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I am going to see Iron Man 3 tonight. I am too excited about this. Yeah!

Hey hey...

Mar. 6th, 2013 06:50 pm
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I had today off and relaxed. Here is the update in blurb fashion -

-I rented the movie The Master - which is loosely based on the life of L Ron Hubbard and the early days of Scientology/Dianetics. This is one of my pet interests right now. I am reading books on Scientology - exposing its real nature and find the whole thing very fascinating. Apologies to anyone who follows this "religion". I find it really farcical and more like science fiction than a religion. I cannot relate to it really but on an academic level and its history shows how vulnerable people really are to hypnosis and external influences. The "religion" was designed to make money first and foremost, no mistaking that. Anyways - it all makes interesting study from an objective view and it is surprising how many celebrities are into it. That was part of their strategy too and they actively recruited prominent people. Huh.
-I went to the doctor today. I felt like I had a UTI or bladder thing going on. I won't have conclusive results on my test on that until Saturday. Best to err on the side of caution where these things go.
-Teddy is a love. I can hear him purr from across the room. LOL.
-I changed my layout to one of my old favorites. Love this one. I was not feeling the other one.

Cheers to you and hope you are having a good week.

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I am not that into zombie movies but this one looks good. I am going to see Warm Bodies this weekend. I like the lead guy and this looks fun.

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So, last night I had my first little accident. A minor fender bender in the 7-11 parking lot. I backed into a car and grazed them. Honestly, this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me. The dude was obnoxious but I guess he had a right to be since I hit his car. No damage to my car and very light damage to his car. I dealt with him in a polite manner. It makes no sense to get into it with people, especially on Christmas. I reported it to my insurance and opened a claim and gave the guy the claim number. I don't have to deal with him - this is why I have insurance - so they can deal with him. The agent did not even think my rates would go up since my record was so good. Anyhoo. No big deal. I don't even have to pay anything out, it is all covered.

On to other things - I have taken down my decorations and packed Christmas away. Nothing depresses me more than holiday decorations up after the holiday. Since I am going away for New Year's - I thought I would get that all done. My house loos regular again.

I spent today in my jammies. Totally fun.

I saw Les Mis yesterday and found it amazing - moving and loved it. High Jackman and Ann Hathaway gave transcendental performances - truly. I have never seen this material before so it was all new to me and I found it riveting.

I hope you are all enjoying the week and looking forward to the New Year.

by luna_frost
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Once you see the movie, you will understand what my subject line means. Argo, the film is directed by the very talented Ben Affleck who also stars in the film as the CIA operative engineering the cover story...anyhoo, I am getting ahead of myself.

Times were tense, this movie is tense. It has you grinding your popcorn into flour as you watch what happens in this movie. I don't want to give ANYTHING away. Good stuff, I felt stress watching it and totally was into the whole situation they were in. As far as empathy goes, I felt that and really wanted them to make it.

They used the backdrop of actual big shot, real events that were recognizable from news coverage and then took us inside the more intimate experience of what happened in Iran with these 6 specific people hiding in the Canadian embassy.

So that is all I have about this film with out giving it away. Great film, interesting, tense and it was fun to see the styles and gadgets of that era. Great props and costume.

This filled in a big part of history for me as it is a declassified mission of the CIA.

Cool. Argo fuck yourself! (they say this in the film, alot)

While this might not be much of a movie review, I hope I convey enough of the film for you to find it interesting.

by yueshi
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So here is the weekend update. I finally cleaned my bathroom and that was good. I am cleaning challenged right now and am able to do my daily chores but not the real clean. I will get it eventually. I just cannot get that vacuum out and do the deep clean. Having trouble with that. I need to, just don't feel like it. Honestly don't want to. It is a little dusty in here, I have to admit. Ugh.

I got a new shower curtain and rug for my bathroom and am redecorating that. Really lovely designed one and a blue rug. Totally excited about that. I think it will look cool. I think it all matches the paint on the wall and all that so cool. Minimal investment and that room will look much better.

Today I am going to the movie Argo - it is about Iran and the hostage crisis there in the 70's, starring Ben Affleck. I am really looking forward to this one and have been for a while. A friend of mine is taking me for my birthday treat. We have a little birthday tradition going on for that. So fun. We get cupcakes and popcorn from Trader Joe's and make a whole day of it. Yays!

My mom's cat passed away this week. Wyeth was 19 and a big Maine Coon. He was a bit neurotic but a gorgeous cat. My mom is pretty sad about that but had to make the decision based on his health situation. That is how it goes. Boo has to go in for tests in a few weeks. Will see how she is doing on her CRF and renal stuff. She sleeps a lot but is eating fine and seems ok. Chugging along there. I am prepared for all eventualities.

Anyhoo. Sunday posting it up. Thank you to Sian265 for the lovely v-gift for my birthday and hope you are all having a good weekend!
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Based on the Hasbro game of the same name

Aliens receive a transmission from Earth and invade our planet, touchdown Pacific Ocean just off Hawaii. The battle is on as the Navy is first on scene.

I was not really expecting much from this movie and it was way better than I bargained for. This really held together! Not a high brow film but a pretty good movie! Action, aliens and they even used the locating technique from the Battleship board game. I was so excited about that. They cleverly integrated that into this plot.

Lots of explosions, great climactic moments and ultimate triumph as disaster is avoided and the aliens defeated. I am sure most of you won't see this so I am not worried about spoilers in my review. Taylor Kitsch is gorgeous in this and he is solid. Liam Neeson as the Admiral, also solid. I even liked Rihanna in this and I am not a fan of her but she was spunky and feisty here. We thought that she could have used some more foul language in her dialogue...a little stronger there but they kept her pretty g-rated.

My review here is that I liked this more than I thought I would. Got some laughs and loved the battle tactics and explosions. Yes.

IMDB web page for cast and credits:

Overall rating:
Solid entertainment.

If you like this kind of movie. Disaster-alien stuff.

None really.

post 26/100 in the 100 things challenge

Say Warrior Smash
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I am not sure that Edgar Allen Poe really was this cool but, I am game to see this movie. I am going to have to suspend belief for him as a crime fighting detective type but will see it. Here is a link to the wiki on Poe (not a happy life):

Movie trailer:

Cheers and hope your weekend is going well!

by lotrangel17
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So it is raining here which seems as much of an occasion to post as any, eh? I got some things done today, let me list them for you:

-cleaned the bathroom
-changed the bed
-vacuumed the bedroom
-vacuumed the hall area
-two loads of laundry done

I am still not done with my chores but significant progress was made.

Tonight I am going to see The Hunger Games. Very excited about it. I bought advance tickets at the AMC and look forward to it. I saw one review and it got a good review, not that I really pay attention to those. I am intrigued by the plot line, gaming atmosphere, hunting thing and futurama elements of it. Alternate universe etcetera. Looks interesting. Let's see if it holds together. I will post an update on that, sans spoilers.

That is all I have. Might do a bunday post if I can find something good for it. Hope you are having a good weekend and all that. Be well!

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So I heard tonight that there is a movie coming out - another "Alien" movie. This one is called Prometheus and it is a prequel to the very first movie in this series (Alien). Here is a trailer for it. Be warned this is pretty disjointed but I am a total fanatic about this series and will definitely be seeing this. I saw Alien when I was a kid and it scared the dickens out of these. I have to say I have not loved all of these movies, but I do see all of them. Ridley Scott is directing this one which comes out in June 2012.

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I have wanted to see this for a while. It is about a silent film star and the transition to sound film. Looks really good to me. See what you think of the trailer. This is up for an Oscar. Movie night is postponed. I have a sore throat and am staying in. Uggles.

by lotrangel17
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I think I am just about ready to submit my SV story. I have resolved the little issue it had and thanks to [ profile] khylea's sound beta, I think it is a good story. A very different one for me and not a character that I am comfortable with but that is why I like challenges - it gets me writing outside my zone. I had fun with the research for this and learned new wrinkles on Tolkien. I really love that about writing in the fandom - always more to know and figure out.

I got some things done today - my never ending laundry. Second trip to the launderama this week. I have to go one more time tomorrow to finish everything. Mainly because I don't want to strain my back lifting heavy bags. So I break it up. I also have comforters, rugs and sheets to do this week. More.

Work is going well - setting the stage for events late in the semester. I have a big event the end of February - high stakes and one with the Chancellor and donors etc. That has to go well. Then later in the Spring I have a NYC event with a Nobel Laureate - also pressurized. These are the things that keep my job interesting. Then little things pop up - Competitions, Monthly Staff Meetings and other stuff. I am glad to be busy. I would be out of a job if I weren't.

My promotion went in and I am waiting to hear about that. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping to get a significant raise with this.

Tomorrow I think I am doing chores and then going out to the movies at night (Man on a Ledge).

Anyhoo. That is it from here. Cheers to you and yours!

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It is nice to see Kristen Stewart in a movie that is not Twilight. I really like her but am tired of that franchise, to be honest. She is a good actress and has been since she was a young teenager. She needs some different roles.

This looks great to me and Charlize Theron as the Witch is an inspired choice.

by yishui
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Tonight I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes which is a prequel movie by way of an explanation for the universe which existed in the old Planet of the Apes movies. James Franco, John Lithgow and Andy Serkis (playing Caesar) are in this.

Solid movie which makes sense and does plausibly explain tbe formation of the ape ruled world. I am a fan of James Franco and Andy Serkis is commanding as Caesar, the leader of the ape rebellion.

Lots of pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo and it calls for suspension of belief but hey, you are watching a Planet of the Apes movie -- let go of reality and enjoy this. Live a little.

I really enjoyed the movie and was very entertained.

by lotrangel17
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I started out sick and then got deeply immersed in work things and mishigas. But one thing I do know, after a meeting with my supervisor, the Assistant Dean for External Relations, is that we have a meeting of the minds as far as my work goes and she has recommended a restructuring which places me in our team as the events manager -- very happy about that! My position will include more writing and liaison activities as part of my management of development and fundraising events. More fun stuff. This validates what I am already doing because my current classification is totally out of whack with what my position has evolved into and is a way to catch me up so that my title reflects the work I am performing. Very happy.

All good things take time and I hope to receive reclass and raise by October (end). I have asked for a salary commensurate with my newly articulated position. I don't know what that will get me but somewhat more, I hope.

None of this can be mentioned on Facebook, at all as work people read over there and this is confidential at this point. So keep this hush hush...on the down-low and very discreet. No one will post about this and me on Facebook, got it? Good.

I am happy about these turns in events. All things take time and I have been patient so far, best to be more so and nail the job down.

Other news:
I got my nails done right after work with this impervious shellac stuff. A stronger, chip resistant nail polish that should last for weeks. I am dubious but willing to see if it works. I will let you know about that through my own, personal review. I got pink polish and let's see how it wears and goes.

Anyhoo. I have some plan for the weekend - going to see Planet of the Apes and clean some clothes. Not in that order at all. I ramble and should go to bed. So I will bid you good night and toodle loo.

Cheers to you all and to all a good night!

by wildrosedragon at faded_graphics
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Edge of your seat, spy-ish kind of thing with the girl (Saoirse Ronan) who got cast in The Hobbit (as Itaril). I have not seen her act before but she was brilliant in this and I think, after seeing this that she will make a fine elven girl. She has a translucent quality to her look that will work. I know that people are up in arms about there being an inserted character in this movie but I am now kind of excited to see what will happen with this. This girl is fantastic and has great range as an actor. She rocked it in Hanna, ROCKED it. Played it with some steel and vulnerability, giving a performance that showed depth and versatility. I look forward to seeing her as an elf. Not a popular sentiment but I don't believe I have expressed an opinion on this yet so not contradicting anything previously stated.

Cate Blanchette - it was weird to see her in a villainous role but she was devastating here. Her American accent a bit, well hard done and overdone but she got that to some degree. She did not seem to be speaking naturally at times. They could have easily had her character be British so I am not sure why they stuck her with an American there, a small plot point change would have helped her out of that. She still was diabolical and twisted - good role for her.

I had fun with the friends and hit Borders going out of business sale (sob) and bought a strange vampire book with Jane Austen being a vamp. Interesting lark of a novel that was half price. Looked amusing. I wanted Stephen MacGuire and got this one.

Jane and the Damned

Anyways. That is it for a Saturday night. Next up, Bunday. Woot.

PS-thank you, [ profile] heyurs for my Passover matzoh v-gift! That totally rocks!

by jovi_diva
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I cannot wait for this movie to come out on March 25th - a blend of fantasy, futurama and chick action flick with cool weapons. A quest movie. Yeah.

by colonoscarpeay
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I cannot wait for this movie to come out on March 25th - a blend of fantasy, futurama and chick action flick with cool weapons. A quest movie. Yeah.

by colonoscarpeay
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Yay! I have been looking forward to this for months. 3D all the way, baby!

by lotrangel17
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So this is the halfway point. 4 candles. Woot. Here is my pic for tonight.

In other news:

PG&E inspected my heater this morning and in the window of the 8-12pm timeframe, they came at about 9am. That was not so bad.

Another movie today and it seems to be a viewing weekend. I went with my work chums to see BURLESQUE with Christine Aguilera and Cher. I tell you -- this was a showy, glitzy, non-stop razzle-dazzle, which for me did what a movie is supposed to do - entertain. From the music, to the staging and a very serviceable (not to distract) plot. I really love this movie. The indicator at how good this was - on our way into the film, we ran into people who were seeing it for the second time, no kidding. I would see it again. It is beautiful entertainment and Christina Aguilera shines here in her first movie. Her, I want to see more of and Cher is just wonderful in the mentor, more experienced entertainer role. Very fun movie. I give it all thumbs up and I highly recommend. I plan on adding this to my home collection when it comes out on DVD. So there you go. Go see this, really.

Anyhoo. I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. First holiday card arrived today! Thank you [ profile] jaiden_s. Cheers.

by laurahonest at countrygraphix


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