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And I want to go to this one. Rly. Where IS this guy?

*NSFW* and courtesy of the Gay Body Blog.

He looks out over the water contemplating his life... )

Things are good today. I have to go to the laundrymat with you guessed it, laundry. We have discovered that the new movie theatre opened in Alameda this weekend so we might go to check that out tonight. I have no idea what we are seeing. I really should clean today. Yeah. So I will try and motivate myself to get to that. Tomorrow we might go to Ocean Beach and hang out on a blanket for the day. I would love to go to the beach. It is supposed to be warmer.

So that is all in the life today.

by [ profile] laurahonest
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Today's dudesday post is brought to you by [ profile] ford_of_bruinen and I am sure many Bunday posts to come.

We have Dieux Du Stade 2008...

The Jean Jean Dude... )

Oh la la.
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So as I head out the door...I do a repost of some previously viewed material. I got to. I am late.
*not work safe*

But they so nice anyways... :P )

I was going to see a movie but my planz have changed. I have no control over my life.

by [ profile] lotrangel17
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For your viewing pleasure. It is late but yes it is BUNDAY. I am going to sleep late tomorrow and I do not want y'all waking me up! He he he. So here are a few previously viewed items. Kind of like ABC gum but not gross like that.

From the Bunday archives... )

So while I am a-sleeping you post commentz so I wake up and have something to read with my coffee. Yup yup...

Morning everyone...perving shall commence, now!
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This is like therapy, yes? He he he. Our perv session. I did some trawling today and came up with some new material from one of my favorites, Dylan Ricci. I found some photographs I had not seen. I like to keep it fresh here.

Diaphanous Cloth... )

In other news--There was an elf meeting yesterday and I met up with the ever lovely, ever vivacious [ profile] jaiden and spouse. We traipsed around this area for a little bit and had a snacketo. I showed them my hood and the Uni. It was loads of fun and it was great to meet her. All too short but very nice to do. We did take a picture but that is on their camera and will be posted once she gets home. *weeeeeeee*

I have to report that I have been doing a bit of organizing and cleaning here at the ponderosa and it has paid off. I got 6 humongous storage bins at the Homes Desperate (Janespeak for Home Depot) and I was determined to clean out this place. I threw out 3 large trash bags of junk and then organized stuff. I tell you, it is a fabulous feeling. I feel like I can actually think in here now. I'd had stuff piled everywhere and behind the sofa, well NO MAS. It is all in these bins and organized. *nod*

I have conquered!!!! *rebel yell*

Today, I was supposed to go to Sebastopol but I don't know what is going on. I think that has been cancelled. That is good as I have writing I want to do.

So that is it for me today. Have a good Sunday!

by [ profile] lotrangel17 at [ profile] blinkie_dreams
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Technically it is Bunday. I am out most of the day tomorrow and won't get to this so I am posting the buns now. I also think I need a day off the way I go.

I think a retrospective will be good for now. I will be back with new material next Sunday.

A bunday in review... )

There will be a quiz on this next week...*cough* Just kidding!

Happy Sunday!

Mon dieu!

Jul. 22nd, 2007 09:24 am
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We have not had one of these in a while. One of the French ruggers. And this one is oh so nice. Oh la la.

Dieux du Stade... )

Coming up--my thoughts on the movie Hairspray and other things. Stay tuned.
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So party people. I have been culling through my email and Bunday got away from me. A felicitous happenstance for you. I give you three previous postings for your viewing pleasure. A little slash, a little bondage...a little hummena...

So here we go. Enjoy!

Bundays past for you viewing pleasure... )

I deleted close to 2000 messages from various email accounts and now I can go have lunch. Jeez louise. My email is wonderfully clean right now.

How long will it last, I wonder? Time will tell.

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This one has the implied buns but not the actual buns. It is more about what you don't see here. So fill in the blanks with your over-active imaginations. I know I have. La la la.

I am in a rush here. Have to launder and such.

A nice, muscular thigh for you... )

by [ profile] lotrangel17 at [ profile] juicy_grapes
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Stretching man so gorgeous...this one by Dylan Ricci.

Cut for the shy among you...pervs click in... )

I am off to do errands and get my car worked on at Jiffy Lube. Oh joy. Oh rapture.

by [ profile] lotrangel17 at [ profile] juicy_grapes
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And you know how we likes those. We likes em a lot. This one from our reader all the way in England. [ profile] tuxedo_elf says this guy is like "sex on legs". Now that is a tall recommendation for anyone.

This guy is from Dr. Who and Torchwood and is very out in the gay community. We likes him!

*lots of piccies...all work safe, one bare chested, not dial up friendly*

John Barrowman! )

So there we go. Your dude for the week. Suggestions are always welcome so you can leave them here. We aim to please here at Dude Central.

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It is Bunday and therefore I am posting the naughty. This is a shot by Robert Laliberte. I found a nice new source of the artful male can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Buns in the grass... )

So I have carved out a day to do nothing. I am still in my jammies here and sipping iced tea. It is nice. I am enjoying the quiet and the only reason to go out might be to get a latte at Peet's. That is the only reason I can imagine.

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A Happy Father's Day to one and all.

Here are the buns this week. They come from [ profile] nienna_weeper's Worthy Buns Collection and they are oh so worthy...enjoy!

Click click... )

I have no plans for today. I hope it stays that way! Huzzah!

by [ profile] janke at [ profile] blinkie_dreams
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Now class...he he he. Just a quick review of a few previously posted buns.

Never a bad thing... )

My dad showed up at 6:00 am to watch the final of the French Open. I love him dearly bu O.o.

Have a good Sunday!
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We have a contributing editor to Bunday. Please welcome and give a big round of applause to [ profile] nienna_weeper. She has generously sent in some wonderful photos for our weekly perv session and this is a fine example. I do not have a credit for it but...woo. We likes it anyway.

He so fine... )

I am off to do all sorts of chores and wander around this fair city.

I saw POTC yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I also bought Children of Hurin too. It looks to be a stunning book. Very excited about that too.

Let me know your thoughts about this one. You know I want to know.
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I am lazy. But these are nice ones. In fact none of them are bad. So here you go for your viewing pleasure.

The buns in review... )

I love long weekends. I have gotten my house sorted and now I can relax. Woo.

by [ profile] whisperinangel at [ profile] blinkie_store
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A Bunday the interest of time, I am posting a few past selections from Bundays past as today's eye candy. I have to dash and don't have time to crop an image. So here we go. These are four that I really like.

Hope you do too...

Bunday retrospective...overload? )

These men are just...*bites nails*

Happy Sunday and more on the work front later. There is news.

By [ profile] starlet
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I think Mother's appreciate Bunday... O.o

OK. This is for everyone. But Happy Mother's Day. Tom Bianchi photo here. Much neglected by moi but no less stunning. This man is stunning...

Stretch.... )

I tried to call me mummy today but she was out gallavanting around some where. Cha.

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Dylan Ricci on this one. I think he is my fave. This one just shows so much affection. The holding hands thing just gets me here. it is slashy too. But this one is so nice.

A hint of buns here...subtle but oh so sexy.

Dylan Ricci...holding hands... )

In other news...I am about to have a really busy week at work. I am updating all games and posting myself off there.

I have three events going up that I put together and a slew of other things happening. I will be going full tilt. Expenses to file and caterers to deal with and the whole ball of whacks. Oy.

I expect to be VERY busy until Friday.

I kind of like it though. Gets the blood pumping and it is not dull.
phyncke: Dapino Graphics for Image (Buns in Kilt) is time for another French rugger. They so handsome.

The inherent tragedy in this one is that he is getting dressed. *sobs* But it is a nice series of

He he he.

Gorgeous boy getting dressed... )

Mon dieux!

Have a good day. I will update later. I had a good day yesterday. Lots to say but rushing out to do the laundering here.

This one reminds me of the Bow Wow Wow song...I Want Candy!

by [ profile] krazy500


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