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Time for a ramble. It has been a while since I posted and I apologize for that. I cannot say that I have been that busy - work has calmed down and I have been around here just - well being here. I opened this one time and did not know what to write so I am trying this kind of rambling thing and will see what I end up posting.

So what is going on. Work is manageable. All my events are done for the year. I have projects to manage this summer but that is not too bad. I have a couple of trips this summer. I am going to Vegas in July and then I am going to Manchester, NH in August. Vegas is a girls trip and fun in the sun and sitting by the pool. I don't really gamble so I won't lose any money. Manchester will be a visit with family and that is long overdue. So that is good. I want to have a lobster when I go there so I am excited about that. It will be good to see my mom and dad and my brother, niece and sister-in-law. I will also see some childhood friends and hang out. Yay!

I saw The Jungle Book this week and it was totally amazing. I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of the Disney animated thing but I love this movie version. The voice work was phenomenal and the CGI seamless. The child who played Mowgli was really perfect as the boy. This film made me want to go back to the source material - the original Kipling stories that it was based on. I never really felt that way about the animated version.

I am going to see Captain America - Civil War this weekend and I am Team Cap all the way! I am super excited about this movie. I don't really care about reviews for the film. I will see it no matter what and I love Marvel movies. So that is my plan for this weekend.

I got my mom some flowers for Mother's Day - had them sent to her in NH. I am glad I remembered to do something. I usually don't have it together. So I am glad about that. I hope she likes them. My niece is starting to think about college - COLLEGE. I can't believe that. It seems like she went from 3 years old to 16 in like 2 seconds. Seriously.

So that is all I have. This was a pretty good ramble. Thanks for reading along!

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I think it is time I wrote an entry. I have been here and there, hither and yon. Well not really - I have just been here and working. Always working. I have a busy March and April coming up with work so that is good. I like to be busy at work rather than sitting there with nothing to do. So that is better. I have a bunch of events and an awards program to run. Great.

Speaking of work - we had a security breach at the University and the information they got was my bank account and name. So that was alarming. I guess there was a hack into the financial system. I remember something being wrong as they had to close down the system for 5-7 days in December. So I was advised by a few people to change my bank account around so that the hackers don't have access to that - my bank said that and people who work in banking. So that is what I did. Now this effected 1000's of people at work and when I went into work, I noticed that no one was doing anything to protect their banking info. It felt really strange to be the only person that was worrying about. Literally - no one was concerned or they said their bank account was tied into to many things and so they did not feel like changing it - which was exactly why I was changing it. For that very reason. Anyhoo. It was relatively easy to do. I got helped by this really great Slavic banker dude and it took very little time to make sure my money was safe and sound. I already have credit monitoring with my legal plan so I am covered there.

So I saw Deadpool and really enjoyed it with the caveat that I have not read any of the Deadpool comics. So as a movie - it totally worked for me but I don't know anything about the Deadpool character. I just enjoyed the film. My friend who had read the Deadpool comics did not like the film that much and was much more critical of it. So that was a thing. I thought it was excellent and I would see more films with the character. I really thought Ryan Reynolds fit this character. He was funny and talkative and really inhabited the role.

What else. I have been posting some graphics offers. So that is fun. Making little things here and there. It is a fun hobby for me. I am getting some requests so LJ is still slightly active that way.

So that is what's going on. I am still making my way through the 2016 Slashy Valentine stories. Slowly but surely. Really enjoying those. I just read this one - Breathless by elfscribe and found it to be really good - an interesting tale of Gondolin. So give that a read if you have time. I also started reading Keiliss' story - The Pink Flamingo which is being posted in chapters and it is an amusing tale about Glorfindel and Erestor.

Anyways....that is all I have. Today I am going to see the movie - Eddie the Eagle which seems inspiring and I have watched 8 episodes of the new season of House of Cards - binge watching that.

Take care and hope all is well with you!

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Hey hey hey - I have not posted in a while but i have super exciting news from the world of work - yesterday my boss called me into his office and I thought - oops - I had done something wrong. But no- he gave me the news that I was getting a 10 percent equity raise ! Yippee! The new dean had announced at our last staff meeting that certain eligible people would be getting raises to get them to equity but I was not certain I would qualify for that but I guess I do! I am so excited. And it is retroactive for 5 months! Double yay! Nice little bonus there.

So that was a great bit of news.

I have a lot going on at work right now but it is all going well. I have a party happening today and will be glad when that is over.

I saw Avengers Age of Ultron and liked it a lot. I do think I liked the first one better though I am still undecided about that. I will need to mull it over. I curse Joss Whedon and his unnecessary character deaths. I won't say anymore on that score. This weekend I am going to see Mad Max - Fury Road. I have never seen any of the older Mad Max films so this will all be new to me. It is getting great reviews so I am excited about it.

That is all I have right now. Hope all is well with you and yours there. Happy weekend to you!

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Here I am - posting in with some stuff - well not much to say tonight just that I am here and chugging along. I have been really busy with work events and well, work. So getting that done. I had a big event last week and have one more smaller event coming up in early April. Then I can breathe some.

I have been seeing some cultural events - I went to see the Joffrey Ballet - which blew me away - so amazing - and then I went to see this thing called Playback Theater - on the topic of Immigrant Stories. The idea of this theater is that they take stories from the audience and act them out and "play them back" - this was really cool and very powerful. It was a neat kind of participatory thing. We had to share with the people next to us and then people shared with the group and then the improv group shared these stories. You left with a really good feeling. I would like to see more of that actually.

I saw Cinderella today - the Kenneth Branagh film - and found it to be a very rich retelling of the Disney original animated film. Beautiful costumes and scenery and just a gorgeous production. I loved everything about it. Cate Blanchette was especially evil and wicked as the step monster and so very good in this. She was fabulous.

Not for Facebook - I am looking around at jobs on campus and applying for things that I see. Seems to be a good idea. Things are weird at work with my boss. She is not doing well with her boss and it is a total drag. Anyways. More about that later. I am trying not to think about work at this very moment. I will think about that tomorrow. At work.

Hope all is well with you at your end! Cheers to you!

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And all through the house...

Well there is just me here but I am stuck in my house as today there is a Cal Football game - not just any game but THE BIG GAME between Cal and Stanford. Thousands of people will descend upon my neighborhood and be obnoxious. I cannot move my car because there are no parking spaces to be had. It is just - well - inconvenient. I am staying in the neighborhood and will do things within a walk of the house. I can go to CVS - do laundry and might just get my nails done as something to do for me. My nails look terrible and have for a while. I would love to have my nails done. So I might.

So next week is the big gobble - Thanksgiving. I am going to try and eat reasonably. I am doing this thing called - Maintain - Don't Gain. And I don't want to gain weight this holiday season. In fact, I would like to lose a couple of pounds this holiday season. So I am going to try that. Maybe one pound.

I am having a friend over for Gobble Day and we are going to have chicken and sides from Whole Foods. We will watch movies. I am going to see if we can do some walking that day and get some exercise. That sounds healthy. Then Friday we are going mini-golfing and then Saturday I don't know what is up.

Tonight I am going to see Hunger Games Mockingjay 1. I am kind of excited about it. I really like this series and read all of the books. So that is cool. The books were great and I read them pretty fast.

Anyhoo. Work is work. My supervisor has a work style that is really alienating. She likes to do everything at the very last minute - with very little planning. This is not really my work style. I like to do things with planning and well in advance. So - getting used to skin-of-the-teeth things here. It is pretty stressful and not that comfortable. I am going to look around and apply for other jobs. I am not liking how things are going.

Anyways - hope all is well with you where you are and I have caught up on reading LJ - just not commenting much. I have lots of graphics to make so I might do that today. Get on my old XP PC and do that. La.

See you around and have a great weekend!

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So I was supposed to go out tonight - but I am not feeling well - some intestinal bug - and so I had to cancel my plans for tonight. I had fun plans. I was going to go out for burgers with friends and go see this movie Chef. The movie is about a gourmet chef who through some missteps ends up running his own food truck. It looked charming and kind of fun. I really wanted to see it. Anyhoo. I will get to that when I am feeling better.

Tomorrow, I have plans to go comic book shopping and to see Edge of Tomorrow - the latest sci fi epic with Tom Cruise. I bought tickets already so I hope I feel better. I am going no matter what I guess. I have IMAX tickets and those are spendy.

I got some over the counter remedy to see if that stops some of the symptoms. Will see how that goes.

I am personally crushed that California Chrome (race horse) did not win today (The Belmont Stakes) and so lost his chance at the Triple Crown. I was kind of excited about that. Anyways. Bummer there.

Not much is new here. Work is calm - summers are great at the Uni - less students, more time to get things organized and do background projects. The pace is slower and there are no lines at lunch. So that is all fun. I am trying to plan some vacations coming up. Might go to Portland the end of July. Do a staycation here some week and then save time to help my parents move coming up in the Fall.

That is about it. Hope all is well with you where you are. Cheers!

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Here I am - sick on a Friday. I have got a small cold here and I stayed home to get better. I am watching episodes of Chopped on the TV, talking to my mom and sniffling. This week I had a Board Meeting at work that went well and now I am done on events for a while. I have some fun events to plan for the summer for staff but that will be easy.

Tonight I am having a friend over and we are watching Frozen. I have not seen that yet. Excited about that!

Anyhoo. Hope all is well with you.

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by yueshi on
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So here I am. I have not been posting much because well, I don't know. I thought I would post an update. I am here and have been working away. Doing pretty well at that. The end of the month is very busy as we have a new lecture series, a board meeting, a staff meeting and a bunch of other things going on. Busy busy. I would rather be busy than not.

It seems like time is flying by though and soon it will be holiday time. I have been making my holiday plans and this is what I am doing. I will spend Thanksgiving with friends here in the Bay Area and I am taking the whole week off (yay). We will cook prime rib and all the usual sides and do fun stuff around here. I hope we go to the Tiki Lounge for one of those fruity drinks etc. My friend R from Vegas is coming in and then time will be spend with J. Good times.

Then for Christmas, I am heading East to New Hampshire. I am travelling on Christmas Day as that was the best fare I could get and then I come back on New Year's Eve. I though I should spend some time with my family. My folks are in their 70s and 80s and time with them is precious. I am just really conscious of wanting to spend time with them. Also, it is my brother Dave's 50th birthday. Woot. So we will do something for that. Good times. We also want to have some kind of talk with my folks about how they will manage info their elder years. They are doing well now but what to do when they are not doing so well. I am all about planning.

So Sir Theodore is doing well and accumulating nicknames - his given name is Teddy but I call him Bubba and the latest nickname is Baboo. I keep ordering him cat toys online so he is totally spoiled. Crinkle balls, fuzzy mice -- he gets it all! I really love him. I still have not been able to pick up Boo's ashes but have paid for them (over the phone). I guess I will do that when I can. It just makes me sad. My vet totally understands.

This weekend I am going to see the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie". I cannot remember ever seeing the original with Sissy Spacek so I will need to do that to compare. I do like Stephen King stories so I don't know why I missed that one. Anyways. Looking forward to this one. I like the actress playing Carrie.

That is all I have. Hope all is well with you there. Have a great weekend. We are having glorious weather here. Cheers!

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Hidy ho...

Sep. 29th, 2013 06:09 pm
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Here I am. I am posting a quick entry here on a Sunday night. I had a good weekend - saw a movie last night - Don Jon - the first writing effort for Joseph Gordon Levitt. Interesting movie about a porn obsessed guy who moves beyond it to find meaning in relationships. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was very well written. JGL directed it and wrote it. I don't think it is for everyone but it had good performances and great dialogue.

I got my shiny new iPhone 5S yesterday. Happily it came well before they said it was going to. I set it up and have been playing with it. Way more battery life and the interface is pretty cool. The sound quality is great too. Big improvement. I cannot really afford it but my old phone was terrible and so I needed a new phone. I will eat peanut butter sandwiches for a few weeks to make this up. Cereal, cereal!

Anyhoo. I went down to Santa Cruz with J to see NP today. A bit soon as he just started college last week but he forgot a bunch of stuff so we had to drop it off. We blew in there - stayed for a little bit and took him to lunch - and then left. No cramping of the style of the new collegiate person. All good. We even stopped at Walmart on the way back. Woohoo. We are living.

I got some clothes with coupons for half price - good deals on that. I don't need anymore clothes. I am good for now.

That is all I have. I am totally boring. This was a boring post. Back to work tomorrow. I hate Mondays. I am having Sunday depression because tomorrow is Monday.

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It is Fall. This is my favorite season of the year. Happy Fall everyone!

This weekend was pretty busy and lots doing. We (my friends and I) had to take J's son NP to college yesterday down in Santa Cruz. He is starting as a first year student at UC Santa Cruz. All sorts of emotions around this. Excitement for him, pride at his accomplishment, sadness because we are going to miss him. All that stuff. We had to leave pretty early as he had a 9:30 am move in appointment and it takes 1.5 hours to get to SC from Oakland. We made good time and skipped out caffeination stop. It was a lot of fun doing the move in thing there. Lots of cheering from the upper class students who staffed move in day and it all went pretty smoothly. NP did not have a huge amount of stuff and we only had to move it up one flight of stairs. He and I ended up doing it as J went to get his dorm fridge at the bookstore. We got the room set up in about 10 mins and let J set up the bed. I think that is something a Mom should do for the kiddo. The only snafoo was that NP forgot his monitor power cords so we had to run around Santa Cruz to buy those and that kept us there for a while. We would have been out of there at 11:30 am had it not been for the cords. We did stop at CVS and picked up some dorm room provisions - chips, popcorn, soda, laundry soap and other things he might need. We dropped that off, hugs all around and booked it out of there. We stopped at a great brunch place on the way back and then drove through a rain storm back to the Bay Area. J had a few crying jags on the way back.

This is going to be hard for J to deal with. I spent today keeping her busy so she would not dwell on her empty nest. We did some shopping, hiked, got our favorite coffees and just kept busy. I think I will need to keep her busy for some time. NP is her only child and I think this is going to surely be hard on her. We are going to do work outs during the week and activities on the weekend. Busy is good.

In other news -

I saw a great movie this weekend "Prisoners" with Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and a great supporting cast. The overall story is about child abduction and the desperate investigation and recovery of the children. Very tense, intense and terrifying movie. Strong performances by all in the cast and really a horrifying look at serial crimes. I am not a parent so it might have been easier for me to watch but I imagine this would be hard to watch if you have children. The fear factor is palpable. This movie solidified my admiration for Jake Gylenhaal as an actor. Very strong performance by him. He is how you would like every cop to be - determined and dedicated.

So that is all I have. Hope you are well there and enjoying life. Things are good here. Back to work tomorrow. La.

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With Monday off. I am taking a personal day that day with my only goal to watch the Queen Latifah show at 2pm. That is new and I am curious about it.

My interest level is coming back at work. That is good. I am getting more productive. I have my review coming up and have no idea how I will do there. Could be good, could be bad. My boss is fair. So will see. I have not seen any good jobs posted lately so ugh. I looked yesterday.

Tomorrow night I am going to see The Grandmaster by Wong Kar Wei. The first film I have seen by this director/screenwriter. It is the story of Ip Man, the martial artist who trained Bruce Lee. Looking forward to it.

Anyhoo. I like this posting by mobile phone thing. Maybe I will post more.

Happy weekend to all. Love Friday.

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It was a two movie weekend here. I am going to post my little snippet reviews from FB here.

World War Z - a well paced zombie film with a surprising lack of gore (rated PG13 no less). Clever plotting sets this completely apart from the book of the same name and Brad Pitt gives a solid performance. Tense, dramatic and an interesting zombie film. I wound up thinking that the only common thread with the book was in fact the title.

Monster's University - undeniably cute but we all agreed that we liked the first one better. Still worth seeing and has some laughs in it.

That is all.

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Unbelievably enough, I am getting into zombie movies. I am finding the Resident Evil series with Mila whatshername really good. I have caught a few of these on my TV thing and they are good. Solid action and interesting paranoid subplot. Bio-chemical storyline and she is a good action hero. I guess there are a lot of these movies and they really amp it up. Well they are entertaining. I have seen some zombie movies and these are cataclysmic and fun to watch.

I am having a low key weekend. I did go see 42 - the Jackie Robinson story last night. I am really glad to have seen this and it was very good. What a brave man he was to have been the first african american major league player. The whole aesthetic of the film was well done too, from the costumes to the music and it really brought that time period alive. Harrison Ford was excellent in this and while the movie had a serious story line - there were light moments too. Very good. I highly recommend this film. It made me want to look up more about him and see about the rest of his life. This was about his entry into major league baseball. But I found I wanted to know more about his childhood and the rest of his life.

Anyhoo. This is a post about movies.

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Feb. 17th, 2013 03:08 pm
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Blurbs here!
-new layout is up - art is called The Anarchist by the street artist Banksy. I was totally inspired by the documentary I saw about him last night. He is very interesting. The documentary was called Exit Through the Gift Shop. Lots to say about graffiti art and I learned a lot.
-have spent lots of money on cat toys for Teddy. My neighbor gave him a new cat bed and he is living in style here. He is very fun and seems to be adjusting well. He greets me when I come home by flopping at the top of the steps. Very cute.
-I hung out with J yesterday. Got some great deals on cosmetic jewelry - bracelet, necklace and earrings - at two different places but I really like what I got. 40 percent off one place and a freebie at a flea market end of day special. Nice. We made crab cakes for dinner and watched the previously mentioned documentary. Interesting.
-Today - I did laundry and will be going to the new Die Hard movie. Yeah.
-Tomorrow I am getting my nails done for my big event this week. Gonna have to look good.

I love having an extra day off.

Cheers to you and have a great day!

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And watching all my balances going down. Yes! YES! My goal is to be debt free and I am really working on my spending behavior and all that. I don't shop as a hobby anymore and I know I can really work on more daily habits to cut my spending. But it is a start, a real start.

But step by step to get out of debt. And now, I see that it is working! The balances go down, down, down. Yippee!

In other news - this week was exhausting and I don't feel like I got my head above water. I also felt caught up in minutiae and administratia and not really maximizing my potential. Sometimes that is a matter of getting dumped on by people on my team and part of it is hold overs from what I have always done and the way people view me there. I almost feel like I might have to make a move to get to do professional level work. I have to think about that and really see if I am in the right place. This does not go outside the blog sphere and do not mention it on facebook. Too many work people on there. Keep it secret and safe, folks. I am thinking out loud here on my journal.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the weekend. I am going to see Red Dawn tomorrow and I don't care that it got bad reviews; don't care that it might suck. That is what I want to see. I want eye candy and a thin plot. I don't really want to think and we are in pre-Oscars intellectual movie season. Everything is so deep and meaningful - Life of Pi, Lincoln, Anna Karenina - just give me a movie I don't have to think about! I am brain dead, I suppose.

So that is all I have. Have a good weekend. We have rain for the next millenium here in the Bay Area. Yeah.

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I am bored and looking around the internet. Here is a fun web site for you bored ninjas - almost cast in the LOTR movies. I am not sure about the accuracy of the information and the comments are fun too.

Fun to look at and discuss. I looked at this because I was saying that I thought that Viggo was perfect as Aragorn and then wondered who else was considered for him and my googling fingers went from there. Interesting.

Fun on a Saturday night! Ha!

by limnoreia
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Will be a funny one. I never watched the original show but I love vampire stuff and Johnny Depp. Woot.

by lotrangel17
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The remake!


by lotrangel17
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The remake!


by lotrangel17
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Oh yeah...

I eagerly await this one. Avengers Rock!

by autumn_mist


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