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I stayed home to see if the dentist could take me today. They cannot take me til tomorrow so I am heading into work for the afternoon. Why waste the sick time. I will need it tomorrow, depending on what happens with this dental issue. Sorry I am not saying but no full disclosure here.

My slice of happiness was sleeping late and snuggling with my little feline here. That was very nice. Extra time is nice. (4)

Hope you all are well.

by goodgal996


Apr. 28th, 2008 07:34 pm
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Nothing went right today. Horrible people, bad things happened. Just a horrible, nasty, brutish day all told. Like a Hobbesian state of nature and I don't mean Calvin and Hobbes. They are funny this was not. I was never so happy to leave the office as I was today.

List of occurences:

-Witchy caller who took all of her issues out on me. I had to tell her to watch her manners and tone which she did not. This person was disabled and I am more than sympathetic but that does not mean she gets to haze me over the phone when I am trying to help her. So meh.

-Bathroom explodes. We have a huge toilet overflow in the bathroom. I am the facility manager on our floor and have to take care of facilities things. I report these things to our facility coordinator downstairs. By the time I figured out that we should turn off the toilet it was too late and the whole hallway had flooded. This is a lot of damage and not to mention unsanitary. The plumber informs us that someone had stuffed the toilet full of papertowels. Not a few of them but basically crammed it full of them. He could not get the snake down there. Soooo....this leads one to believe it was not a staff member but an outsider causing mischief. Bathroom is staff only but unlocked so anyone can get in there. We are going to discuss locking that bathroom to the public. There are accessible, public bathrooms in the basement of this building.

-Conference agenda wig out. I am sending people to a conference this week and we are waiting for the agenda. Usually we would have gotten it last week so we can research and prep the agenda items so our people do not go there and say DUH. Well, I email the contact at U**** and the agenda is not ready. She says "no matter what" she will email me a draft copy by the end of the day. I check my email from home at the end of the day as I leave at 4pm and it was not there by then. No agenda. We were already going to have to scramble but now we are going to have to SCRAMBLE. FUCK.

-Someone decides that since our office door is closed (shop vac in the hall to get the flooded hallway cleaned) that they can have fun with the door bell. Most people will ring it once and wait. It does take time for a staff member to get the door. Well this woman rang it over and over and then just pressed it continually. We are a DEAN's OFFICE. I would not do that at someone's home so I certainly would never do that to an office. I got the door this time and I was understandably pissed off when I opened it. I said, "We usually hear the first ring..."

I think you will agree that this was a moanworthy day.

Thank you, [ profile] laurahonest for the perfect blinkie of the moment.
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Rainy day here and I am making full use of it. Not going anywhere. I am working on some fiction. I do have a little cleaning to do here at the ponderosa but not much else to do with this day but putter online and putter in the house. I like days like this.

I am enjoying the extra day off and I had an extra long weekend as I took Friday off. We went up to Petaluma, CA and looked around. Did some shopping and had a fabulous meal of Mexican food.

So generally an all good weekend. If I could avoid the work thing tomorrow, I would. But I can't so I will just suck it up and go in.

Ahh well.

[ profile] nienna_weeper
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I have salvaged just about everything I wanted to off of the computer. I am able to work in bits on Windows on the old drive. I ordered the new drive from Tiger Direct and got myself 1 GIG of RAM to go with it! *sings* Merry Christmas to me! I so deserve that. I want a better, faster machine. I cannot afford a new machine right now so putting this one together for 150.00 is a good idea. I will do the new machine next year.

All is well and I managed to post some graphics I had to get to people. I have one pending blinkie offer that I really want to get done. I might be able to do that in stages here. I will try that. *obsesses*

Anyways. It is not so bad. I will survive. *has Gloria Gaynor moment*

I am back at work and that is totally MOAN-worthy. Waking up was sooo difficult.

by [ profile] kandysmindfreak
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That I did not even have time to moan and rant.

What are we coming to?

The Uni is back in session and I am working my butt off. If I am a bit scarce it is because of that. I am also going on vacation this Friday so I am trying to prepare for that. Woo hoo.

Today everyone seemed grumpy and out of sorts at work but I did manage to get a lot done.

We are meeting with the new landlord of our house this week with all that entails. I had a house meeting with the other residents here tonight. Such good people.

I am wrecked so I am heading to sleep.

Post your moans here. I want to know.
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*It was so hard to get up this morning. I snoozed 3 times!
*It took me forever to feel coherent.
*Weekends are not long enough.

Good things:
*I found a coffee coupon for a discounted latte in my office while cleaning.
*All my co-workers are out at a training so I am not being bothered.
*I have lunch planz.
*My new earrings look smashing.
*I am getting Wednesday off.

So far the good out weighs the bad but that does not mean it is not still Moanday.

Lay it on me. Our operators are standing by.
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So the hot water here has been off since Sunday morning. -Moan number 1

I did not feel like a cold shower and was not quite up to par this morning so I stayed home. -Moan 2

I am enjoying my stay at home and finally have accomplished this:

That, my friends, is the blinkie. I have many tutorials to thank for this, mainly from [ profile] r_sambora_luvr and [ profile] whisperinangel. While I did depart from theirs stylistically, I got the basic nuts and bolts of the blinkie thing from them. The how to thing.

I feel a strong sense of accomplishment on the graphics thing having made this little animated graphic. Now I need to refine the boxes and play around with them...but I know what to do.


I have plans for the evening and errands to run this afternoon. But all is good.

Holler back with your moans for today or any good news that you might have.
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*wake up at the un-godly hour of 5:00 am
*takes me a long time to get conscious
*so not used to the work day thing as I have been out for a week
*work is boring

Good things
*back feels ok
*co-workers all happy to see me
*boss flexible about all the appointments I have this week.
*chiro today--woot

That is about it. I keep meaning to do a post on HAIRSPRAY. I will get to that sometime. It was an incredibly good movie. Excellent music and with a few good messages in there. So well worth seeing.

The phone lines are open and our operators are standing by...
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I had to wake up at 5:00am
My back hurts.
I want the day off.

Here is this meme things.

Playful Hottie Yearningly Needing Carnal Kisses and Embraces

Get Your Sexy Name

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Everyone did so why can't I? As found on [ profile] aglarien1. It was written by [ profile] mdarkdreamer.

Q: What is your name:
A: Phyncke or Jane

Q: Do you have any pets. If yes, what:
A: One lovely cat: Boo or Ms. Thing or the Domo or the little Dominatrix

Q: Do you have any siblings:
A: Two older brothers: David and Bob

Q: What fandoms do you "collect" from:

Q: What brand toothpaste do you use:
A: Colgate

Q: Favorite NON fandom book:
A: The Darkhunter series

Q: Do you write FanFiction/What fandom(s):
A: Yes--LOTR

Q: If you were on Death Row, what would you order as your last meal:
A: Lobster, corn and biscuits

Q: (Looks at previous Q) What the hell are you doing on Death Row, what did you do!:
A: I didn't do it.

Q: Forest, Beach, Arctic or Desert:
A: Beach...

Q: Favorite sexual position:
A: Don't ask me this...I forget

Q: (If you have never had sex) Favorite sexual position to write or watch:
A: Slash...many positions

Q: Favorite Alcoholic beverage:
A: Dry chardonnay

Q: Favorite soda:
A: Pepsi

Q: Cuddle/Snuggle or Don't fucking touch me:
A: Cuddly snuggle

Q: Favorite season (Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter):
A: Winter

Q: Favorite Lotr pairing (You may pick 2):
A: Fingolfin and one writes him. Aegnor and one writes him either.

Q: Favorite elf you would want to see naked, sweaty and soaking in a bubble bath (You may pick 2):
A: A broody smoldery Fingolfin.

Q: If you write, longest story written:
A: I have a WIP that is getting pretty title yet.

Q: Favorite Coffee or Tea...or both:
A: Coffee


Any moans today? I am pretty good. But we are open for business.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 12:23 pm
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Oh the pain. A poem for you today...*clears throat*

I woke up in my bed so weary...
The alarm it sounded oh so bleary...
Drank some coffee oh so cheery.
As I trudged on my way to the Uni-door.

The list of MOANDAY complaints so far
-I had to get up at 5:00 am
-Someone at work is going to create work for me and has to stick her big nose in something that is none of her bizziness.
-I spilled sauce on my shirt. I like this shirt.

That is about it so far. Not too bad.

Send in your complaints, your inconveniences...your whatever. I am listening.

*group huggle*
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I started my new schedule and getting up for a 7:00 am is much earlier than for an 8:00 am start time. I went back to sleep and was late today but the beauty of it all is that no one was there to know it. Woot. I think I am going to like this new schedule a lot. I will try to be on time though, as ethics demand.

I bought myself a large latte today at Peet's to make up for the horror's of my wake up debacle.

So here I am. n

Lay it on me people's. We have all day to moan here.
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Well it is moanday but it was not too bad as I had the day off to spend with my dad. We have been having a great time and managed to finish up all the "projects" I had planned for him to get done during his stay here. As my mom tells me, he likes to feel productive so I should put him to work.

So I did. Lots of work.

So today was good. We hooked up the new printer, fixed the wiper blades on my car and fixed the ashtray thing on the car which had fallen and annoyed me. We also went to see Spider Man 3 and had a lovely early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at the mall. Really nice time.

My major moan today is that he is leaving tomorrow morning on a 6:00 am flight. Tonight he goes back to his hotel and he will leave from there in the morning. *heavy sigh* It was a short visit but we really had a good time.

Oh moan moan. It makes me a little tired that most of my family lives on the East Coast. Moan.


The phone lines are open and our counselors are standing by. Lay it on me.


Jun. 4th, 2007 08:13 pm
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Late today. I took a personal day so I was not in my usual moanday mood. But here I am and let me know if there is anything going on that is moanworthy other than the trolls loose at the moment.

I am making this brief as I hear that posting is wonky right now.

I had a good day but I spent too much money. That is bad. Oh wells. I did get things that I needed.

The phone lines are open and the psychiatrist is in. Let her rip.
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*bad hair day...really bad.
*I almost ran out of coffee.
*People keep sluffing their work off on me.
*My cream curdled in my coffee this morning.
*I need to get my story to beta by Wed! *ak*
*The cafe messed up my ensalada. Wrong braid and wrong dressing. (see below)

Good things:
*my story is going well! *grin*
*I am up to doing all my work.
*I potted some new plants to bring to work.
*I am generally in a good mood.
*Salad was pretty good in spite of above.

The psychiatrist is now in and we are accepting calls here. Let her rip.

Edited at 3:23 pm
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So I wake up early and then settle back into a blissful sleep. It is Saturdag and I can go back to sleep.


A little while later at about doorbell rings. And I cannot tell you how obnoxious my doorbell is. It is a loud BUZZZZZING of a sound. Not a chime. Not a bell but a


Well, it is the plumber. He's come to fix the sink.

Fucking A. I have been trying to get the manager to have this done since Monday and she scheduled it for early Saturday morning?!


Sorry for the language but I was angry. I let him in of course but I was in my robe and jammies and had not had coffee. You can imagine how happy I was.

Now that it is fixed I am in a better state of mind. But that was not good.


I am off to do errands, laundry and be outside. It is a gorgeous day here in California. I mean to make something of it.

Have a lovely day.

by [ profile] hisescape
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Nothing...going on.

Just this. The telecomm company cut the phone line to our panic alarm here at the office thereby causing an annoying alarm to sound through our whole office. Annoying repetitive beeps...over and over. I finally figured out who was in charge of the device and could get them to handle it.

But cha.

What's minor annoyances have gotten you today?

Share with us all here...

Kind of like group therapy.

Cept on livejournal and you are typing. O.o
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Today's report...


*Summer has hit and it is hotter than Hades. Temps seemed over 90.
*No office AC. This is the Uni. We don't got none.
*Woozy by noon.
*Yet things had to get done.

Good things that happened:
*got things done
*Nice boss let us out at 4pm
*It will cool off tonight.

The phone lines are open.
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I don't have much to complain about really, not a whole hell of a lot. Let me see here.

Work related angst happening:

*we ran out of water today
*the copier broke down

On a personal level:

*I have a very painful hang nail that hurts when I type. Oh the boo boo.

But that is about it.

*puts the can out*

I am listening.
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And a little bit of that...


*student missing...we may have to send in the SWAT team.
*I have been derailed by things POPPING up all day in my worklife.
*which has made it a VERY unsettling day
*I did not sleep enough last night.
*I am tired as all get out.

Good things:
*We keep cracking ourselves up here at the office.
*I love the people I work with.
*The day is almost over.

The operators are standing by...let us know what is on your mind.


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