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A friend just texted me and I just saw this tweet -

LJ's servers have been moved to Russia which leads me to have lots of security concerns about this platform. I am wondering if any of you feel the same way or have any ideas about what to do about this. I cross post most of my entries to LJ anyway but I still have to log in here to read the flist. I am worried about the security of this platform and LJ seems like a relic. My friend who is more up on these things - urged me to abandon the site because it is a security concern and there is a risk in using the site.

So I wonder if there is another site for fandom things or if people are interested in migrating to dreamwidth which is a similar platform. I already have an account over there.

Anyway. I wanted to see what the feeling is and if you even knew about this. Thoughts, feelings and concerns? I think this is a real issue and may effect my ongoing presence here.

I welcome comments on this topic and really want to know what you think.

Edit -
Here are some additional references and posts to read -
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It is not that bad. I was disappointed to see they took the link to birthdays off the page. After some looking around, I found that I could find birthdays by clicking on LJ Tokens at the top of the page and birthdays are on that page. If anyone else needs to get to them. That was one of the only things I really used the home page for was for birthdays. Anyhoo.

I am not that upset about the home page. It actually is useful in that it posts your recent comments and such. I just wish they had left a link to the birthdays there for convenience sake. I am getting to be indifferent to the changes on LJ.


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LJ slow as molasses.
like posting through syrup.
some kind of malicious attack.
duck and run for cover.
oh noes!

LJ failed inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2013.

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Jan. 1st, 2013 06:35 pm
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Spam comment
Spam comment
Spam comment

All takes time
report a bot
report a bot
report a bot
ban, ban, ban

Time I do not have, time better allocated.

Annoyance rises in my belly at failing LJ.

LJ fail inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2013.

by gad21 in onlycutethings on livejournal
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Error 500 this time.
A new one.
Means no comment ability.

LJ fails again.
What to do?

LJ fail inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2012.



Dec. 22nd, 2012 05:07 pm
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The sense is that things are dire.
It does much to raise my ire.
When the warning is this...
Emergency maintenance

LJ, oh LJ.

Get out the paddles.
You are dying.

LJ fail inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2012.

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Varnish error repeat
I cannot complete
My appointed task

LJ oh LJ, you fail so much.
What is wrong? Another Russian dissident or such?

One does not know.
What will go through.
Naughty or nice.
It is a roll of the dice.

LJ fail inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2012.

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Varnish error of doom.
Is there any room.
For me to load
My precious icons?

LJ oh LJ you gasp and groan and wheeze.

What is your *bleeping* problem?!

And what does the number 503 mean anyway?
In an existential sense.
What does it mean?!

LJ fail inspired poetry by phyncke. Copyright 2012.

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LJ maintenance
My comment fails
Denied access

Off to!

a poem for today!

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Hideous. Leads me to believe that LJ has these new style modules that they are implementing. You have to keep switching to the old version. I wonder how long that will be available. I think the redesign is much colder and shows less information. Absolutely terrible. Gah. Gah, I say!
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I got this email from LJ today, just now...

Dear phyncke,

We noticed that someone logged in to your LiveJournal account from a new device or location. Detailed information about this login:

Country: US
Internet service provider: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

If it was you, then everything is fine and you can disregard this message.

You can check your current login sessions here. If you have any suspicions that someone could have got access to your account, please change your password and find out what else you can do.

Best regards,
LiveJournal Team

Now, I must have logged into LJ from this location a million times (like all the time). What gives with the new security from LJ. Duh.

by vapor at hypnotiic
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So I am posting this on LJ only as this pertains only to this site. The new posting screen they have implemented is really slow and gets hung up. The icon selector function does not work very well. I much prefer the drop down menu by title to the image preview. I cannot actually get the preview thing to work and it is slowwwwww here. I don't know about the rest of it as I have not tried the formatting stuff. I don't mind that they moved where things are but I really would like this to work as it is designed. I felt compelled to post about this. Once again, LJ is thinking of us.

Yep, I cannot actually select an icon. The thing turns and turns but won't let me. LJ you totally suck.
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I have been getting SPAM comments on some of my old posts on LJ:

Here is one:
Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I'm really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with *Read FULL Card Here*

I report the person as a BOT while first replying to the person with an expletive. This is just another reason why livejournal totally sucks right now. I get 3-4 of these a day. I am getting these on old RP journals, my current active journal etc.

It seems to be a recent thing. I will report it to LJ but I wondered if it is happening to anyone else.

Just another great LJ thing. The spam comment...really, I got three of them today.

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Here is another post on the FRIENDS Feed. Go forth and comment and make your feelings known. They still don't get it, folks, so make some noise here on this post and be loud!

I have already commented but we need to bring it and bring it in numbers. Do not want. This friends feed will be mandatory before long so share this on your list and get the word out. Changes are coming that are going to wreck the look of our flists.

I thought I would get the word out and see if you will too.
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Looks pretty good. A nice friendly blog format. I still have to figure out the layouts over here and could customize them more. I am testing the cross post function and checking to see if that works. Just blathering. I am trying to get to bed really early tonight because I have a big important meeting I am managing and attending and want ample time to drink coffee and primp here at home.

Anyhoo. This is a post about nothing much. I think I should add a graphic and see if that will carry over. I am testing this because I am hopping mad about the flist thing and the future of LJ. I just hate how it will look. I spend so much time on the friend view and I want it to look MY way, not theirs.

That is it. I design my own layouts and I like how they look. I won't start this cross posting thing until I am sure that LJ has totally disregarded what people want. I am sure they will ignore everyone and just go ahead with their redesign of the friends page.

Anyhoo. Just a test here. No big deal. I want to see how it looks here (DW) vs. there (LJ).

by blame
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LJ has redesigned our friends page to be a systems page. Gone is my lovely layout. This is in beta phase so go here and register your opinion on the matter:

You can take a look at the flist redesign but clicking on the link when you are looking at your flist. It is hideous. I am stunned at how stupid LJ can be. This is enough to make me go over to dreamwidth in a red hot minute.

So check it out and go comment with your opinion. I am amazed. LJ seems to want to deliberately alienate their userbase.

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LJ land seems like it is moving in slow motion. I cannot get things to load right. I am trying to figure out if it is a me problem or a site problem? Comment in with your experiences with the site. I am having trouble navigating, getting to commenting, getting comments to appear and such like that. I am just curious to see what is happening for other users. Let me know what is happening around for you. I would like to see if I need to do anything here - like use a different browser or something.

Anyhoo. No real things happening. I would rather be reading than working. I have things to do. I think I need a vacation. I might just take some time off in August.

And my Marvel Big Bang is not happening. I cannot settle down to get into that. Not sure what to do yet but will figure that out.


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I did that as it was an Avengers related thing and very funny. No need to worry that someone friended you or it will be a permanent thing. I reposted the content as it was Avengers related and very funny. No need to wig out about it. If you read the post it is a 15 minutes post of the Avengers movie and very hilarious. I did not mean everyone to freak out about it but reposted it to share it. It was meant to add to the flist.

(I tried to unpost the post but that is not working. I submitted a support ticket about this to LJ.)

I have apologized to the author of the post for the comment flurry on her journal as the tone of some of those were a bit rude and she did not deserve it as she had nothing to do with the repost.

That repost feature is a new LJ feature that allows content to be shared on your flist. I think it took a bunch of you by surprise. I doubt that any of you read the post which was very funny. Also, in my defense, I thought when I reposted that content that it would identify me as the poster like the old repost feature did. It did not work that way and made it appear as though that comm was on our flist.

Sorry, all. I am disabling comments as I know how some of you feel about this. I don't need to hear it right now (not feeling well)...I have seen your comments. Some of you may want to apologize yourselves but I did handle that from our corner of LJ land.

Blue Hair Chick
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I have been unable to log onto LJ since yesterday and cannot figure this out here. I wonder if anyone else is having problems with this. I am trying to cross post this from my dreamwidth account. I cannot figure out if this is my problem or LJ. Anyways. I won't be around here until this resolves. I am researching it on the internet. Every other website comes up fine here so not sure. I can see that the site is up and functioning but I cannot log in or get on here at all. 

Anyways. Just thought I would post this and see if it goes through and let you know where I went to. 

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I just converted to the new scrapbook beta. So far so good. I think it might be an improvement to the old one. They migrated all my Bunday photos over too. We are in business. It seems pretty good and I like the display. Has anyone converted yet?

Let me know.

I checked all my posts and the links still work from all my Bunday posts. No broken links. Go LJ! They totally did something right for a change!

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