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Time for a ramble. It has been a while since I posted and I apologize for that. I cannot say that I have been that busy - work has calmed down and I have been around here just - well being here. I opened this one time and did not know what to write so I am trying this kind of rambling thing and will see what I end up posting.

So what is going on. Work is manageable. All my events are done for the year. I have projects to manage this summer but that is not too bad. I have a couple of trips this summer. I am going to Vegas in July and then I am going to Manchester, NH in August. Vegas is a girls trip and fun in the sun and sitting by the pool. I don't really gamble so I won't lose any money. Manchester will be a visit with family and that is long overdue. So that is good. I want to have a lobster when I go there so I am excited about that. It will be good to see my mom and dad and my brother, niece and sister-in-law. I will also see some childhood friends and hang out. Yay!

I saw The Jungle Book this week and it was totally amazing. I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of the Disney animated thing but I love this movie version. The voice work was phenomenal and the CGI seamless. The child who played Mowgli was really perfect as the boy. This film made me want to go back to the source material - the original Kipling stories that it was based on. I never really felt that way about the animated version.

I am going to see Captain America - Civil War this weekend and I am Team Cap all the way! I am super excited about this movie. I don't really care about reviews for the film. I will see it no matter what and I love Marvel movies. So that is my plan for this weekend.

I got my mom some flowers for Mother's Day - had them sent to her in NH. I am glad I remembered to do something. I usually don't have it together. So I am glad about that. I hope she likes them. My niece is starting to think about college - COLLEGE. I can't believe that. It seems like she went from 3 years old to 16 in like 2 seconds. Seriously.

So that is all I have. This was a pretty good ramble. Thanks for reading along!

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Another Sunday. I love Sundays. I slept nice and late today so that was good.

I saw the latest Mission Impossible movie this week and thought it delivered on the promise of action and stunts. I don't think these are as deep as the James Bond movies with the new guy but I really enjoyed the movie. Although there was one part with some laughable dialogue by Alec Baldwin's character - L-O-L kind of over the top dialogue. Anyways. Good movie and fun to watch. Won't have a lasting impact.

I did just finish a book that I will love forever - All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It follows various characters through their experiences in World War II and beyond. What I love about this book is that it shows characters on both sides of the war (French resistance and German) and you really feel like you are living with these people. The description and language of the book is so very beautiful too. Really gorgeous. This book won the Pulitzer Prize and deservedly so. Highly recommend this.

So work is heating up and I have a really busy week this week - three things going on. I won't bore you with the details. Just a lot to get done. It will all get done.

I am still working on my AiA fic but it is slow going right now. I have to get cranking on that and will move it along. It is just going to have to get done. Yeppers.

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Here I am. It is the long weekend and I am relaxing watching my Sunday night programs - Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful. Interesting TV to be sure. I got my hair done today - just color and tomorrow I will be going down to Santa Cruz for the day. That will be fun. So that is about all I have going on this weekend. Not too much really.

I saw a good movie on Friday - Pitch Perfect 2 - nice and light hearted - well staged musical numbers and funny - laughed a lot throughout the film. Just what I needed after a busy week.

My raise came through - well the retro pay so that is cool.

That is all I have. Hope all is going well for you there in your part of the world.

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Hey hey hey - I have not posted in a while but i have super exciting news from the world of work - yesterday my boss called me into his office and I thought - oops - I had done something wrong. But no- he gave me the news that I was getting a 10 percent equity raise ! Yippee! The new dean had announced at our last staff meeting that certain eligible people would be getting raises to get them to equity but I was not certain I would qualify for that but I guess I do! I am so excited. And it is retroactive for 5 months! Double yay! Nice little bonus there.

So that was a great bit of news.

I have a lot going on at work right now but it is all going well. I have a party happening today and will be glad when that is over.

I saw Avengers Age of Ultron and liked it a lot. I do think I liked the first one better though I am still undecided about that. I will need to mull it over. I curse Joss Whedon and his unnecessary character deaths. I won't say anymore on that score. This weekend I am going to see Mad Max - Fury Road. I have never seen any of the older Mad Max films so this will all be new to me. It is getting great reviews so I am excited about it.

That is all I have right now. Hope all is well with you and yours there. Happy weekend to you!

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Here I am - posting in with some stuff - well not much to say tonight just that I am here and chugging along. I have been really busy with work events and well, work. So getting that done. I had a big event last week and have one more smaller event coming up in early April. Then I can breathe some.

I have been seeing some cultural events - I went to see the Joffrey Ballet - which blew me away - so amazing - and then I went to see this thing called Playback Theater - on the topic of Immigrant Stories. The idea of this theater is that they take stories from the audience and act them out and "play them back" - this was really cool and very powerful. It was a neat kind of participatory thing. We had to share with the people next to us and then people shared with the group and then the improv group shared these stories. You left with a really good feeling. I would like to see more of that actually.

I saw Cinderella today - the Kenneth Branagh film - and found it to be a very rich retelling of the Disney original animated film. Beautiful costumes and scenery and just a gorgeous production. I loved everything about it. Cate Blanchette was especially evil and wicked as the step monster and so very good in this. She was fabulous.

Not for Facebook - I am looking around at jobs on campus and applying for things that I see. Seems to be a good idea. Things are weird at work with my boss. She is not doing well with her boss and it is a total drag. Anyways. More about that later. I am trying not to think about work at this very moment. I will think about that tomorrow. At work.

Hope all is well with you at your end! Cheers to you!

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by goodgal996 on livejournal
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I am around. Working hard. This month is a crazy busy month with work. I have all sorts of thing going on at work - foundation visits, donor events, faculty receptions. Stuff. It will all get done, I am sure. I look forward to November and nothing happening that month. Well I have things to do in November but not like this month.

I saw a movie last weekend - Dracula Untold - with Luke Evans. It was not the best vampire movie but he sure is dreamy. I really love him as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit and he made a passable Dracula. He definitely has screen presence. The backstory on Dracula in this is that Vlad becomes a vampire in order to save his family and people from this Turkish Sultan. Anyhoo.

I had a great birthday and I want to thank everyone on my flist for the birthday cheer. You all made my birthday fantastic. I feel the love! :)

I hope all is well with you there and I am reading LJ faithfully.

Cheers to you.

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And then comes Monday. I really hate Monday.

I saw a pretty good movie this weekend - The Maze Runner. A dystopian teen thing based on the book by James Dashner. It was kind of an edge of the seat film - lots of gasping and chair grasping and OMGing in this one. Hybrid organic and bio-mechanical creepy creatures and an ending that leaves it hanging for a sequel. It interests me enough that I loaded the book onto my kindle and into my audible account. I want to read the original and see how it compares to the movie. I love the guy who played Thomas and all of the guys in the Glade group and the girl - Theresa was good too. It has an apocalyptic feel to it and definitely grabbed my interest.

I went down to Santa Cruz today to take my friend's kiddo back to college for his sophomore year at college. That was fun and my friend J*** had a few crying jags there. That was to be expected - I was support system 101 and did the friend thing. I was happy for him being back at school - he needs that focus. He has a cool on campus apartment with a bunch of new people yet right near his roommate from last year so it is all good.

I have a really busy month coming up at work. Lots of projects and things to do. Have to pull it all together and get it all organized. I do better when I am busy so that is good for me. I like October too. It is my birthday - coming up on the 8th - woot. So yay!

That is all I have on this end. No, I have not started writing yet but it is in my mind. So I am thinking about writing. That is something!


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So I saw the Desolation of Smaug last night and while I really did enjoy the film quite a bit - found it riveting and interesting and all that. I feel that the film has to now be viewed as a loosely adaptive work of fan fiction.

As a writer of fan fiction - I don't mind embellishing a tale at all. I do it all the time when I write a story. Some might view this as a negative but I don't really - but if you expect to find Tolkien's original story in these movies - you will be disappointed.

The second movie was very entertaining. I barely noticed the 2 hours and 40 mins. I was really surprised when the film was done. I could have stayed for more. Usually I notice a movie's length but not with this one. I loved the additional action sequences, really loved the additional character of Tauriel and it all worked for me as a film.

I did miss some aspects of the book that I wanted to see in the film but I am letting that go. Overall this was very good entertainment and well worth seeing for any Tolkien fan.

Thumbs up. :)

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Hidy ho...

Sep. 29th, 2013 06:09 pm
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Here I am. I am posting a quick entry here on a Sunday night. I had a good weekend - saw a movie last night - Don Jon - the first writing effort for Joseph Gordon Levitt. Interesting movie about a porn obsessed guy who moves beyond it to find meaning in relationships. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was very well written. JGL directed it and wrote it. I don't think it is for everyone but it had good performances and great dialogue.

I got my shiny new iPhone 5S yesterday. Happily it came well before they said it was going to. I set it up and have been playing with it. Way more battery life and the interface is pretty cool. The sound quality is great too. Big improvement. I cannot really afford it but my old phone was terrible and so I needed a new phone. I will eat peanut butter sandwiches for a few weeks to make this up. Cereal, cereal!

Anyhoo. I went down to Santa Cruz with J to see NP today. A bit soon as he just started college last week but he forgot a bunch of stuff so we had to drop it off. We blew in there - stayed for a little bit and took him to lunch - and then left. No cramping of the style of the new collegiate person. All good. We even stopped at Walmart on the way back. Woohoo. We are living.

I got some clothes with coupons for half price - good deals on that. I don't need anymore clothes. I am good for now.

That is all I have. I am totally boring. This was a boring post. Back to work tomorrow. I hate Mondays. I am having Sunday depression because tomorrow is Monday.

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It is Fall. This is my favorite season of the year. Happy Fall everyone!

This weekend was pretty busy and lots doing. We (my friends and I) had to take J's son NP to college yesterday down in Santa Cruz. He is starting as a first year student at UC Santa Cruz. All sorts of emotions around this. Excitement for him, pride at his accomplishment, sadness because we are going to miss him. All that stuff. We had to leave pretty early as he had a 9:30 am move in appointment and it takes 1.5 hours to get to SC from Oakland. We made good time and skipped out caffeination stop. It was a lot of fun doing the move in thing there. Lots of cheering from the upper class students who staffed move in day and it all went pretty smoothly. NP did not have a huge amount of stuff and we only had to move it up one flight of stairs. He and I ended up doing it as J went to get his dorm fridge at the bookstore. We got the room set up in about 10 mins and let J set up the bed. I think that is something a Mom should do for the kiddo. The only snafoo was that NP forgot his monitor power cords so we had to run around Santa Cruz to buy those and that kept us there for a while. We would have been out of there at 11:30 am had it not been for the cords. We did stop at CVS and picked up some dorm room provisions - chips, popcorn, soda, laundry soap and other things he might need. We dropped that off, hugs all around and booked it out of there. We stopped at a great brunch place on the way back and then drove through a rain storm back to the Bay Area. J had a few crying jags on the way back.

This is going to be hard for J to deal with. I spent today keeping her busy so she would not dwell on her empty nest. We did some shopping, hiked, got our favorite coffees and just kept busy. I think I will need to keep her busy for some time. NP is her only child and I think this is going to surely be hard on her. We are going to do work outs during the week and activities on the weekend. Busy is good.

In other news -

I saw a great movie this weekend "Prisoners" with Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and a great supporting cast. The overall story is about child abduction and the desperate investigation and recovery of the children. Very tense, intense and terrifying movie. Strong performances by all in the cast and really a horrifying look at serial crimes. I am not a parent so it might have been easier for me to watch but I imagine this would be hard to watch if you have children. The fear factor is palpable. This movie solidified my admiration for Jake Gylenhaal as an actor. Very strong performance by him. He is how you would like every cop to be - determined and dedicated.

So that is all I have. Hope you are well there and enjoying life. Things are good here. Back to work tomorrow. La.

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I think I am due a post to the journals so here I am. Right now I am watching True Blood on HBO. I am still following this show and not sure why. I guess I want to see what happens with it so it does succeed on that very basic level. It piques my plot-based curiosity. I do think they are a bit killing happy for the sake of killing and could draw some of the plots out more. Lost opportunities there.

I am heading off on vacation on Thursday to New Hampshire to see my mom and dad, my brother, niece and sister in law. I will also see my oldest friend from childhood for a few days too. I am looking forward to it. I don't know if any of you have elderly parents (I am sure some of you do) but I will be dealing with some of the issues inherent in that. My mom's driving skills are not what they should be. She has had 5 accidents in the last year or so. I am concerned about that. Me and my brother are going to have "a talk" with her about that. I anticipate that not going too well as it represents some loss of independence. Have to see how this all goes down. I don't think my brother should have to deal with this on his own so we will approach this together. That way it is fair. He deals with a lot of things with my parents as the sibling who lives close to them so I think I can help out with this. My dad is seven years older than my mom and has had zero accidents. Doing much better on that. He is steady eddy. Mom admits to the distracted driver thing and feeling rushed so wondering if adjusting timing on things might help. She has mainly fender benders but I worry still. Anyhoo. I will get some home cooking, have some good seafood and lobster and fried clams. Looking forward to all the East Coast goodness. Yessiree.

I saw a great movie this weekend. "The Way Way Back". Loved this movie. Kind of a departure for me in as it was not an action, sci fi epic or anything like that. Here is my FB posting on this one - a touching coming of age movie set in a Massachusetts vacation town. Water park, partying and a wonderfully humorous performance by Sam Rockwell. Lots of laughs and joy in the awkwardness of life. So much to love about this film. Highly recommend.

Work is chugging along. It will be gearing up for Fall pretty soon there. I did not get the job I interviewed for. I am pretty sure I was low balled on the salary as I wanted the top of their range there. Someone probably snaked in at the middle of the range and they went for that. Oh well. Would have been nice to move for that but I will keep looking. I was strongly in contention for the position so I know I have the skill set for that. I will keep plugging around and apply etc. Don't mention this paragraph on FB at all. This is journal only, please.

I am sure there is more but I cannot think of it. I am glad I have a short week this week. I fly out on an early flight on Thurs morning. I have to wake up for a 5:00 am shuttle. Egads. Killer.

I hope all is well with you where you are and that your summer is going well. Cheers!

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by laurahonest on
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Here is my FB review of the movie Pacific Rim -

Pacific Rim had epic battles, cool robots and a plot that held my interest. I recommend this film for solid entertainment value. Good fun!

Really good movie - lots of battles and robot action. Central guy was nice to look at and a female heroine - Mako Mori surmounting her inner demons to triumph. Lots happening here to grab onto and make you cheer. Loved this movie. High recommend from me on the action meter. This one will become part of my dvd collection for sure. Must.own to watch repeatedly. Yes.

That is all I have. Things happening but don't feel like really updating but everything is good, lots of good things happening! Hope all is well with you!

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So had a nice holiday weekend. I had to work on Friday so I had the 4th of July off and then went into the office for a very quiet, easy day of work. It really was not so bad. I got my email totally under control and it was a good day to work. I did not want to use my vacation time for that day off so I worked and had a very nice time. Very few people there and got to do my own thing. I really had a great time. And on to movie reviews.

White House Down - Channing Tatum goodness yeah. I really love him. This was an action packed movie that was about 15 minutes too long. It really could have used some editing and needed to be tighter. I liked it but think that Olympus Has Fallen beat this movie to the punch on the White House invasion scenario plotted movies. Good film to watch at home. Jamie Fox as the President was an inspired choice and he rocked it. See it just for that.

The Lone Ranger - I made the mistake of looking at Rotten Tomatoes before seeing this and was not expecting much as it got critically panned. Well, total surprise of a movie for me. This was a really riveting film, fascinating performance by Johnny Depp and the action was well paced. The movie had a more real portrayal of Native Americans than old Lone Ranger stuff did and that makes for quite a bit of sadness as you view the film. Be prepared for that. This Lone Ranger comes into his heroism and I really enjoyed Armie Hammer in this role - he develops and grows. I disagree with the critics on this one and really enjoyed this film.

Anyways - back to work tomorrow. Next week is Pacific Rim. Very excited about that - a movie about giant robots and alien monsters. Cannot wait for that.

Hope your weekend was good - Happy 4th to US folks - and I am still researching my Sultry work here. Cheers!

by lanbelle
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It was a two movie weekend here. I am going to post my little snippet reviews from FB here.

World War Z - a well paced zombie film with a surprising lack of gore (rated PG13 no less). Clever plotting sets this completely apart from the book of the same name and Brad Pitt gives a solid performance. Tense, dramatic and an interesting zombie film. I wound up thinking that the only common thread with the book was in fact the title.

Monster's University - undeniably cute but we all agreed that we liked the first one better. Still worth seeing and has some laughs in it.

That is all.

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I am going to see World War Z tonight. I am in zombie heaven. I just finished the book on my lunch hour and really loved it - it was an oral history of this great zombie war and structured in an ever shifting POV of first person account interviews. Just really great stuff. I have heard that the movie is totally different which has me somewhat worried. They even changed what they nickname the zombies in the film - filmverse they call them ZEKES and in the book they call them ZACK. Not sure of the reason for that very basic change but it is there. I also have listened to the award winning audible book which was a very abridged version of the book - and it was stellar. So I am really into this one. I am seriously worried about the disappointment factor but I read the LA Times review and they seemed to like it and it stands up as a movie. They did also say that it is very different than the book.

I am sure I will post a follow up on this one. I am going to leave myself open to the movie being a different story and having very little relation to the book - but for the over arching topic of zombies. I think if I accept this now, I will be better off as I view the film. Okie. Just putting this out there.


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So here I am and I am going to blurb and do a quickie post here.

-I am obsessively catching up on The Walking Dead. I have watched most of it now. Who knew? This is brilliant TV in the form of zombie stuff. I tell you. I love this show. Excellent pacing, characters and ick factor all combine to make this my new favorite show on TV. It is an AMC original show and wow. I think Daryl is my favorite character but I love them all. No spoilers here. I am finishing up the last season now. Any Walking Deadheads on my list? Let's chat about this. Comments welcome.

-I saw Man of Steel on Sunday. Oh the dream that is Henry Cavill. I really feel that he embodied the ideal of Superman. Here is my FB post in a short review thing. Man of Steel review - While the film did feel long at times, Henry Cavill made up for it with a great performance as Superman. Lois Lane's role somewhat confused in this and some omissions to the canon in the storyline. All in all a positive but there were some things that could have been edited out here and some things they could have included. Ultimately, I did like it. Cut for spoilers )

-Had a great Monday today and I hate Mondays. We met with a caterer today for a "let's see if we can do business" meeting and they brought us in a full on lunch sample of their food. Beautiful presentation and delish. The cutest thing were the desserts - tartlets and cheese cake lolipops - basically mini cheese cakes on a stick covered in chocolate - OMG so good. Good way to sell the food by giving us a taste. I might just see if I can work them in. They are a little bit spendy. Have to see.

-My friend's kid N*** graduated from HS last Friday. I went to the ceremony. Had moments of joy and disbelief. I mean - I was there when he was born and now he is off to college next year. Where did the time go.

This post is longer than I planned. I am here and around. Hope all is well with you on your end. I have more Walking Dead on the queue. Got to go!

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Jun. 10th, 2013 11:39 am
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I thought I would post. I am recovering from a bout of food poisoning that I got at a Mexican restaurant yesterday. Middle of the night - sprint to the bathroom kind of thing. Augh. I love divey restaurants but this was a little too divey. Horrible. I wrote a scathing yelp review to make myself feel better. What do you do? Do you call them to tell them that you got sick or notify someone about it? I clearly got sick from the food at this specific restaurant.

I saw the movie After Earth and found it much better than its horrible reviews would have led me to believe. I liked it and bought the sci fi premise. I accepted it and found myself interested through the whole movie. Not a great movie but not as bad as the reviews said it was. I give it a pass. I like Will and Jaden Smith and enjoyed them acting together. So there. It did get panned in the LA Times and on Rotten Tomatoes so be aware of that. I am glad I saw it anyway.

I went to see Star Trek - Into Darkness again and wowie - it is almost better on the second viewing. Love this movie. I got more emotional in parts and found myself all teary at certain moments. I am really a fan of this franchise more so than other Star Trek series. I like the production value of these movies and they pack a punch on the action. If you have not seen this one, go see it. Love this. I am more into Benedict Cumberdudes performance in this though he still is not very Khan-esque.

In other news - I have no other news. I went to the pool on Saturday and we froze. It was cold.

That is it. Hope all is well with you on your end. Cheers.

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I am really enjoying this loonng weekend. A combination of getting things done around the house (chores), hanging out, shopping for deals with friends and getting some much needed rest. I cannot believe but I still have the remnants of that virus I had (congestion, sneezing etc). That really threw me for a loop there.

So I saw the new Star Trek movie last night. Oh yeah. It was good. I will try not to spoil it here. I know there are some Cumberbatch fans here but he did not really fit his role. He was good but all the roles in these Star Trek films are reminiscent of earlier performances in the original series or earlier iterations of the characters and his performance was a big non-sequiter on that. It did not fit very well - his accent was all wrong. Anyone who has watched Star Trek since the 60's will know what I am talking about there. I still really enjoyed the film but just wanted to state that. Please don't flame me for that. I get how great an actor he is but he really did not fit in with the character he played. Both of us viewing the film together agreed on that. That character did not have a British accent nor look like him. The rest of the movie rocked it and was action packed in a nonstop way. It was also really fun to see the part of the film that I had seen filming in Los Angeles when I was down there. I had an "aha" moment.

Anyways. That is my opinion of the film. If you like Star Trek - go see it. This is a very good movie. Thrilling.

I have some projects to do today. I am listening to the audible World War Z and really enjoying that - zombies. It is an award winning audible which includes Alan Alda and other A-list actors reading. Very good.

Hope you have a good weekend and thinking on Memorial Day and remembering those who died in service to our country. Bless them.

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Unbelievably enough, I am getting into zombie movies. I am finding the Resident Evil series with Mila whatshername really good. I have caught a few of these on my TV thing and they are good. Solid action and interesting paranoid subplot. Bio-chemical storyline and she is a good action hero. I guess there are a lot of these movies and they really amp it up. Well they are entertaining. I have seen some zombie movies and these are cataclysmic and fun to watch.

I am having a low key weekend. I did go see 42 - the Jackie Robinson story last night. I am really glad to have seen this and it was very good. What a brave man he was to have been the first african american major league player. The whole aesthetic of the film was well done too, from the costumes to the music and it really brought that time period alive. Harrison Ford was excellent in this and while the movie had a serious story line - there were light moments too. Very good. I highly recommend this film. It made me want to look up more about him and see about the rest of his life. This was about his entry into major league baseball. But I found I wanted to know more about his childhood and the rest of his life.

Anyhoo. This is a post about movies.

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I am really glad it is the weekend. Work is challenging right now and I need to unwind. Here is the short story.

I went to see a movie last night. Tom Cruise's latest, Oblivion and hey, I really enjoyed it. It held together for me and I was totally in the mood for a sci fi film. Let me say that while I don't agree with Tom Cruise and his religious life, I do like his acting and this was a solid film for him. I liked the characterization and found him good here. The film was visually beautiful and interesting. So thumbs up from me on this one. Not all the online reviews agree with me on this one so you decide if you will see it. I really liked it.

I have a birthday gathering tonight. We are going out for steak at the Outback. My friends kid's 18th bday. We love a good steak and it should be fun. Tomorrow I have a dinner plan and I might get my nails done.

I had an event last week and have one next week. I got some apps in for two new positions at work (don't mention this at all on FB as I have work people on there - so keep it here only) and I hope that something will come of this. I am a little tired of my co-workers and want a new environment.

I am really glad they caught the Boston Marathon bombers (one dead and one in custody. That is good news.

Anyhoo that is all for me here. I posted some graphics offers around and that is about it.

Cheers to you and hope you have a great weekend.

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