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Here is Bear...

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My new kitten. He is adorable. I got him on Saturday. He and Teddy are getting along great. Teddy insisted on meeting him face to face yesterday and that was it. They are friends. So now I have the Teddy Bear gang. :P

I am operating on a kitten induced lack of sleep but already love this little guy. Woot. photo vp-lhg-owllove-phyncke_zpscgz5rjoo.gif
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This is a hilarious video which I cannot stop watching. LOL.

It won America's Funniest Video recently.

Anyhoo. I am here but this was hilarious. Also - I don't think the cat is angry so much as playing.
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So here I am. I have not been posting much because well, I don't know. I thought I would post an update. I am here and have been working away. Doing pretty well at that. The end of the month is very busy as we have a new lecture series, a board meeting, a staff meeting and a bunch of other things going on. Busy busy. I would rather be busy than not.

It seems like time is flying by though and soon it will be holiday time. I have been making my holiday plans and this is what I am doing. I will spend Thanksgiving with friends here in the Bay Area and I am taking the whole week off (yay). We will cook prime rib and all the usual sides and do fun stuff around here. I hope we go to the Tiki Lounge for one of those fruity drinks etc. My friend R from Vegas is coming in and then time will be spend with J. Good times.

Then for Christmas, I am heading East to New Hampshire. I am travelling on Christmas Day as that was the best fare I could get and then I come back on New Year's Eve. I though I should spend some time with my family. My folks are in their 70s and 80s and time with them is precious. I am just really conscious of wanting to spend time with them. Also, it is my brother Dave's 50th birthday. Woot. So we will do something for that. Good times. We also want to have some kind of talk with my folks about how they will manage info their elder years. They are doing well now but what to do when they are not doing so well. I am all about planning.

So Sir Theodore is doing well and accumulating nicknames - his given name is Teddy but I call him Bubba and the latest nickname is Baboo. I keep ordering him cat toys online so he is totally spoiled. Crinkle balls, fuzzy mice -- he gets it all! I really love him. I still have not been able to pick up Boo's ashes but have paid for them (over the phone). I guess I will do that when I can. It just makes me sad. My vet totally understands.

This weekend I am going to see the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie". I cannot remember ever seeing the original with Sissy Spacek so I will need to do that to compare. I do like Stephen King stories so I don't know why I missed that one. Anyways. Looking forward to this one. I like the actress playing Carrie.

That is all I have. Hope all is well with you there. Have a great weekend. We are having glorious weather here. Cheers!

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I cannot think of a clever subject line so I am going without one. My brain won't function that way. I am heading into my birthday week and I am determined to be good to myself. I have birthday plans for both weekends as my big day falls on Tuesday. I am taking my birthday off from work and it looks to be a nice cool day that day so I might just lounge or I might go get a massage at the spa. Not sure yet - I am still formulating a plan. My goal is to be good to myself.

Work is better- I had my review and that went well. I got 'exceeds' expectations in a a lot of categories that matter to me. Some things I can work on but all in all I am doing well. That is good. I feel more motivated after the review so I guess it was a positive experience. Not a downer. Bonus.

Teddy got a whole box full of cat toys this week. I will share a pic here of him with all of those later. Too tired to do the whole upload thing right now. He is a happy cat. Totally spoiled.

I am just chilling. Hope you are having a good night. Cheers.

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My cat went raging through my Tolkien library like a wild oliphaunt causing books to fall all over the place or, more likely.... Some books fell in that corner and now Teddy is too frightened to go near the Tolkien books which may or may not have attacked the poor cat.

Something happened and neither books nor feline are talking.

That is all I may or may not know from the position of the books and behavior of Sir Theodore.

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Well here I am. I am trying to post more consistently or every few days. I felt a sense of accomplishment yesterday because I was able to work a full day. I exhausted myself but I worked the whole day. I am still dealing with being sick.

I am contemplating getting a second cat here to keep Sir Theodore company. That is a maybe but I wonder if he is bored on his own and if he would like a friend. I don't know on that and it does double all my expenses. I have to think on it. I used to always have cats in pairs and think it is nice for them to have each other. So there is that. But it is more work etc so there is that. I guess if I see a gato that might make a good companion for Mr. Ted - I could think on that.

So tonight I am going to see The Great Gatsby. I have concerns about the music in the film being rap music - seems to be a disconnect on that. But I will go with an open mind.

I want to get my nails done but don't feel like going to a salon. I just want them to look nice but don't want to go through all that. I guess I really don't feel well if I don't want a mani-pedi. Gasp.

Anyhoo. This is me. Hope you all are having a good weekend and all that.

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by yueshi at mondlichtung
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So you think you are over something and then you make a call. I called the vet to make a payment on Boo's ashes. Just talking about picking up her ashes got me teary eyed. I know, I know. It is ok. I have not been ready to go get her from the vet yet. I know I am not ready. My plan is to pick her up sometime in June. I did make a payment to the vet since they sent me an invoice for her ashes.

This is so sad. I miss Little Miss Thing. The Little Boo. Such a special cat. :(

by ruaalien2

Hey hey...

Mar. 6th, 2013 06:50 pm
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I had today off and relaxed. Here is the update in blurb fashion -

-I rented the movie The Master - which is loosely based on the life of L Ron Hubbard and the early days of Scientology/Dianetics. This is one of my pet interests right now. I am reading books on Scientology - exposing its real nature and find the whole thing very fascinating. Apologies to anyone who follows this "religion". I find it really farcical and more like science fiction than a religion. I cannot relate to it really but on an academic level and its history shows how vulnerable people really are to hypnosis and external influences. The "religion" was designed to make money first and foremost, no mistaking that. Anyways - it all makes interesting study from an objective view and it is surprising how many celebrities are into it. That was part of their strategy too and they actively recruited prominent people. Huh.
-I went to the doctor today. I felt like I had a UTI or bladder thing going on. I won't have conclusive results on my test on that until Saturday. Best to err on the side of caution where these things go.
-Teddy is a love. I can hear him purr from across the room. LOL.
-I changed my layout to one of my old favorites. Love this one. I was not feeling the other one.

Cheers to you and hope you are having a good week.

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Here are some pics taken of Teddy recently. Conclusion...he is pretty relaxed and likes his cat bed given to him by my neighbor. I will put the pics behind a cut to save the list. Boo, these are for you!

Teddy this way... )

Cheers to you!

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by yue_akuma
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 photo Teddy-Feb1213_zpsb9257be0.jpg
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But I cannot take a picture of him. He is in hiding in some place I cannot find him. He stayed in the carrier for a while and then disappeared. But he will adjust. I am sure he will get more comfortable over the next few days.

That is the update. Things are good here. Just hanging. I still miss Boo but I will always miss her, I think. That is just how that is. A new cat makes a new space etc.

Cheers to you all.

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Someone sent me this poem on my cat support list. I thought it was beautiful and will share it with you.

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
and, as a cat, you know I am most able
to decide anything for myself.

... Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
for my human friends are troubled
for you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
for I will whisper into their hearts
that I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.

~Author Unknown~

(Cats are forever, we all know this.)

by thalassa_ipx
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My Boo cat has passed away. She started having seizures due to acute renal failure last night. The vet and I agreed that this was best as it was only going to get worse for her. Here is a picture of her from her younger days. She was my beautiful Ms Thing - spoiled and happy and I loved her a lot. May she rest in peace. I don't think I can answer comments on this but I will surely read them.

by ruaalien2
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So I have been through it with little Boo here. A few days ago she vomited in scary, extreme projectile fashion - a yellow fluid combined with some water. She did this repeatedly with less discharge each time until the last time it was only the size of a quarter. I got advice from a friend of mine who is a vet's assistant to restrict her food and water and see how she was the next day. I thought she might have gotten into the butter dish and was sick because of that and that she might feel better the next day. She was meowy a bit and yeowly which is not her usual thing. I did her fluids that night to hydrate her so she would not dehydrate too much.

Next day I tried to feed her and she refused the food and only drank a little water. She lurked in places here where I could not find her and not in her usual spots. Later, I thought her ears looked jaundiced and her gums a weird color. I had called the vet earlier that day and then called them back. We decided that I should bring her in based on what was happening. I was just about ready to make that call myself too so that was good. I was really glad they were open and it would not be an emergency vet thing. I could go to my regular vet where all her records were.

So my vet is made of awesome. Boo has lost some weight. But the vet thinks it was probably a bout of intense nausea and so she gave her an anti-nausea shot along with B12 to stimulate her appetite. It seems to be working. She is eating now, drinking and doing her thing in the litter box. Last night she had no energy because she had not eaten in a while so I got up during the night to help her. Now she is finding her food and litter on her own. She seems a little wobbly but getting stronger. I did stay home to nurse her a bit. I would have spent my day worrying about her at work.

Boo is 19 years old but I think she has some time left. The vet thought so too. I had them do her kidney tests so will see where she is at with that. So that is background for my comments on facebook. The real deal.

Spare a thought or prayer for the little gato. She sure needs them right now.


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[ profile] khylea shared this video with me today. I find watching this cat play very zen and relaxing. There are a whole series of videos of this cat on youtube. I know there are cat people on the flist. Sharing!


by thalassa_ipx
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Here is a recent picture of Ms Thing. I posted this on FB and it got many likes. Woo.

Thought I would share it here. She is doing well, eating well and seems good. Rules the roost here.

Happy Labor Day to all in the US. Hope you are having a great extra day off.

by thalassa_ipx
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Here is Boo sitting in the sun. She really likes the bedroom window.

Here is an update on her. She is doing well and eating great. She seems to be steady on this CRF stuff. Holding on like a trooper.


by thalassa_ipx
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I was just posting comments (graphics pick ups) on LJ and getting really slow response time and varnish errors of DEATH over there. I decided not to try and post on LJ but came here and will see if a cross post goes through. LJ is still problematic and the only thing that keeps me there is my permanent account. I am really liking dreamwidth and their perks for free members and no ad format is refreshing. I do like it here and the layouts are fabulous. Aglarien1 pointed out the one I am using and how it goes nicely with my default icon. Yays.

I am on the last day of my mini-vacay and I realize that this time off makes me feel like I have enough time to get everything done while also having time for myself. Life as it should be. I can keep the pace with free time etc. This is not always possible in life but it is nice to take the time for myself. I am heading into a really busy time at work and so a breather was good. I will take a few of these as I go along to rest and relax.

I heard from the vet on Boo's test results today and I am really encouraged. Her kidney function is MUCH IMPROVED! Dr. J was optimistic and said that obviously I am doing the right thing for there to be that much of a shift in her situation. So treatment plan is working and little Ms Thing is doing well. More of the same is in order. I do have to master giving her fluids but will get that down and see how she goes. I cannot afford vet assistance on that so have to get that going. I got some good tips on that and will try it again. I am super happy about this and Boo does seem to be feeling better, eating well and more social. Great news on that. I have joined a yahoo group for Feline CRF and it is a great resource. There is a vet resource on the list and the members are very supportive. Very high volume and I admit to only reading posts that interest me.

Anyways. I am off to get my nails done, meet J*** for coffee and then study for interview tomorrow. Cheers to all and to all a good day!

Chat Box Girl
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Update from me!

-I am on vacation until Tuesday! Hurrah!
-I got called for that interview and that is on Tuesday! Hurrah! *
-Work is going well and I wrote a killer donor letter at work today! Hurrah!
-I asked for a raise! Hurrah!
-I have no plans for this weekend and lots of free time! I need that! Hurrah!
-Boo has an acupuncture appointment! Hurrah!

Hope all is well with you! Hurrah!

I am saying hurrah after everything I say! Hurrah!

*Please don't mention the interview on facebook or anything about job search there. All my work friends are on there and they don't know I am looking. Discretion, please. You will notice I don't post about my job hunt on FB.

by laurahonest
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It is cheering me up to look for gorgeous man photos so I thought I would post one for today. This one is called Gorgeous Muscle Butt so named by the author at Gay Body Blog. I think I really like him. LOL. Anyhoo. Here is one for today.

*Not safe for work!*

Gorgeous Butt! )

In other news...

I saw the new Harry Potter movie and I will not spoil that for anyone but will say that it delivered a great end to the series. I am not that much of a Potter fandom person but people were crying in the theater at this one. I guess it hit that hard. I really liked it and felt that it was a good dramatis conclusion to the work. Severus Snape is my new heroic iconic character. I just think he rocks. Hero and anti-hero all in one. Really good there. I have enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies thus far while I only read the first book (found her writing well, ok). The movies all worked for me and I have really enjoyed growing up with the actors in those.

Cat news. She is doing as well as she can. She is eating and hydrating. The vet cannot give her fluids as she has a heart condition so I am stuck there. I could not afford that anyway so changing her diet and hydrating her naturally is the only thing I can do. She seems to like ice and will lick ice cubes so that is good. I put ice cubes in her water etc. I also goop up her food with added water to hydrate her that way. Will see how it goes. I am going to back off on the dry food and rely more on wet food as most sites indicate that is easier on the kidneys. Thanks for all your thoughts and concerns. I am preparing for the worst conclusion and hoping for the best. She may have some time.

Hope all is well with you there and you are enjoying the weekend. I am trying to write on my story each day and will update with a word count soon.


by dinoraurx


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