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Tonight's exciting installment of, Gay Haiku...

Frantically hiding
Porn and Mapplethorpe prints--
Mom is on her way.

Now that could be me with the porn! Ha ha ha. Admit it, could be you too. ADMIT IT!!!!
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Gay Haiku! The holiday edition!

First date; you are a
Log Cabin Republican
Someone shoot me now.

Always good for a chuckle. And no offense to those of other political persuasions intended.
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And I pull out this little book and chuckle. The Gay Haiku. Today we have...

See the gay man in
His natural habitat:
Bed Bath and Beyond

Tres amusant. I like that store too. Woo. I save those coupons. Good anytime.
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For another fun-filled episode of Gay Haiku. This week we find...he he he.

English has no words
For what we just did in bed
Oh, wait: "Tedious"

He kills me. I have a personal day today. Still in jammies. La la la.

Scroll and Quill-sample 1
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Gay haiku. This week brings...

The salmon's divine
But I am afraid we can't stay
I fucked our waiter.

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I have long let the Fraiday Fraiku series stay dormant but I have found new inspiration for this series in the book, Gay Haiku by Joel Derfner.

This is a witty, irreverent addition to the body of haiku poetry out there and is to be frank, hysterically, pant-wetting funny. I hope you will agree. I hope the slash-writers out there will enjoy this too for a glimpse into gay culture. We might write manly characters but here we have, I think a peek into what might concern some of our elves if they were give free reign to write themselves, eh?

And so I will begin...

You fill me with joy
Ineffable, unending.
What's your name again?

Let it sink in now. Icon used is from the cover of the book.

Cheers and happy Friday.
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I was just looking for a rain haiku and I could not find one I liked so I sat and listened to the rain outside and thought I would write one myself before heading to bed.

Rain on my rooftop.
Taps light, then pours torrential
Music for the night.

End of a busy and tiring week. I am ready for a bit of R&R.

Good night.
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More on dew for the haiku today. I guess this Basho is a big name.

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle

Here is some information in general about haiku's. A very interesting form.

Ever widening ripples... )

Today is my last day of work before the holiday. La.

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Yes, haiku's are little. Little bits of things that always seem to calm me down. Here is today's fraiku. I know I have been inconsistent lately.

This one is from my new book.

The world is a dewdrop,
a dewdrop world ...
it is, it is, what it is

by Issa
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In phonetic Japanese and then the translation:

Ikanobori sora mite mono wa omowazaru

"Watching a kite

up in the sky,

I think of nothing."

by Shirao

This is in keeping with the switch on the Fraiku posts. I will be posting more traditional or other haiku's that I research. I also bought a book with haiku poems and art with them. Really lovely.
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I am switching it up on you now. I will continue with the Fraiku's but I am not finding any fun ones in the little book that I have at ye olde desk here. I think that has run its course. So off I go in search of Haiku poetry. I will search far and wide, hither and yon for more poetry for you. Some may be funny but mainly I think they will be serious works of poetry now. This is a beautiful art form and I think deserving of our audience.

One thing I did not know is that the Beat poets did a lot of Haiku poetry (thank you Wikipedia). I am going to have a lot of fun with this, I can tell.

So for the first new one here we go...

Whitecaps on the bay:
A broken signboard banging
In the April wind.

--Richard Wright (collected in Haiku: This Other World, Arcade Publishing, 1998)

Reader contributions and comments are welcome.

Short Bio of poet:

Richard Nathaniel Wright (September 4, 1908 – November 28, 1960) was an American author of powerful, sometimes controversial novels, short stories and non-fiction, informed by his status as a gifted but often discriminated against African-American.

For more info go here:

by [ profile] luvforever at [ profile] _glitter_

The joy!

Sep. 28th, 2007 12:55 pm
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Well Monday is payday but I will post this one today for the Fraiku. Heh.

From Holidays and Such....

Today is payday---
For one brief, shining moment
It all seems worthwhile.

Ahh so true. *chuckle*

I am ready for the weekend. Trying to catch up with email and all that jazz.

Today is busy here at the Uni but I am getting a lot done. I do want it to be 4pm, however. That would be nice.


by [ profile] lotrangel17 at [ profile] blinkie_dreams
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From Holidays and Such:

Woton, Thor, Freya--
I think I like Saturn's day
The best of them all.

Still tweaking the layout and I need to make it translatable to GJ. I am ready for the weekend and oh so busy here for a Friday.

This poem seemed appropriate. I am thinking of looking for more general Haiku's to post. Some more classic ones and other ones. Wonder how that would be.


Oh for the weekend.

by [ profile] nienna_weeper
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Lordy it is almost time to go here and I meant to post one of these this morning. I am trying to get back into the swing of things here but am still not quite into the rhythm yet.

This one is from Office Politics:

I asked a simple
Question---I don't really want
Your whole life story.

So this week's debacle was that I overwrote my bookmarks on Firefox and lost about 200 links that I really like to have. I am trying to rebuild my elf, graphics and doll information, not to mention my newly acquired scapbooking links that I was really fond of. *sniffles* It is really inconvenient and no I had not backed them up and yes I realize I should have. I am moving all of them to GOOGLE and this will not happen again. I am going web based for my bookmarks. Some of them already are as my DSL browser backs up to the web but lots of my Firefox book marks are gone. The upside to this is that many of the bookmarks were defunct so I can start fresh and organized. But it is still a meh. Meh. Meh. Sympathetic comments are welcome. "I told you so" is not going to help me here as I am already feeling that pain.

I am ready for the weekend. I feel a latte and some relaxation in my future.

Coming soon: Bunday on Sunday!

by [ profile] secdoover at [ profile] juicy_grapes
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From Lunch and other food...

As slow as you all
Are, I could be back from lunch
By the time you leave.

T-minus 1 hour and 13 minutes until lift off.

Woo. I have to run errands for the afternoon.

Parking permits at City Hall.

But hey. I will be off work though! *dances*

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A home grown haiku...

So I forgot the
Haiku today in all the
Crazy mishigas


So I am linking over to this journal. If you do not get this feed YOU MUST! I blame [ profile] larian for my daily hysterics.

Lordy lordy. That sho is funneh.

You get it here:

I am so ready for the weekend. Cheetos and ice tea awaits. That is about all I can plan right now. Classy, eh?
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The Friday Fraiku. This week is a pithy little one about chewing gum. I love the mundane subjects of these. From the Chewing Gum section...

Bored with chewing gum
Really, how many kinds of
Mint flavor are there?

There are things happening on the house front that make me nervous and I am working on cleaning out all the clutter in my apartment. I will update more later.

But happy weekend, everyone.

Here is my latest cheerleader blinkie. I am having fun with these. She seems happy about the weekend too!

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From the section...Anywhere But Here...

Distracted by the thought;
Where would I be? Doing what?
If I wasn't here?

Oh the Zen of that one.

I don't have much going on this weekend. That makes me happy. Woo.
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Here we go...this one is from Lunch and other Food...

A hush descends like
A spreading wave; someone has
Microwaved popcorn.



Jul. 13th, 2007 09:34 am
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So this one is too good not to post but I am actually having a pretty good day here.

Had I known
Today would be this miserable
I would not have come.

Oh the pain. Oh the misery.

On a more cheerful note. It is FRIDAY! *dances* I am doing financial stuff here at work and it is going pretty well! Expenses....*oh joy!*

I don't know what the weekend holds for me. I know I want to do some writing and I am way behind on games. That is about it. Sleep too. Want to catch up on sleep.

by [ profile] onelonesoul at [ profile] the_sweet_shop


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