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Mensday. I have discovered a blog by a gay man and celebrating the male physique. Now why would this not be good for us to appreciate? Hmm? We loves this one.

Oh boy oh boy... )

I want me some of those...

*cross posted on motems*
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Or was that Rhapsody? :P

So I have been missing the Dudes-Menday thing and I know it is Thursday but I feel like posting a guy. My it or like it. He he he.

I think George Clooney is cool. I recently saw Michael Clayton and he was fabulous. Not only is he hot but he has really grown in terms of his acting range. This movie was very taut and just kept you there through the whole thing. You come out satisfied in the end, in some respects though not in the way you expect...

By George... )

He sure does look like his mom aunt, singer Rosemarie Clooney and those eyes are just, hmmm. So he is not to everyone's taste, I know. But he is as close to a "bratpacker" as we are getting nowdays...I just like him. So sue me.

I will bring this back on the right day next week, but here it is for now. I thought we could use some eye candy and I think him worthy of note.

[ profile] soxxylissa
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So it is Mensday and I am bringing you three reasons to be thankful. Three gorgeous men from Storm.

Clickety click right here )

That is Nick, Trent and Jono, respectively. Give a shout if you like them.

So today was a ball buster at the Uni. People trying to get things done when they should just relax and prepare psychologically for the holiday. :P What is all this working thing about?

I do like to clear things up so I don't come back to a mess, so that is what it was all about for me. Left my notes all clear and we got out at 4pm. We usually do a warm up night before tomorrow which sometimes can include Velveeta but that is not happening this year. It is good for me because I have things to do and images to play with. I am feeling all creative.

I still don't know what time to be there tomorrow. I am sure that will sort out.

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have fun and be safe.


Nov. 14th, 2007 08:56 pm
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*midweek post*

I have just over 2000 words of my Slashy Santa. *dances* It is rough but not half bad. I feel like I will actually get it done. Woot. First Age drama.

So thanks to Ervy I am obsessing about this guy she posted on [ profile] motems, Mr. Ribbsaeter. It was a while ago there but I bring you this Mensday post.

Hummena, hummena... )

We are using him as Turgon for Elves Unstructured:

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Since I have done a Dudesday or a Mensday post. So here I am. I saw 3:10 to Yuma and it had two yum-worthy guys in it. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. I love them both so today's photo is a file shot that I have of Russell-baby. He sho was awesome in this movie.

Highly recommend. For all its slash potential too.

Russell, my man... )

Next week: Mr. Bale

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I missed Dudesday but I am catching Mensday here. We are revisiting Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I am looking at longer haired images right now. This will be an evolving post as my better shots are on the home computer and I cannot web surf that much from the work machine here.

I just found one photoshoot of him with longer hair. Amazingly enough, I am having trouble googling good long haired shots but don't have much time to spend on it here.

The one I came up with... )

More to follow this evening.

In other news. I am back at work having been out sick a few days which explains why I have no time to look at men here. I am still not feeling all that well but did not want to be out that much. It is good to be back in the office and my work buddies are really nice here. I get to leave at 4pm most days so I can nap later. That should be good.

by [ profile] onelonesoul at [ profile] the_sweet_shop
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So. I missed Dudesday but it is still Mensday. No time to look for someone new so we are going with a file photo this time. Sexy, dreamy Christian Bale. I lurve me some of him.

Here he is.

Oooo...ahhh, ain't he fine? Now on to my stress and anxieties for a moment. This is why I have this journal, innit? O.o

Cut for your sanity... )

I feel better after writing that all out. If you are curious why not peak inside? He he he.
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Oh the pain it will continue...

Up and down here. I have been icing and going for walks and doing this and that. I managed to.

*walk around the park
*clean the cat box
*cook lunch and dinner
*keep the apartment reasonably clean

Not that bad. I was really stiff and sore this morning and walking helped a lot. I think it is true that walking helps you stay flexible.

So enough about me. On to the men.

Here is one from I picked him because the pic looked like it was out of starwars. All Obi Wan and shit.

Obi Wan my heart... )

That is all I got. I go to the chiro tomorrow. Will update. Thank you all for the good wishes. I have the bestest friendslist. You guys totally rock.

Over and out. *static* *end transmission*

I'm late!

Jun. 12th, 2007 09:46 pm
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It's Dudesday and I am late. This is a shameless steal from [ profile] motems. This is a gorgeous specimen if ever there was one if we want to get all clinical about it which we DON'T. I think we want to get up close to this guy, as close as possible.

[ profile] ervinae posted this Thai-Swedish god and hummena...

Patrick Ribbsaeter )


I will post more tomorrow. Work things happening and life is very busy here. An update is in order.
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I took this because he was wearing a M*A*S*H* t-shirt and I loved that show when I was a kid. It was such a great show.

Anyways, I digress. This guy's name is Kaden and I got him from [ profile] hunkoftheday. They are pervs*like*us. HEH.

Young punk on what... )

He seems to have some kind of attitude going on here...or is it me? He appears to be a musician of some sort. Ya.

And tell me, do I need to be at Insane Journal? I am at Greatest Journal already. I mean is that redundant or what? I cross post already. I don't think I can handle moar. How many icons do they give you? That might be the deal breaker.

Opinions? Shall I follow the herd? You guide me here.


May. 29th, 2007 04:09 pm
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It is dudesday and I did something random. I typed in "model" into google to see what came up. And oh la. Woo. *bites nails*

Love this one. It's a Ralph Lauren ad but who cares...

David Genat... )

He does not really look like a tennis player to me. He looks all Noldo looking really.


*runs off*

Found on
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I have been meaning to do this since like 6:30 am. I mean that. I picked these out first thing this morning! CHA.

Here we have this week's dude.

Scottish dude...

Ewan McGregor!!!! )

Have I posted him before? Not sure! O.o

Oh well!
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Because it is Dudesday and I want to...I am also monumentally bizzy. [ profile] keiliss has immortalized him in an icon and I want to post him as this week's dude again...

Patrick Flanery whatever-his-name-is )

Some things are worth repeating.
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So I have 300 on the brain and it is reflected in this week's selection of the dude. I pick a Spartan dude...

Stelios.. )

A quick drive by posting as I get ready for work.

Have a good day everyone.

I still have yesterday's events on my mind. I am sure I will for a while.

Screencap by [ profile] iconfilth.

by [ profile] lotrangel17
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So this is what I love about Dudes-day. I get to indulge in my fantasies. I love this week's selection. He is a great actor...he plays the range from super hero to psychotic murderer...quite a versatile range there.

And he be hot...*smolders*

He is Batman... )

Comment if you like. Comment if you don't. You know I want to hear from you.
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And monumentally bizzy today! O.o

A repeat!

My fave Depp-pic )

Cuz I can!

Happy Dudes-day!

Now tell this pic ever BAD?
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So I am using stormmodels lately. I am in the mood for the handsome men there...

His name is Luca...he lives on the...well we don't care where he lives and frankly we don't know.

Luca Mendes.. )

Happy Dudesday and Mensday Australia/NZ...

Let me know what you think. I always WANT. TO. KNOW.
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It is 11:26 pm and I forgot to post the dude. Crikey. What hath come over me? Somebody spank me! *heh* So it is still Mensday in most parts of the world and I am snaking this in just under the wire.

Anyways. I have decided to randomly pick a Storm person. Got no time to debate here. So onto Storm Models I go...*pause for oggling of the mens*

Et voila!

A noldo if I don't miss my guess... )

This guy would totally make a good Noldo. I am just saying. *has Noldo's on the brain*

He has dark hair and GREY EYES. I am just saying!

Comment here with what Noldo you think he could be...any age is fine. First Age..Second Age...Third name it.


Mar. 6th, 2007 06:58 am
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This is Oliver. I got him from

I usually try and find a dude with more than one usable photo but he only had one that I wanted to use. He looks dreamy here with wet hair and *rowr* he is...a short Dudesday today. But I think he is very much a DUDE.

Is he worth the waiting for? )
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So I don't think this one will be popular, but I think this guy is a total dude and he cracks me up. So that is it. I run DUDESDAY and this one is fo me. We are not here to be popular! *stomp*

Punked... )

So there you go. Zing me and let me know what you really think! *huzzah*


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