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I made some Hobbit icons from the new banners they posted today. Different plays on light and a desaturated exposure. Enjoy!


 photo thranduil-1-phyncke-1_zps661f61df.gif  photo gandalf-3-phyncke-1_zps10a7f621.gif  photo bilbo-3-phyncke-1_zps30f0ff6a.gif  photo thorin-3-phyncke_zpse74d112e.gif  photo tauriel-4-phyncke-1_zpsa2f1e215.gif  photo bard-3-phyncke-1_zps3dd20d88.gif  photo legolas-2-phyncke_zps9799a102.gif

All versions of the icons this way... )

I made an icon of Tauriel because as a fanfic writer - I write OC's all the time. Her inclusion in the film does not bother me that much. I think she makes a beautiful elf and look forward to seeing her in the next film. I am more curious than anything about how that will be.

Cheers. Comment to let me know you took something. Credit not required but appreciated.
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Here are some icons of Thranduil, the Elvenking.




Comment when taking and credit is optional but appreciated.
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I made some more icons from The Hobbit. Here is Galadriel.



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I found a few more stills to make icons from.



Comment if you take these and credit is optional and appreciated.

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Here are some Hobbit icons inspired by the most recent poster released by the production. I really love this image of Gandalf. Feel free to snag these and credit is optional (and appreciated). Please comment if you snag them.

Hobbit 1

Hobbit 2

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I am really excited about the movie coming out of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. I made some icons of pictures I could find of the charries in that.


The White Queen:

All are here behind the cut... )

Please comment if you like these. I had a lot of fun making them. Please credit and save to your own server.
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This entry is currently under construction and will be where I post my icon gallery. I want to keep my graphics on my journal and a record of my gallery offerings for different communities. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Icon Gallery This Way Update for Winter 2008 )
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This is my latest project set.

The words belong to Jonathan Larson but I have been meaning to do this set for a while. Animated text lyric icons. These are mainly from the song La Vie Boheme from the musical RENT. I just think these have a real message to them.

Comments are welcome and please credit me. Please save to your own server. Note some mature themed under the cut. I would love to know which ones you take. Thank you!


No Day But Today

More this way... )


Jul. 16th, 2007 10:14 am
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These icons are based on the photographs of the Artlist Collection. They do pups at an interesting angle and I first saw these in a book that I picked up called Pet the Pup. It led me to find them on line and well here we are.


Pups and pithy commentary this way... )

Comments are love.
I would love to know which ones you like.
Hotlinking makes you the anti-christ.

Thank you.
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Here is the icon set that goes with the color bar that I posted earlier. Credit to me and comments are love. Thank you!


Click here... )
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I got the idea for these icons from a card company that uses quotes for their cards. I got the catalog and went from there. I am really pleased with how they came out.


Words of inspiration... )

Comment with what you think or what you are taking.
Credit is love.
Hotlinking is *well you know* BAD.
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So people are posting iconzzzz....

I posted here:

And you can go here:

This is the scoop.


Fellow iconmakers! Don't you often make icons that you're really proud of, but don't think they get the appreciation they deserve? If so, this is the place to showcase a few of these little beauties. Basically...

1. Post 12 icons you made that you think need some warm and fuzzy lovin'.
2. Go to your journal and link your thread so your friends and fans can come over and tell you which ones are their personal faves (or you know, just tell you how much they love your work).
3. Return the favor. Also note that there are several non-mainstream iconmakers out there, so be the cool person that you are and leave them nice comments, so they could feel all warm and fuzzy too! Got it?

We can make the world a better place, one comment at a time. Srsly.

This is shameless self-promotion so be a doll and PIMP THIS SHIT!! lol ♥
Ps. If you don't make icons, you're still very welcome/encouraged to participate :)
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So here are my statements on LJ. I thought I would have a try at these types of icons. Thanks to [ profile] keiliss for the assist in the design with her consultation.

Pithy little things, aren't they? )

Comments are welcome, credit is love. Hotlinking is a crime against humanity.
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Here is a sample of my latest offering at [ profile] iconz_anonymous a community for iconer and appreciator alike. You do not have to be a maker to join. It is for anyone who likes graphics and icons or just likes to look at pretty pictures.

These are on the cloud theme:



You can take the textless icon or request the custom ones. I just need to know what you would like on the icon.

Just leave me a comment here with what you would like. Credit is appreciated.


Picture is from Getty Images.
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So I was doing my laundry today and I have to take it to the laundry mat. They have these postcard thingz. Free post cards as advertising and there was this one with a picture from the de Young museum...the Vivienne Westwood exhibit. She is a fashion designer.

Well I LOVED this piccie. So I took the post card and researched the image a bit. It seems that I could only find it on the website for the de Young museum.

Aaaanyways. It begged to be made into an icon. And it is late so I only made the one.

You will see why.

Just the one.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For all to take and I would love to know what you think of it.

Thanks and good night.

*cross-posted from [ profile] iconz_anonymous*
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So the talented person who made my icons was none other than [ profile] nienna_weeper. She made these lovely flowers. I am reposting them here for you all to see. I really love them. *glomps her*

The lovely daisies... )

I would like to say thank you. I really love these and hope that we do another Icon Swap. It is so fun.

Swap banner by: [ profile] luin77!!
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Iconz Anonymous is now open!!!
[ profile] iconz_anonymous

A new community for anyone who likes icons...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

From the profile page:

No, we don't have a problem. We just like to make icons.

This community is open only to the friends of [ profile] phyncke, [ profile] aglarien1, and friends of their friends. This is NOT a traditional "ICON COMMUNITY". This is a place for friends to share their addiction for little 100x100 goodies with friends. We won't be checking for things like crediting or following for pickups - we just want to make icons. Whether you make icons or like to have them made for you, this is the place!

All of our friends who make icons are invited to post and offer icons to your friends. All members have posting access.

Do you have an icon you would like someone to make for you? Just post the request in a new post and someone will grab it and make it for you. You may get a few versions of the same thing....!

There are no rule except to credit the maker. We don't need to tell you to be polite because you already are - you're our friends.

The plug:
Right now membership is open so just go there and sign right up. It will be a casual community with few rules and lots of fun icons and other graphics. Anything goes really...

Join [ profile] iconz_anonymous now!
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Comments and credits are love.
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These icons are dedicated to [ profile] tuxedo_elf. It was she who got me on this bunny-crazed thing. She started it really. All her fault.

This is "phyncke's version" of the Easter bunny. These are a little different. *coughs*


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Click for the bunnies... )

Credit and comments are hippety hop and muchly appreciated.
Thank you for looking and I hope you like these. I had a blast making them.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I got my iconzzzz!!!

I don't know who they are from yet but they are fabulous. I gave them the subject of DAISIES and Spring. As Emma said in Jane Austen's Emma..."Daisies are such a drab little flower..." but I think they are prettiful...*bounce*

When iconed like this they are gorgeous...

This way be flowers... )

At a later date, all will be revealed and we get to find out who made these lovely creations. Right now I have no clue...I would not be able to guess...

La la la.

Swap banner by: [ profile] luin77!!


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