story is going to be but it is going well. I put it on my kindle so I could ruminate on it while I am away.


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Off to NH!

Aug. 17th, 2014 09:01 am
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I am off to NH tomorrow. I took vacation to go help my parents move from their apartment to a much better house. This is a house that will be better suited to their elder years and afford them safety. I am really happy that they are moving and the point of my going is to help them go through their stuff before they pack etc. Fun fun fun. I told my mom that my only recompense is that I want a lobster dinner, lol. That will suit me just fine. Heh.

I have just caught up on LJ and read back. My thoughts on Robin Williams death are complex. I have followed him since his early stand up days - before Mork and Mindy - I had his comedy vinyl and had it totally memorized. - Reality, what a concept. He was a brilliant man and the details of his death are very sad. I prefer to remember him for the joy and talent that he brought to all of us.

Work is going well. I have a new boss - the verdict is out on her but I am helping her get acclimated. My co-workers are not very happy about her but I am being open minded and giving her the info she needs to get up to speed. I would want people to help me if I was in a new position.

Anyhoo. I am flying into Boston tomorrow and then driving up to NH with my sister in law. I will be scarce for a while.

Be well.

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This week I am off to Vegas. Crazy heat happening there but the prices are good. We are staying at the MGM Grand and plan on staying by the pool and doing the buffets and making good use of the AC. Yeppers. Should be fun. Then I have a staycation here at home for the rest of my week off and am looking forward to it. Sleep and projects here at home. I am going to clean some things out and go walking. That is it for me really. Vacation.

My parents bought a house in NH and I may go to Manchester to help them go through their stuff in mid August if I can get the time off and afford the airfare. I may or may not go. I am undecided. I have to see. It would be good to go and help but would be bad for my credit picture. So I have to see. Not sure on this yet.

It has been a cold and foggy summer here in the Bay Area. Not very good swimming weather but I don't mind that. I kind of like it really.

Hope your summer (or winter) is going well. Cheers to you! photo vp-bbgs-k4u-lhg-beachedmermaid-phyncke_zps1e92ad4a.gif
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Hey hey there - I have not posted in a while. Not much going on with me really - work is happening and kind of boring. I am looking at another job that is more in line with my training. I am going to apply for that next week. Make no mention of that on FB, please. Keep it secret and for LJ/DW only. They have me doing a whole bunch of crap at my current job - kind of a kitchen sink thing - so I would like more of a focused event planner thing really. I think I can get it. This whole transition shift is not making me happy.

I am going to Los Angeles tomorrow - I fly in the morning. Tomorrow night we are going to the Hollywood Bowl and seeing something and the fireworks. I have never been to that before so that should be fun. My brothers will be there, their wives and my niece. So all sorts of fun. Saturday afternoon we are doing a paintball war. This has me both excited and worried. I have definitely never done this before and it is long - goes on for 5 hours. I am a little worried because one of my brothers has some hard core military experience so he will be really good at this. He will likely pick us all off and win the game. Anyway. Could be fun or could be a disaster. I am getting all this gear. I just hope the place is air conditioned. LA is way hotter than the Bay Area.

Saturday morning I am seeing <lj user=aglarien1> for brunch. We are going to our usual place near my hotel. Fun will be had. Yays!

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I am posting in. I have started watching a new show - well it is not a new show but it is new to me - Orphan Black - on BBC America - about a young woman who discovers she is part of an illegal cloning experiment. It is quite compelling television and the actress who plays the girl who is the clone - Tatiana Maslachy is amazing. She plays each clone with nuances and differences and it is amazing acting. I binge watched this show last weekend and caught up on it. It is now in the middle of season 2 so I highly recommend this one. Great television.

Work is heading into summer and somewhat dullsville. I do have lots to do with background and organizational work to do. So there is that. Lots of things to keep me busy. I took today off for a mental health-sick day. Just felt like that was a good idea. I needed a break.

I have gotten into comic books lately. A friend of mine took me to a good store - The Escapist - in Berkeley and I got some freebies and I have started some series. I am reading Black Widow - Natasha Romanov - Captain America, The Winter Soldier and some other - Gambit from the X-Men and a few others. There is a pretty limitless amount of comics to look at and they are cool. I never really got into comics as a kid but they are pretty cool. I love the art work and the story lines. I also love getting freebies so that is all good.

I have some trips planned this summer - I am going to Los Angeles for July 4th weekend and then to Manchester in late July, early August. All family trips. My parents are moving house so I am going to help them with their unpacking etc.

Anyhoo. Thought I would post in and see what is up here. Hope all is well with you. Keeping on here.

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by kibinki
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 photo c4cf0cdb-6899-49cb-bde9-7a1aa5a10911_zps3ebbfc86.jpg

Off to NH tomorrow. I don't think I will be on the computer much. Trying to rest my shoulder from an injury. Be goooood!

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I think I am due a post to the journals so here I am. Right now I am watching True Blood on HBO. I am still following this show and not sure why. I guess I want to see what happens with it so it does succeed on that very basic level. It piques my plot-based curiosity. I do think they are a bit killing happy for the sake of killing and could draw some of the plots out more. Lost opportunities there.

I am heading off on vacation on Thursday to New Hampshire to see my mom and dad, my brother, niece and sister in law. I will also see my oldest friend from childhood for a few days too. I am looking forward to it. I don't know if any of you have elderly parents (I am sure some of you do) but I will be dealing with some of the issues inherent in that. My mom's driving skills are not what they should be. She has had 5 accidents in the last year or so. I am concerned about that. Me and my brother are going to have "a talk" with her about that. I anticipate that not going too well as it represents some loss of independence. Have to see how this all goes down. I don't think my brother should have to deal with this on his own so we will approach this together. That way it is fair. He deals with a lot of things with my parents as the sibling who lives close to them so I think I can help out with this. My dad is seven years older than my mom and has had zero accidents. Doing much better on that. He is steady eddy. Mom admits to the distracted driver thing and feeling rushed so wondering if adjusting timing on things might help. She has mainly fender benders but I worry still. Anyhoo. I will get some home cooking, have some good seafood and lobster and fried clams. Looking forward to all the East Coast goodness. Yessiree.

I saw a great movie this weekend. "The Way Way Back". Loved this movie. Kind of a departure for me in as it was not an action, sci fi epic or anything like that. Here is my FB posting on this one - a touching coming of age movie set in a Massachusetts vacation town. Water park, partying and a wonderfully humorous performance by Sam Rockwell. Lots of laughs and joy in the awkwardness of life. So much to love about this film. Highly recommend.

Work is chugging along. It will be gearing up for Fall pretty soon there. I did not get the job I interviewed for. I am pretty sure I was low balled on the salary as I wanted the top of their range there. Someone probably snaked in at the middle of the range and they went for that. Oh well. Would have been nice to move for that but I will keep looking. I was strongly in contention for the position so I know I have the skill set for that. I will keep plugging around and apply etc. Don't mention this paragraph on FB at all. This is journal only, please.

I am sure there is more but I cannot think of it. I am glad I have a short week this week. I fly out on an early flight on Thurs morning. I have to wake up for a 5:00 am shuttle. Egads. Killer.

I hope all is well with you where you are and that your summer is going well. Cheers!

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by laurahonest on
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I am off to Los Angeles to visit with my brothers (2), their wives, my niece and her friend. I leave tomorrow night. I will be seeing [ profile] aglarien1 on Saturday - woot. Fun will be had.

LA Skyline
LA Skyline

by lotrangel17>

Am back!

Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:40 pm
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And I have skimmed the flist. Tada! I have pics but they are not that great so I am not sure I will post them. I was not that good a photographer in Vegas. So I don't know. Anyhoo. Here is the recap:

Friday - Arrival
Saturday - went to the Vegas sign, Bellagio, and the Venetian (for a gondola ride, recommend the outdoor one)
Sunday - went to Easter Brunch at the Springs Preserve, to the Hoover Dam and Boulder City, train ride around Boulder City
Monday - went back to the Vegas Strip and hit - New York, New York, Paris, Bellagio and Caesar's Palace

Very fun trip. I went with my friend J**** and stayed with my other friend R*** in Henderson which was the perfect distance from everything. I really enjoyed the desert climate this time of year. It was low 80's or high 70's most of the time and sunny with some cloud cover at times. It did not feel that hot but it was warm enough to hang out by the pool and chill. Vegas is a totally decadent town and I get the hedonism. I see how it has its limits. I cannot take the noise and multimedia beat for too long before I feel overwhelmed. What we did was perfect as we spent time on the strip and then time outside. I think there is such thing as going to Vegas for too long and I liked how long I was there. Got the flavor and did not stay too long. Money goes fast there but I did not overspend. We did lots of cheap and free things. I gambled a little - played two hands of black jack and one slot game at Caesar's. Really, that is about all for me. I consider gambling a total waste of money and have seen people get in trouble with it so I don't really do that. I had a fun dealer and would have played more had I won my hands but I lost and that was it - my 20.00 contribution to the sin fund. LOL.

Anyways, that is about all I have on the trip. It was great to spend time with the gal pals. We all got along great and wanted to do the same things.

Cheers to you all and Happy Belated Easter.

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by aglarien at juicy_grapes


Dec. 27th, 2012 09:03 pm
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6781 travel girl
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Well I am sick. Sore throat, achey yech. I was hoping it would miraculously go away by today and I have been sick since Friday night, Saturday morning but no dice. I stayed home today. I don't believe in infecting co-workers and really hate when people come in when sick. I am handling essentials here and resting. I don't feel well and why spread my germs all over there? All the flu posters say stay home when you are sick.

I slept some and watched the special features on my Casino Royale dvd. I am loving Daniel Craig as James Bond. We caught up on Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale this weekend and just loved them. I heart me Daniel Craig as 007. I know people disagree but for me, he is my favorite Bond so far. I grew up with Roger Moore and Sean Connery, I know, I know but I like this interpretation. Everyone has an opinion on that, legitimately but I like this one.

My friend is still here and is leaving tomorrow. We have had a fun time chilling and relaxing this week. She took off and went on a tour of Alcatraz today and is doing some things in SF. Sight seeing. Always good to do here. I am planning to go visit here in Vegas in January or February. Tres excited about that! Woot.

So hope all is well with you there and that you had a fun Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. I should put up my tree but don't feel well enough to wrestle it out of the closet. I will get to that this week.

Anyhoo. Post holiday post on in. Cheers to you all!

by yueshi at monlichtung on livejournal
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Here is the update in blurb fashion.

-Had a really good time in Los Angeles. My brother and his wife had a 50-50-20 Party in Santa Monica. They both turned 50 this year and celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Totally fun party with really good food and dancing at Shutters By the Bay. Bayside views and food which was so much better than any hotel food I have had. Yum.

-It was a long drive there and back. We road tripped it - me and my SILs brother - and lord, that is a long a** drive through some hot country. I am still tired and he did all the driving. Central Valley is HOT as Hades.

-I had a really nice dinner with [ profile] aglarien1 at Dinah's Diner near my hotel. We gabbed and ate good food and gabbed some more. Loads of fun. She is made of awesome.

-Work, people are ticking me off. Event next week and I am working with these two people that send emails for every little thought in their head and they are just - well no boundaries people. I ask for something one way and get it well, not how I needed it. I asked for it this way no less than three times. Anyway - life is a project and I cannot wait until this program is over. It is really hard to work when active dislike is engaged. I have to rise above and be professional. I will.

-I am thinking about a vacation in September. Can I afford this? [ profile] khylea might come here to do some local sites and fun things. I think we can make it affordable and I have not had any time off really so I could use a vacation. In the works.

Long blurbs and that is all for now. I don't have any pictures because I did not take any. No digital sharing on this post.

Cheers to you and hope you are having a good week.

by tsukisagi
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In blurb fashion...

Friday -
Travel via SW Airlines, flight on time. I was in the B group.
Family reunion with brothers, SILs and niece
Go to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and shopping at really toney shops
Sprinkles* Cupcake shop for the awesome cupcakes
Cooked a very nice dinner

Saturday -
Saw Green Day's American Idiot - really good and grunge fest show.
Walked downtown LA and ran into movie shoot of next Star Trek movie! Woo!
We had to walk around the movie shoot to the Bottega Louie Bakery for the yummy goodness
Dinner in Japan Town restaurant - I had teriyaki chicken

Sunday -
Chilling at my brother's house
Lunch of leftovers
Taste comparison and sampling of Hotcakes Cupcakes (not as good as Sprinkles, in our opin)
Mall in West LA - hit the Nordstrom Rack and got two shirts for less than 20.00 each
Went to see Hunger Games which was still really good the second time around.
Back to LAX Airport, all flights on time (A group). Cab home and trip concludes.

I could post pictures but I don't have that many. So not sure on that. This is the flash report of what I did. I will check my phone for what I have on this trip as far as a pictorial essay.

Cheers to you and I have caught up on LJ. I stayed home today because I got in late last night and was wrecked this morning. Travel is tiring.


*Sprinkles is considered the first cupcake only, gourmet cupcake bakery in the United States. The owner is one of the judges on Cupcake Wars. We were doing a cupcake comparison and so far, we found that Sprinkles cupcakes were the best. The frosting is amazing, they look hand frosted and the cake, moist and delicious. Oh nom nom nom. So very good.

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