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Woo! I so happy!
Going on Friday night!

Thunder Down Under Thunder Down Under

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Woo! I so happy!
Going on Friday night!

Thunder Down Under Thunder Down Under

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I really liked the movie tonight and here are a few photos of Christopher Pine. He was great in this movie and I just think he is interesting as an actor and visually. He played a great working class hero in this.

More of him this way... )


by izabeth

Here is...

May. 3rd, 2009 08:55 am
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A lovely pic for your viewing pleasure...I hope you enjoy the scenery along with this one.

*Not Safe for Work*

Thiago Viera... )

I have to get it together to get my oil change today and do food shopping. Such is life. Have a great Sunday. It is raining here and I do love the rain.

by wildrosedragon at potof_gold
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So here we are on Sunday and you know what that means. I have a Bunday selection. This model, I think, does a lot of underwear commercials. His name is David August so here he is. For your pleasure.

*Not safe for work*

David August in )

Yesterday I went to see Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail and it was hilariously funny. I needed to laugh and this movie delivered on that. Really good. I had not seen any of the Tyler Perry movies and maybe a little bit of the show House of Paine but I will catch more of these. I was laughing through the whole movie. There was a guest appearance by Dr. Phil as an anger management counselor. So very good.

I am fighting off a cold and have been trying to do the zinc thing and get extra sleep. I am not in the mood to do house work or anything so I am going to let that slide. I will do my food shopping and get out a little bit today but I think rest is the thing. It is also good for the shoulder. So that is what I will do. I can do the laundry during the week when I need to. Lot of it there but cannot bring myself to get to that.

Hope everyone is going well. Next week I am off to San Diego for a weekend trip. Going to the zoo and all that. Looking forward to that.

Cheers and enjoy your day!

by alicexdemented
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Sent in from the lovely fairewench. A little obscured but no less pleasing. This guy is Gilles Marini. Not bad at all! Thank you for the contributed piece.

*Not safe for work*

Man is this way... )

Wicked Review:
This show was amazing and the thing that I find notable is that it is based on the book Wicked that is essentially a work of fan fiction about the Wizard of Oz. It is a take on the story from the witch's POV. I think it is great that this is doing so well. The music and staging were fresh and exciting. You could see where they took off from the movie and her transformation from a gawky girl to the formidable wicked witch was just very believable. Really great on that. I just love this show and if you can see it...well see it. It fills in some back story on where the Tin Man and Scarecrow come from. Really interesting that. Loved it. As a fan fiction writer, I just find this GREAT.

Right now I am waiting for the cable guy to come and set up my new DISH TV system for my place. We are splitting this with three apartments here so this will be very affordable. Yays.

Work is very busy and no time to mess around there really. I have a lot to do. I am training this week on IN DESIGN. So I am enhancing my CS3 skills and what not. Yays. Freee of charge at the Uni. Two day training and it will be fun to work on design stuff. Coolios.

That is about all I have here. Hope everyone is doing well. Cheers.
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So [ profile] khylea found this and made these for me. You can spell your name in naked MEN (or maybe couples...cannot tell)!! Woopety doo. How great is that.

*Not safe for work and posted behind the cut*

My naked selves... )

You can do this yourself at this web site:

This totally appeals to my pervy side.
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Herb Ritts and water...this guy. Wowsie. You have to look close to see the buns but this is a cool photo...refreshing. I like it. We have had a heat spell that just broke here. So...this is for that.

*not safe for work*

Wet and wonderful... )

In other news. I can finally get some things done here as the temp dropped about 12-15 degrees. It was in the 90's most of the week and we got some relief today. Thank goodness. I am going to do some cleaning and finish up my tripledog to get to beta this morning. Then go off to the launderama.

Boring me. I signed up for sea kayaking in October. A three lesson bundle at the University. Woo. That sounds fun. My brothers gave me the tuition for my birthday. Yays.

Enjoy your Sunday. La.

[ profile] goodgal996
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Mensday. I have discovered a blog by a gay man and celebrating the male physique. Now why would this not be good for us to appreciate? Hmm? We loves this one.

Oh boy oh boy... )

I want me some of those...

*cross posted on motems*
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We can have a bit of levity here. I am not going to post a diatribe about LJ or anything like that. Time for some eye candy here. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Rly.

This guy is cute...

From storm... )

This might make me shallow but I am a permanent member and I may post on other journal platforms but I am in for the long haul here. Not going anywhere.

So enjoy this.

Work is fun. I am planning some events and I have travel arrangements up the wazoo. Two conferences back to back in May so la la la la. The travel desk is my friend. I know the timetables by heart here.


by [ profile] ocean_soul13
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Here we have a more classic pose for the Bunday photo. This is a funny one. But he is very nice looking too. Enjoy.

Classic buns... )

I am off to Petaluma, CA to do some antiquing and to have some delicious Italian meatballs and sauce. Yummety. It is about a 40 minute drive. We are off in about an hour. Have a good day everyone!


by [ profile] niftybabe313
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With a random dudesday selection for you. I know I have been inconsistent lately and I will endeavor to be more reliable. :P

Anyways. I went on this morning and picked the first guy that caught my fancy. His name is Jono and I bet it rhymes with Bono. I have a little song going in my head for that. Make it stop...

I think he is cute and would make a fine elf. Kind of Noldo this one.

Jono...Bono...Bono...Jono... )

Happy Toosday everyone. Let me know if there is anyone you would like to see as a Dudesday choice.

Made by [ profile] nienna_weeper at [ profile] faded_graphics
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I am still sitting here sipping coffee and it is time to check in the the buns. I have this lovely example from Dylan Ricci. He is such a wonderful photographer.

Stretch... )

I am doing a whole lot of nothing today. I may even skip laundry and hang out here relaxing. I can get it done during the week. The clothes situation is not dire this week.

Have a good Sunday and shout out if you like this one!

by [ profile] snarki_angel
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Dudesday! I am a little late but we got one today from this site:

If you don't know that site...well BOOKMARK it right now. Do not delay. Wet men...WET!

Here is today's dude. Almost naked but I get the feeling that he is not.

Jonathan Schaech... )

Enjoy the piccie and have a good evening.
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I missed Dudesday but I am catching Mensday here. We are revisiting Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I am looking at longer haired images right now. This will be an evolving post as my better shots are on the home computer and I cannot web surf that much from the work machine here.

I just found one photoshoot of him with longer hair. Amazingly enough, I am having trouble googling good long haired shots but don't have much time to spend on it here.

The one I came up with... )

More to follow this evening.

In other news. I am back at work having been out sick a few days which explains why I have no time to look at men here. I am still not feeling all that well but did not want to be out that much. It is good to be back in the office and my work buddies are really nice here. I get to leave at 4pm most days so I can nap later. That should be good.

by [ profile] onelonesoul at [ profile] the_sweet_shop
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Happy Birthday [ profile] erviniae!!!

So I am posting one of my favorite male images in honor of your day. You inspire us with your pervy taste and your sense of humour. Have a wonderful time on your birthday, darling!

*big huggle*

Click for the maleness... )

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From Hunk du Jour....cuz he is yummeh.

I will post some of my own pics found. Worksafe but not dial up friendly.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers... )
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I am bizzy today so I am posting a repeat. One can never go wrong with this one.

Depped again... )

If you are into dolls. Join:

[ profile] sayclubsandmore

We are having such fun over there. We average 2-3 posts a day and you can request things if you want.

Click here to see:

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Who is right. Dr. Who that's who. Who's on first? *cough*

Anyway. In keeping with the theme started last week and for you sci fi channel junkies, I thought I would have Dr. Who as this week's Dude. He is so dorky and geeky. He makes a great dude! Cha!

David Tennant! )

Now I used to watch the old Dr. Who. I am really going to have to catch this new one. I wonder if it is on cable in the USA. It has to be.


Thoughts? Opinions?

I'm late!

Jun. 12th, 2007 09:46 pm
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It's Dudesday and I am late. This is a shameless steal from [ profile] motems. This is a gorgeous specimen if ever there was one if we want to get all clinical about it which we DON'T. I think we want to get up close to this guy, as close as possible.

[ profile] ervinae posted this Thai-Swedish god and hummena...

Patrick Ribbsaeter )


I will post more tomorrow. Work things happening and life is very busy here. An update is in order.


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