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With a random dudesday selection for you. I know I have been inconsistent lately and I will endeavor to be more reliable. :P

Anyways. I went on this morning and picked the first guy that caught my fancy. His name is Jono and I bet it rhymes with Bono. I have a little song going in my head for that. Make it stop...

I think he is cute and would make a fine elf. Kind of Noldo this one.

Jono...Bono...Bono...Jono... )

Happy Toosday everyone. Let me know if there is anyone you would like to see as a Dudesday choice.

Made by [ profile] nienna_weeper at [ profile] faded_graphics
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And I like Reese. Are they even still together? I am so not up on Hollywood gossip.

I am in the mood for Ryan Philippe. Don't ask me why? He is kinda cute. Thoughts on this?

This week's dude... )
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I missed Dudesday but I am catching Mensday here. We are revisiting Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I am looking at longer haired images right now. This will be an evolving post as my better shots are on the home computer and I cannot web surf that much from the work machine here.

I just found one photoshoot of him with longer hair. Amazingly enough, I am having trouble googling good long haired shots but don't have much time to spend on it here.

The one I came up with... )

More to follow this evening.

In other news. I am back at work having been out sick a few days which explains why I have no time to look at men here. I am still not feeling all that well but did not want to be out that much. It is good to be back in the office and my work buddies are really nice here. I get to leave at 4pm most days so I can nap later. That should be good.

by [ profile] onelonesoul at [ profile] the_sweet_shop
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From Hunk du Jour....cuz he is yummeh.

I will post some of my own pics found. Worksafe but not dial up friendly.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers... )
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I am bizzy today so I am posting a repeat. One can never go wrong with this one.

Depped again... )

If you are into dolls. Join:

[ profile] sayclubsandmore

We are having such fun over there. We average 2-3 posts a day and you can request things if you want.

Click here to see:

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Who is right. Dr. Who that's who. Who's on first? *cough*

Anyway. In keeping with the theme started last week and for you sci fi channel junkies, I thought I would have Dr. Who as this week's Dude. He is so dorky and geeky. He makes a great dude! Cha!

David Tennant! )

Now I used to watch the old Dr. Who. I am really going to have to catch this new one. I wonder if it is on cable in the USA. It has to be.


Thoughts? Opinions?
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I took this because he was wearing a M*A*S*H* t-shirt and I loved that show when I was a kid. It was such a great show.

Anyways, I digress. This guy's name is Kaden and I got him from [ profile] hunkoftheday. They are pervs*like*us. HEH.

Young punk on what... )

He seems to have some kind of attitude going on here...or is it me? He appears to be a musician of some sort. Ya.

And tell me, do I need to be at Insane Journal? I am at Greatest Journal already. I mean is that redundant or what? I cross post already. I don't think I can handle moar. How many icons do they give you? That might be the deal breaker.

Opinions? Shall I follow the herd? You guide me here.


May. 29th, 2007 04:09 pm
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It is dudesday and I did something random. I typed in "model" into google to see what came up. And oh la. Woo. *bites nails*

Love this one. It's a Ralph Lauren ad but who cares...

David Genat... )

He does not really look like a tennis player to me. He looks all Noldo looking really.


*runs off*

Found on
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I have been meaning to do this since like 6:30 am. I mean that. I picked these out first thing this morning! CHA.

Here we have this week's dude.

Scottish dude...

Ewan McGregor!!!! )

Have I posted him before? Not sure! O.o

Oh well!


May. 15th, 2007 09:39 am
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It is Toosday and hence...Dudesday. I don't have time to search for a dude so I am posting something from my photomucket.

I titled it HUGH-baby so it cannot be all that bad...he he he.

Hugh baby... )

Worth repeating, I think. I will post something fresh and exciting next week. If anyone has any suggestions for a em here and I will take it under advisement. Just names...I like finding piccies.

*nod nod*
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Here is a line from one of his bio's:

Bearing an unconventional appeal that may have something to do with the slaphappy grin permanently stretched across his face, "Breckin Meyer" has made a name for himself playing characters that have an almost criminally laid-back attitude as their common denominator.


I love this guy. He is not classically handsome. He has CHARACTER. That makes him a dude.

I first saw him as the skateboarding maniac in good in that.

Breckin Meyer...righteous... )

He epitomizes DUDE as far as I am concerned.

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Because it is Dudesday and I want to...I am also monumentally bizzy. [ profile] keiliss has immortalized him in an icon and I want to post him as this week's dude again...

Patrick Flanery whatever-his-name-is )

Some things are worth repeating.
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So this is what I love about Dudes-day. I get to indulge in my fantasies. I love this week's selection. He is a great actor...he plays the range from super hero to psychotic murderer...quite a versatile range there.

And he be hot...*smolders*

He is Batman... )

Comment if you like. Comment if you don't. You know I want to hear from you.
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And monumentally bizzy today! O.o

A repeat!

My fave Depp-pic )

Cuz I can!

Happy Dudes-day!

Now tell this pic ever BAD?
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So I don't think this one will be popular, but I think this guy is a total dude and he cracks me up. So that is it. I run DUDESDAY and this one is fo me. We are not here to be popular! *stomp*

Punked... )

So there you go. Zing me and let me know what you really think! *huzzah*
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I just looked at my *cough* dude file...and reallized that I have a tendency to the dark haired dudes. So for the blonde-ophiles. Here is a nice specimen for you. This guy is from

Marcus Schekenberg... )
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He he he. So I have had Mr. Depp as a dude before but only in his Jack Sparrow form. Today we see Johnny in his real personna. He is Mr. Yummeh as far as I am concerned and oh so dude-worthy. Comment if you agree.

In too Depp... )

I have gotten behind on journals from the weekend and am trying to catch up. I have read most but not had time to make comments on anything! O.o It is amazing how bizzy things get.
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Ok. I was trawling for mens last night in the interest of science *cough*. Looks at [ profile] keiliss and I found this dude. *giggle* He is gorgeous. At first I thought he would make a good Glorfindel but I think the hair is too dark...but lordy lordy...he is hot.

Would he make a good Glory? )

But admittedly...he is a hoochie-dude...*nod nod*

I love Dudesday/Mensday Australia NZ!
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Here in Dudesday central. I took a look at and found a gorgeous dude for today. He is teh yummeh. Got a weird tattoo and everything.

Clicky here...sort of work safe... )

Hubba. Let me know what you think.

Edit: This model was previously found by [ profile] keiliss. She uses him for elfy purposes and did a stunning manip of him for an RPG. If we all clamour really loud, maybe she will post it on livejournal for ussssss. *bats eyes in her direckshun*
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Ai caramba...I missed it again! Zounds and odd botkins! Dudesday is late again. Let's just call it Mensday this week.

This week's selection is a class act. I find him a fine example of brain and brawn combined in one luscious package. Yum.

Mind if we call you Liam... )

I will try to keep things on schedule next week. *sheepish look* So sorry. But here he is for your viewing pleasure.

*nod nod*


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