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As a courtesy before friending me, please leave a comment here so that I know the reason why you are adding me to your journal circle. How you found my journal etc. I am pretty open in my friending policy but I like to know how these things come about. Please don't email me about graphics outside of my posted offers. Respect my time and privacy on my personal journal.

Everybody else, just ignore this post. I am putting it up here.

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Very happy birthday for those with August birthdays (visible) on my flist. I hope you have very special celebrations and a wonderful year ahead!

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I cannot find birthdays on DW anymore so that is too bad. photo bbgs-lhg-birthdaybears-phyncke_zpsit5g6u1j.gif
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So I have been writing. I don't know exactly what I have been writing. The plot is evading me. There are words in my MS Word file - 2227 words and no discernible plot to speak of. I don't know what this story wants to be. I am typing at any rate. :-/ I guess that is something.

2227 / 5000 words. 45% done!

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I started writing my story. I have two paragraphs so far. It is not very good but I have something. SOMETHING!

Edit -
I have gotten more than a page done - 501 words. I feel so much better now. Here is a word meter to get things rolling.

500 / 3000 words. 17% done!


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Just got back from my vacation in Vegas with my girls R*** and J***. It was very fun. We stayed at the Signature - did up the pool at the MGM Grand (which is all connected) and ate at some great restaurants. Our room had a kitchen and fridge so we got some groceries and saved a little money on the breakfast thing. All in all it was a really good time. It was good to be off work and just chilling. It was very hot - I have to say really hot - Saturday got to be 114 degrees. Mostly we were in climate control and in the pool so it was not that bad but you have to drink lots of water and stay hydrated for sure.

Edit - I forgot the cool thing we did - we went to the Neon Boneyard - it is a museum where they have all these old neon signs from places that have closed in Vegas - think the Stardust Hotel. Very fun place and a really good tour with some great history. I will post some pics of that if I have time.

Anyhoo - back to work tomorrow. Lots to do there. Will worry about that tomorrow! :P photo rpp-lhg-poolgirls-phyncke_zpsvdoy1mv0.gif
by laurahonest on
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Very happy birthdays to those with July birthdays (visible) on my flist. I hope you have fun on your very special days and a great year ahead. Enjoy!

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Daum 1615 Birthday
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Here is Bear...

 photo IMG_0242_zpsymjsdxqb.jpg

My new kitten. He is adorable. I got him on Saturday. He and Teddy are getting along great. Teddy insisted on meeting him face to face yesterday and that was it. They are friends. So now I have the Teddy Bear gang. :P

I am operating on a kitten induced lack of sleep but already love this little guy. Woot. photo vp-lhg-owllove-phyncke_zpscgz5rjoo.gif
by laurahonest on
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I have been meaning to do a post about last weekend's trip to Los Angeles. I went from last Friday to Sunday to visit my brother and his wife and I got to see [profile] aglarien1! It was a total blast and whirwind theatre happening. I saw lots of shows there. Lots - like 4 shows in 24 hours. That is an all time record for me. We had a great time and I feel all cultured up. It was great.

I got in on Friday night and my SIL and I went right from the airport to In and Out Burgers - kind of a family tradition. We like the burgers there and we got milkshakes too. Delish. We just hung out that night and watched some TV about tiny houses. That was pretty cool.

Saturday - my SIL and I went out and got manicures and pedicures after having a nice brunch at Pann's in LA. It was nice and relaxing and I pretty much took a nap in the pedicure chair. Total fun. I got a French gel manicure and got purple on my toes. Then we met up with my brother and the theatre extravaganza began.

We saw the following shows - at the Fringe - in this order.

The Toxic Avenger Musical
Uterine Affairs or Inconceivable Conception
Amy Snowden - Casting Confessions from La to LA

all were humorous and really good. It was a very good line up. In between the first and second one we had a break and went to a really good mexican restaurant. We got done at about 12:30 am and then went right to bed. All those shows are a little exhausting.

I saw [profile] aglarien1 for breakfast on Sunday and we went to our favorite place, Dinah's, in Los Angeles. They serve a great breakfast and we had a great time talking and laughing and eating really good food. It was great to see her and the time flew by too fast, of course.

Then we had our last show which was the opera. It was a multi-media thing called The News - JacobTV. They had a large screen with snippets of media and news reports playing interspersed with operatic commentary. It was really cool and really interesting. Kind of a commentary on the media and how ridiculous it all is. That was at the Long Beach Opera.

So that was my whirlwind cultural weekend. Really good time! Tada! photo k4u-fcp-bbgs-rpp-lhg-dandeliongirl-phyncke_zpsfzvaphty.gif
by laurahonest on
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Very happy birthdays to those with June birthdays (visible). I hope you have great times with family and friends and enjoy the summer days!

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Hey-D-Ho there - It is time to sign up for Sultry in September - this year's version of Ardor in August - the Tolkien fandon fan fic swap - you write a story and you get a story. It is very fun. Here is the link to the post on the Slashy Santa Community. Calling all fandom writers!

Woot. I signed up just now. If you tried to sign up and the form was not working - try again now - the form has been fixed. So go for it!

It is a good opportunity to get some fun writing done and get an interesting prompt!

Go for it!

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Hey there - my brother was an expert on CBS This Morning - check it out!

It was an awesome thing for him. He is a professor at UCLA and they consulted him on a court case about Led Zeppelin's song Stairway to Heaven. Pretty cool!

Thought I would share.
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I am here watching the news this morning and it is all reports on the mass shooting in Orlando FL. 50 people reported gunned and 53 injured down in a gay nightclub. They are calling it an act of terror and a hate crime. This is the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Of course they are now showing the same footage over and over again and it is getting really repetitive. But this is just horrible - I cannot fathom how this can keep happening in the United States. I don't care about the second amendment - we need gun control. This shooter used an assault weapon. Why should he have been able to get an assault weapon? He should not have. Those weapons should be strictly controlled.

Gah. Gah I say! The US is totally messed up on this and it is our fascination with guns that is the problem. A sensible country would implement stricter controls on these weapons.

It is going to keep happening if we don't do something. photo k4u-tcm-lhg-gothiccastle-phyncke_zpsrsfpciqw.gif
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Summer is here - we have made it past Memorial Day and it is on. I guess I have not updated since then so here is what I did for that weekend. We (J*** and I) - went down to Santa Cruz for that weekend, well the Sunday and Monday part of it and hung around. It was totally crowded as that is a big weekend for a beach town and there was traffic everywhere. We stayed at one of the hotels just off the beach and hung out with N*** and D***. Had good food and enjoyed the ambiance of the vacation town. It took a while to get everywhere but that was not too bad.

Work is coming along. My projects are coming together so that is good. I am getting everything scheduled with some vendors and so that works out. People were unresponsive for a while but now I have heard from everyone and able to put together the timeline. All good.

I have some trips coming up this summer - so that is exciting - I am doing the following -

June - Los Angeles - To visit my brother and his wife
July - Las Vegas - vacation with the girls
August - Manchester, NH - family visit and visit with childhood friend

So that will be eventful. Other things I want to do - I would like to start a regular exercise program and control my sugar intake a little better. I have a bit of a habit. So I would like to get better on those two things. Small changes would be good.

I went to the produce mart today and they had Rainier cherries. I was so excited about that - those are my favorite. Good price too. I carefully chose the ones I wanted. :P Got some asparagus and tomorrow I will have a nice dinner - got a good steak at the butcher .

I want to go through my clothes today and weed out some things to put on consignment. I have lots of things I don't wear. So that will be good. I went to the consignment store yesterday and they said they could use some plus sized things so I thought my clothes would work there.

So this is a bit of a ramble. That is about all I have. I will sign off for now. Hope all is well with you in your part of the world.


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Very happy birthdays to those with May birthdays (visible) on my flist. I hope you enjoy fun times with family and friends and have a wonderful year ahead!

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Time for a ramble. It has been a while since I posted and I apologize for that. I cannot say that I have been that busy - work has calmed down and I have been around here just - well being here. I opened this one time and did not know what to write so I am trying this kind of rambling thing and will see what I end up posting.

So what is going on. Work is manageable. All my events are done for the year. I have projects to manage this summer but that is not too bad. I have a couple of trips this summer. I am going to Vegas in July and then I am going to Manchester, NH in August. Vegas is a girls trip and fun in the sun and sitting by the pool. I don't really gamble so I won't lose any money. Manchester will be a visit with family and that is long overdue. So that is good. I want to have a lobster when I go there so I am excited about that. It will be good to see my mom and dad and my brother, niece and sister-in-law. I will also see some childhood friends and hang out. Yay!

I saw The Jungle Book this week and it was totally amazing. I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of the Disney animated thing but I love this movie version. The voice work was phenomenal and the CGI seamless. The child who played Mowgli was really perfect as the boy. This film made me want to go back to the source material - the original Kipling stories that it was based on. I never really felt that way about the animated version.

I am going to see Captain America - Civil War this weekend and I am Team Cap all the way! I am super excited about this movie. I don't really care about reviews for the film. I will see it no matter what and I love Marvel movies. So that is my plan for this weekend.

I got my mom some flowers for Mother's Day - had them sent to her in NH. I am glad I remembered to do something. I usually don't have it together. So I am glad about that. I hope she likes them. My niece is starting to think about college - COLLEGE. I can't believe that. It seems like she went from 3 years old to 16 in like 2 seconds. Seriously.

So that is all I have. This was a pretty good ramble. Thanks for reading along!

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Very happy birthdays to those with April birthdays (visible) on my flists. I hope you have wonderful times on your special days and happy days ahead.

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Hello. Very busy time in the work life lately. Lots of things happening there - events and projects culminating to a mid-April crescendo. I just want to make it through til then. Then I will be able to breathe. I can do it. I think I can. I think I can. It will all work out. I have an event next week and the week after. I will have projects to do but those seem manageable.

Anyway - I am going to Santa Cruz tomorrow for a day trip. Leaving early in the morning to catch brunch at this place Zachary's. Yum-delicious. My favorite thing is the sour dough pancakes. Oh la la. So good. Then we will go to the beach and look at the water and hang out.

I am deep into this series of books by Heather Graham on audible - this paranormal mystery series - Krewe of Hunters - all the FBI agents can sense ghosts - kind of cool. There are many of these books in the series so it is very fun working through them. I love audibles too - especially when there is a good narrator who does character voices. Very fun.

I have been learning new recipes and cooking soups lately. That is the latest thing I have added to my repertoire. The first soup I tried was chicken noodle soup and that worked well - and then [profile] aglarien1 gave me her super recipe for a cabbage beef soup that is super delicious too. I really like having servings of soup in the freezer and fridge. It is a nice ready made meal and home made soup tastes way better than canned. I want to try and make meatball soup and soup with sausage and pasta. So that will be fun. Lots of soups to try. And here soup is good year round as we have cold nights all year. So boom!

So there - that is an update of sorts. Hope all is well with you in your part of the world. Take care of you and be well!

PS - I saw a really good movie last night - Eye in the Sky about decision making and drone warfare in the fight against terrorists. It was very tense and interesting and relevant to today's political, military situation. Really good movie. Highly recommend. Good performances all around and it was Alan Rickman's last film. Helen Mirren was riveting.

Mermaid Purp photo mermaid-purp-sample-phyn-1_zpsigodcisp.gif
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I made two icons for the release of Batman v Superman - feel free to snag with credit to me.

 photo batman-phyncke-1_zpsp2aqgjf0.gif  photo superman-phyncke-1_zpse1w7enlr.gif
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Very happy birthdays to those with March birthdays (visible) on my flist. Good times and much love to you.

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I am around. It has been a really rainy day here. So I have been hanging out. I spent a lot of time working on loading my stories to the new OEAM archive. Of Elves and Men is moving their archive to a new site which will now function as a self loading site for authors. Pretty cool. So I have spent some time this week moving my stories from the old site to the new site. It was kind of fun to do that because it reminded me of some stories I had not read in a while and it also made me realize that I really like writing and should do more of it. I need to get back in the groove. I had some good ideas and need to finish them up. Maybe if I post that WIP, I will actually finish it. Hmm.

I am just about done. I have on long series to load on there - but all my Tolkien fiction is up there. I just have my Terminator stories to load in and then I will be caught up.

Now I am thinking about stories to load other places - and expand the audience for my work. Just for a few of my stories that I think could use wider play.

Anyhoo. I should try and write more. That is all I am saying.

Once I get through some hard deadlines at work I will think about it more.

Don't forget to change your clocks - Spring ahead. We lose an hour of sleep but the light will be so much nicer. Very excited about that. Cheers!

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